21334343748734656 billionth review of TDKR on this site, but what did I think, here is my in depth look at the conclusion of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY!

After a 3 year wait, rumors and speculations, set pictures, spoiler leaks, we finally get THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. So was this movie worth the three year hype, did it succeed as THE PERFECT SUPERHERO TRILOGY? Let's look.

So the movie takes place 8 years after the The Dark Knight, the Dent act has suppressed almost all crime in Gotham City and Batman is now gone. Bruce Wayne lives in recluse, living his days stuck in his mansion. But as always, something terrible is happening. We are greeted to Bane played by Tom Hardy, said to be almost like a monster in this film and Selina Kyle played by Anne Hathaway who plays a love interest to Bruce but also as the devious Catwoman.

The film plays out a bunch of homages to famous story elements to The Dark Knight Returns, No Mans Land and Batman Cataclysm offering it in a unique epic experience for not just comic book fans but of new audiences alike. The film's running time is 2 hours and 45 minutes and I do agree this movie does drag a bit in the beginning. I felt after seeing all these previews that you just wanted to see the action happen badly and a lot more quicker but it wasn't something that bothered me because not even after 5 minutes of thinking that, I changed my mind. Bane overtaking Gotham was probably the most boldest pieces put in a superhero film, it does have some dark imagery such as the hanging of the armed forces and Bane mangling his victims.

Tom Hardy plays Bane with impressive force. He brings something new to the table, I have to admit at times I did have problems with his voice, first few times I seen him there was an issue but it evoked this sort of creepiness to his character, Nolan promised a monster and delivered. Which brings us to our next topic of discussion THE BACK BREAKING! No film has really made us feel some kind of emotional look at the hero failing, I feel only Superman Returns did it but executed the whole entire way poorly. Batman here is beaten to a pulp by Bane without no mercy. It's probably the best fight scene I have ever seen in a comic book film in a long time and something it actually beats the fight between Joker and Batman a lot more. I was in total awe and shock after the backbreak and so was the audience, never have I heard them gasp towards the film. But his character kind of turns henchmen value towards the end which I thought was unimpressive but yet suitable for the moment.

Anne Hathaway plays an impressive Catwoman/Selina Kyle. She is sexy, smart and devious. She totally fools you with her flirtatious ways and beautiful looks, shes not a force to be reckoned with but shes not someone you can trust either. Her chemistry with Bruce was spot on, and honestly it felt right for them to be together. Too lost souls also looking for a way out of life then to be stuck doing what they are doing behind a mask. Both have had hard lives and even though you don't know Catwoman's past, you get the sense of dread in her just by looking at her. Her fighting moves we're impressive and I was actually hoping for a fight scene between Batman & Catwoman with those fancy movies.

Christian Bale delivers a performance to Bruce Wayne like none other, it's not like the second film where his personal life is actually not really focused on as much, in fact it's overshadowed by two big characters Joker and Dent which is fine and all but the third excels and showing a Bruce whose life is just in sleep mode honestly. And while his voice as Batman is really tiresome, it was honestly effective this time around, especially the chilling line he gives to Bane after defeating him...WOW!

Everything else aside, this movie is pure epicness. The action is put into high gear and after the first 40 minutes of the film passes, the movie doesn't slow down. You get onto the edge of your seat waiting for what happens next, how is he going to do it, is Batman going to die? You had this race against time plot which proved effective but already used during the first film if you asked me, it still worked to some degree. I also loved John Blake who to me honestly, was really ROBIN. I mean I had my doubts, but as I was watching it, the moment he said he was an orphan was a deadlock for me that he was Robin in some form. Nolan instead of pleasing one set of fans of a certain Robin, he pleases all three by making amalgamation of them into one character, basically naming him ROBIN JOHN BLAKE. It was I guess a perfect sad ending with class, full of twists and turns and adding the idea of a Batman Inc was pretty cool too. This was no doubt a movie for fans of the Nolan series and comic books. Some fans might just be looking for this movie to surpass The Dark Knight, even though I thought it did just by a little, a lot of other people will in fact criticizing it for not having the same feeling as The Dark Knight or that THE JOKER WAS BETTER. In fact it's a lot hard to comment on this film when it's just in light of the massacre in Colorado which to me is possibly the most shocking things I have ever seen, my heart goes out to the families. Movie theaters are meant to be a safe place, not a place for murder or to feel terrified. I go to the movies as a safe haven and to be honest now I go into the movies feeling a little unease now which I honestly shouldn't feel this way, but overall The Dark Knight Rises is the epic film of the year, it surpassed my expectations and even though Heath Ledger knocked it out of the park in The Dark Knight, the follow-up villains even though not as excellent as Ledger, but a damn well-written impressive follow-up and a conclusion that makes me feel satisfied.



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