The Crow: Mercy is for the Weak.

The Crow: Mercy is for the Weak.

This is my very own original story based on the Crow. Please hit the jump to read it. I woked very hard on it.

I am s huge fan of the originsl Crow film and I think it is one of the greatest vengeance films of all time. The sequels of the movie were mediocre to say the least but then the fourth movie The Crow Wicked Prayer was just plain horrid. Then lately there was news of a supposed remake of the original film which I think is a terrible idea. I don't think a new crow movie is a bad thing I actually would love it but I just do not want a remake of a classic story.

Recently I was pondering some original characters for the Crow and some new ideas and had a need to write it down and share. This is my original but it still has the same feel as James O'barr's original creation of the idea behind the Crow. I wanted to think of a more unique idea and a new direction for the Crow.


Danny Simpson is a normal 20 year old college kid. He is a decent student with just average grades but he is especially good in Chemistry and wants to be a forensic chemist one day. He also has a love for sports and is a college wrestler and basketball player. Danny loves his family but is specifically close to his 12 year old sister Jennifer or Jenn for short whom he loves very more than anything in his life. Danny always tries to look out for her and keep her safe from trouble and harm. He hasn't seen his sister in several months so he misses her very much. Danny plans to go home for Halloween to see his family and his only sibling Jenn .

When Danny arrives at his house his parent are standing next to the door waiting for him and give him a big hug when he walks in. Danny says kisses his mom on the cheek and hugs his dad. Danny asks "where is Jenn" and his parents say "she is at basketball practice but she should be here in a few minutes". Danny hears a sound at the front door and sees his sister Jenn and runs towards her as she does the same as they hug. Danny and Jenn around the small Indiana town where they were both born and have fun conversation. Danny asks Jenn "do you have any boyfriends in school these days". Jenn replies and says "no they are all scared of my older brother". Danny Laughs and say "they should be scared". Jenn smiles contently and they walk around their home town.

Danny sees Mr. Jones ,who is a family friend, and waves at him. Mr. Jones was using a wood chipper to get rid of some debris from a storm that hit the town a few weeks ago. Jenn looks at Danny and asks "would you want to go with me to the local haunted house and then do some trick or treating"? Danny says "I'd love to go ". Danny and Jenn walk by a construction site where they are about to demolish an old factory and build a new one. Danny sees many of his old friends at the site and talks to them. Danny and Jenn then begin to walk towards their home to get ready for tonight's activities.

Jenn and her mother are in the bathroom getting Jenn's makeup on while Danny and his father are watching TV and conversing about how college life is and the Hoosiers game the night before. Then Danny sees on the TV how there are a bunch of local crimes including rape, murder, and drug extortion. He then sees how they are all connected to the making of crystal meth and other drugs. Danny then hears the bathroom door open and walks over to see his lovely sister. He sees that she is dressed as a mime. She has a white face with a black frown on her face and what appears to be black tears going down her face. Danny starts laughing and the two go out the door into the darkening, October night.

Danny and Jenn go house to house getting candy while joking with each other and having fun in each other's company. Trick or treating is then over and Danny and his sister walk towards the haunted house in town. On the way they walk by the local park and see a group of men in the basketballs courts. The men seem to be having a heated discussion about something. Danny and Jenn walk by and then Danny says "maybe we should find a different way home". Danny and Jenn walk through a yard to get to the next road until all of a sudden they hear 3 very sound sounds. They then turn around and see three of the men in the basketball courts laying on the ground motionless. The six other men standing above them holding firearms in their hands. Danny frantically grabs Jenn's hand and they run away. they run to a area in town where they think they are safe a couple blocks away from the haunted house.

Danny and Jenn start walking until Danny sees three men standing under the street light with their hands in their pockets. Danny , holding Jenn's hand, turn around and start walking the opposite direction while the men follow. Suddenly they see three more men in front of them. The two groups of men close in on Danny and Jenn and then Danny yells at Jenn "run"! She runs as the men get closer and Danny says " I don't want trouble. I didn't see anything" One of the men a tall, skinny man with long blond hair says " I don't believe a word of what comes out of your mouth". Suddenly Danny feels a strong blow to the back of his head knocking him to the ground. He gets back up and hits a couple of the men they all begin to gang up on him and beating him. He then sees a man run away from the group. He is knocked to the ground and beaten getting kicked in the stomach and punched in the head. Suddenly he sees the man who ran off carrying a person in his arms. When they reach the light Danny sees in astonishment that the man is holding Jenn. Jenn is kicking and screaming as the man throws her on the ground about 15 feet away from Danny. Three of them men run over to her and begin beating her. Danny screams her name while the other two who are still near him are kicking him. He looks over yelling and sees two men holding down Jenn as one of them begins to rape her and another man follows. Danny yelled out as he heard Jenn's screams of terror. The men keep on torturing the both of them and two men get the Danny and Jenn to their feet and two men stand in front of them. Danny looks over at Jenn and grabs her hand and says " I'm sorry" to her. The two men in front of them pull out matching revolvers and one points towards Jenn. Danny yells "I won't tell anyone what just don't kill my sister". The man says " I can't let that happen. You know I can't let that happen". Danny grabs Jenn's hand and yells "please, have mercy on us". The man if front of Jenn says "mercy"? The other man says "mercy is for the weak". The men then begin to unloaded their guns on Danny and Jenn. The last thing Danny sees is Jenn's paint smudged face lying lifeless on the ground.

3 couple weeks later on a dark, stormy day there is a mysterious crow above a grave stone that is inscribed Daniel Simpson and next to it is a grave stone that says Jennifer Simpson. The sky is dark being lighten up by lightning as the crow stares emotionless at the grave sites. The lightning flashes flare across the sky and the crow stands on Danny's grave. There is a sort of glint in the eye of the crow. The lightning and thunder roar in the sky above and all of a sudden you see a fist thrust itself out of the ground beneath Danny's grave and a crazed Danny comes out of the ground and screams at the top of his lungs at the sky as lightning streaks across the sky.

A terrified Danny walks stands by his grave site and looks over at the next grave and then he looks at the crow who is staring at him with a powerful gaze. Danny then gets these violent visions of his death but not only his death but he can feel to every single bit of pain that Jenn felt. Danny then falls to the dirt in violent convulsions and the crow stares at him. Danny can hear a strange yet powerful voice in his head that says "vengeance" over and over again. He then gets off the ground and looks at the crow and realizes that it brought him back. The expression on Danny's face then changes from sadness to a look of hatred and anger. He clinches his fists and storms out of the cemetery his the crow on his shoulder.

Danny then sneaks into his parents house through the bathroom window so he doesn't scare his parents to death from seeing their dead son back from the dead. He then gets a vision of him and his sister before he died. Danny gets the Halloween makeup out of the sink drawer and puts on the makeup that his sister was wearing before she died. The mime smile and tears. Danny then sneaks into his room which is across the hallway from the bathroom and takes his leather biker jacket that he always used to wear. Before he leaves the house he leaves a small note on the stove that says They will be Avenged.

The crow flies next to Danny and he gets a vision of one of the men who killed him and the crow begins to fly in a certain direction. Danny follows it. Danny then sees the man in his vision talking with a bunch of men outside of a large semi truck trailer and then Danny sees the other men leave and the guy he is looking for is still there. He then approaches the man with knife in hand. The man looks at him and yells a few curse words as he tries to run then Danny grabs him. Danny tells the man "three weeks ago you killed a man and a girl in the alley of the Haunted house. Where are the rest of the men and who are they." The man screams and says "Who are you?". Danny stabs the man in the hand and he screams. Danny says "I will ask you again who are those men and where can I find them"? The man says "they are a gang of meth dealers. The leader is referred to as Bronson and his 5 workers Ridley, Carmichael, Kev, Tyger, and me Roland . They can all be found hanging around the skate park, the high school, or the wooded area outside of town where their main lab is." Danny then smiles and say "nice doing business with you but I can't let you go". the man screams in terror as Danny raises his knife to his face.

Meanwhile Bronson the lead drug lord gets news that Roland was found dead with his mouth torn from cheek to cheek and large gashes over his eyes. The other men say "who could have done this to Roland"? Then Bronson says "he is just a casualty of our business boys not just keep doing what do. We can't let scary people stop us from doing our business. I will stop whoever did this to our man no matter what I do." The men all leave Bronson 's office

After leaving the office Ridley is standing outside of a liquor store and talking to a man he is dealing to. A hand grabs Ridley's shoulder and pulls him away from his customer. Danny looks at Ridley with hate filled eyes. Ridley says "who are you? Some kind of crack head mime or something"? Danny then gets a vision of Ridley carrying Jenn. Danny says "you killed the only thing in the world that ever mattered to me" then Ridley replies " What are you talking about man? I didn't kill anyone." Danny smiles and knocks Ridley out cold. Ridley then wakes up in a dark place in a dilapidated house and Danny says " you and your friends helped kill me and the person I love most in this world. You will now pay for what you did with your life and maybe more." Danny then grabs a can of gas and pours it around Ridley on the hardwood floor. Ridley say "are you crazy man." Danny looks at him with a look of hatred and says " I am not crazy I am just not having a good day and soon you will not either." Danny lights a match and says " Wish you the best in Hell and I promise you will not be alone there soon." He drops the match on the floor and the room ignites. Danny walks out the door and watches the blaze with a smile on his face as he hears the screams of the man inside.

Carmichael then comes into Bronson's office and says that the police have found what seems to be Ridley's charred body in an old building down the street. Bronson smacks his fist on the desk in anger and says " someone is hunting us down for something we have done to them." Carmichael says "the ground next to the burnt building had a message written in the ash. It said Death is coming for those who took her." Bronson says in confusion "her"? Then he gets an image of killing a man and a girl a couple of weeks ago in his mind. " I think someone is hunting us down for those two kids we killed a couple of weeks ago when they saw a bad drug deal." Carmichael looks in confusion and says "who could it be, a family member or something"? Bronson says "maybe or maybe our actions are coming back to haunt us." Carmichael leaves the office with a grimace look on his face

Meanwhile Kev ,the sadist of the group, is off beating some bum in an alley way of the small stores in town. He then sees a figure at the end of the alley and he pulls out his gun. Danny walks towards him and Kev fires his gun in Danny's chest Danny flinches a little but keeps walking. Kev yells " what are you"? Danny grabs him by the collar and says "I am your life of torture and murder coming to get you." Danny grabs Kev's gun and hits him over the head with it. Kev wakes up hanging by his hands by a chain that is connected to a tree above him. there is a small contraption that is slowly lower him downwards. Danny is standing to his side silent and emotionless. Kev yells curse words out and demands to be let down. Danny gets a violent image of Kev raping Jenn and beating her while he did it and a tear goes down his face. Kev starts yelling some more and Danny says spitefully "there is no one here to hear your screams we are in the middle of nowhere. Nothing is going to help you but the sweet release of death because you will pray for it after I am done with you. " Kev stares in fear at Danny and says "do I know you? You look awfully familiar ." Danny turns and says "you don't know me but you know my sister. You took away everything precious and innocent about her and then you helped take her life." Kev looked around and then stared at Danny and suddenly there was a feeling of terror on his face. Danny then goes over and pulls a tarp from under a large mass that is directly under Kev. He unveils Mr. Jones's wood chipper. Kev looks down and begins to shriek in terror. Danny looks at him and says "goodbye" then he turns the wood chipper on as Kev is slowly moving towards it. Kev's screams can be heard from a long ways away. Kev inches towards the chipper and finally his foot is caught and blood squirts all over. Danny watches Kev being slowly eaten by the metal monster in amusement.

Danny then returns to his and Jenn's Grave site and gets on his hands and knees and starts to cry in agony. He yells out Jenn's name over and over again. The crow the sits on the tomb stone and Danny is reminded on what he is here to do and Danny gets up off the ground and walks off.

Tyger is walking down the road heading back to the lab to make more product. Then he is grabs and throw up on a tree. He tries for his gun but Danny grabs his hand. Danny takes Tyger to a small inflatable swimming pool that stands about three feet off the grounds. He sits Tyger into the pool tying him to the pool and then receives a vision of Tyger shooting Jenn 3 times. Danny asks "do like chemistry Mr. Tyger"? Tyger replies "not really. what do you want from me"? "I want to make the people who killed my little sister and me" said Danny. Tyger replied "are you crazy"? "You are the second person to ask me that tonight" says Danny. Danny then grabs a bunch of large car batteries and cuts into them with his knife. Danny says "chemistry is a good thing to know and battery acid in water is a bad thing for you. Tyger says " you won't get away with this my friends will get you and kill you." Danny replies and says "they already killed me." Danny drops the batteries into the water and Tyger starts to yell in pain. The crow watches from an overhead tree and perches on Danny's shoulder. Danny leaves a note that says Two to go.

Carmichael and Bronson go out to see Tyger's body which is unrecognizable because of the battery acid. They see the note and then a symbol of the Crow on the note next to it. Bronson says "I don't think we are dealing with an ordinary vigilante here. I think we are dealing with a supernatural slayer of some sort." Carmichael then says "I am a big believer in karma , this could be some sort of just desserts for the horrible things we have done." "Karma has nothing to do with this someone is coming for us." Suddenly the crow appears in front of them and it is holding a note in its beak. It drops the note and flies away. The two men read the note that reads meet me at the construction site if you want to find the man who killed your friends. Bronson and Carmichael dash off and head towards the construction site.

When the two arrive at the construction site they look around until they see a figure in the distance. Behind the two men a group of armed gunmen appear and Bronson says "kill this man." the men unload their weapons on the dark figure in the distance. After their clips are empty one of the men go over and see that the figure in the distance is a manikin. All of a sudden a forklift comes crashing in impaling two of the gunmen. Danny jumps out carrying a handgun and shoots a few of the other men. The rest of them shoot at him and he flinches a little bit but he keeps moving on and shoots the other men. After finishing off the last of the men Danny sees Carmichael and Bronson running into the building that is under demolition. Danny follows them.

Inside the building Danny looks around for the two and then he sees Carmichael and Bronson standing on the side of the room and the shoot at Danny .Danny moves closer towards them and Carmichael tries to punch Danny but is thrown to the ground. Carmichael yells at him "what do you want" and Danny says " I want your death to be more painful than my sister's was." Bronson tries to run out the door but is stopped and thrown out the window. Danny grabs Carmichael's gun and shoot him in both of his legs and then leaves the building holding a black box. In the light Carmichael see that the black box is actually a detonator for the dynamite in the building. Danny walks outside and walks a ways then hits the switch and the building behind him falls to the ground on top of Carmichael. Bronson is then outside crawling away and shoots at Danny. Danny just keeps on walking. Then out of desperation Bronson shoots at the crow that is perched over on the steam roller. He hits the bird with a bullet and it falls to the ground. Danny then collapses. Bronson gets to his feet and points the gun at Danny's head. He says "you are going to die now." Danny looks at him and says " I have already died twice already . Once when you put that bullet in my head and twice when you took away the person I cared for the most in this world, my little sister Jenn." Bronson then says "say goodbye bird boy." Then Danny grabs Bronson's gun out of his hands and stands up. He pushes Bronson to the ground and Bronson screams "please have mercy." Danny's eyes lit up and he says "mercy is for the weak." He puts a bullet in Bronson's kneecaps and shoulders then drags him along. He then climbs to the top of the steam roller and turns it on and puts a brick on the gas pedal. The roller comes closer to Bronson and crushes him slowly feet first.

Danny then walks away and arrives at the cemetery where he was buried and lays down next his grave. His eyes start to close and his body lays motionless. The next thing he sees is Jenn walking towards him and he and Jenn embrace in a hug and walk off joking around with each other like they used to.

Upcoming: I am working on two other stories like this one so stay posted. Hope you enjoy.
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