The Dude casts The Avengers!

The Dude casts The Avengers!

The Dude returns with a vengeance - and an Avengers fancast!

Armie Hammer is "The Sentinel of Liberty"

Josh Brolin is "a Cold Exec with a Heart of Steel"

Joel Edgerton is "The God of Thunder"

Sam Rockwell is "Puny Banner"

Rose Byrne is "The Wasp"

Paul Rudd is "Hank Pym"

Josh Holloway is "Hawkeye"

Emily Blunt is "The Black Widow"

Damian Lewis is "The Vision"

Peter Mensah is "The Black Panther"

Jason Momoa is "The Sub-Mariner"

Luke Evans is "Quicksilver"

Isabel Lucas is "The Scarlet Witch"

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