The CBM debacle

The CBM debacle

Let's think the unthinkable, let's do the undoable, let's prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.

Dear CBM community,

Tension and infighting on this website, as of late, has turned me from a devout and loyal contributor into a casual member. Today on there are so many disputes, many of which stem from content being posted which isn't comic book or comic book movie related. I, personally, am not just sick of seeing news about movies which have absolutely no comic link but just outright have no relevance to the website. And not just have they been written but I've seen these article posted on the main page. A spot once reserved for pressing, hard hitting news or for mammoth efforts in fan fic or even brilliant editorial pieces. But now it seems our plethora of over enthusiastic editors just love seeing their names on the main page so much that they will post just about anything.

So some things I feel need clearer definitions for both users and editors when it comes to posting articles:

Comic Book Movie: is a movie that is either an adaption or loose translation of an already existing comic book or comic book character.

Movie Comic Book: is a comic based on an existing movie that due to marketing or popularity of story and/or characters has had a comic book produced.

Superhero movie: a movie that uses comic book superhero lore to create a wholly new character that personifies characters that exist in comics or comic book movies.

To me these are the only topics that should be covered on this site. At least generally. Notable exceptions of course would be: CBM directors/producers new projects, television shows based on comics or with tie-in comics, related articles, fan fic, polls, and even loose connections between actors portraying a character in a film that is similar to a comic book character they played. I can handle all of these things and considering what this site is and what it's designed for you would think these would be the only types of article we see. But I have seen articles that flat out have no connection to comics and have clearly just been written for the sake of new content. I miss the days where only a handful of articles would be written each day but each article would be so good that the comments thread would be massive and spark real debate between users.

It would really sadden me to see this website lose integrity and quality because of a mentality to try and make the site like a tabloid newspaper. This will only serve to alienate and anger the loyalists and as we've seen from the comic book movies of late when the loyal fans are given what they want and the CBM stays true to what it should be it thrives. We're always complaining that FOX, Sony and Warner Bros should take note of this and create things that the fans will love and not just produce crap for the sake of money, well shouldn't we ask this of ourselves? I believe that quality and relevance should be valued higher over the quantity of articles. We have our fan base, let's give them content they can respect and be proud of.

And if you have news that is brilliant and that fanboys will love but isn’t CBM related…then post it on Earths Mightiest. That’s what that site’s there for.


Benjamin Boekelaar
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