The Dark Knight(2015)

The Dark Knight(2015)

The sequel to my Batman movie

Batman and Robin have been working together for a year now but is their partnership crumbling? Robin has grown up and has decided to leave Batman to become his own hero. However, when a former ally, Harvey Dent, becomes the murderous madman, Two-Face, Batman and Robin take on a third ally for their last mission as hero and sidekick(anyone smell Nightwing?).

My choice for the director is Zack Snyder(Watchmen)
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I know he’s directing Superman but I’ve always though he was perfect for Batman, especially after watching the Watchmen(no pun intended). He’s great at dark, realistic superhero movies.

Now for my cast:
Sam Witwer(Star Wars: The Force Unleashed[vg]) as Bruce Wayne/Batman

In “The Force Unleashed” and “Smallville” his characters are really similar to Batman. Tormented characters with dark pasts.

Josh Hutcherson(Journey to the Center of the Earth) as Dick Grayson/Robin

He’s a great young actor that looks perfect and, in “Journey”, has played a similar character.

Haley Ramm(Ben 10:Race Against Time) as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl

She’s a great young actress that looks the part. You may know her from X3 as the young Jean Gray.

Ed Brigadier(Big Time Concert) as Alfred Pennyworth

An odd choice, but he was already great at playing a butler.

Billy Dee Williams(Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) as Lucius Fox
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He's already played a Batman character and looks the part. He's also a great actor.

Bruce Willis(Live Free or Die Hard) as Lt. Jim Gordon

Willis is one of the best action stars and a great actor. He’s already played a cop in the “Die Hard” series.

James Marsden(X-Men 3:X-Men United) as Two-Face

He’s a great actor that looks the part and has played a conflicted character as Cyclops in X3(which I hated) and Two-Face is one of my favorite Batman villains. I would portray him similar to Nolan’s way.

Cobie Smulders(How I Met Your Mother) as Vicky Vale

She’s already played a reporter and looks the part.

Michael Chiklis(The Shield) as Lt. Harvey Bullock
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He already plays a similar character on “The Shield”.

Michelle Rodriguez(Avatar) as Lt. Renee Montoya
Michelle R Pictures, Images and Photos
She was great in “Avatar” and is the obvious fan-favorite.
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