The Dude casts The Dark Knight Returns

The Dude casts The Dark Knight Returns

The Dude casts Frank Miller's classic graphic novel!


Directed by Robert Rodriguez
Written by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez

Jeff Fahey as Green Arrow

Come on, man! The beard speaks for itself

Jon Hamm as Superman

Hamm is absolutely perfect for DKR Superman. I literary can't think of any one better.

Carla Gugino as Selina Kyle

Gugino is a Rodriguez regular and she played a similar role in Watchmen.

Rob Zombie as The Mutant Leader

Zombie would be fun cameo from another film-maker.

Peter Weller as Harvey Dent

Weller is a great actor who looks just like DKR Dent.

Malcolm McDowell as Alfred Pennyworth

McDowell fits well with the B Movie aesthetic I'd want this film to have.

Alison Pill as Carrie Kelly

Pill is just perfect for Carrie Kelly!

Bruce Willis as James Gordon

When looking through RR regulars there was really no other choice. His role in 16 Blocks is a good indicator of what his Gordon would be like.

Nicolas Cage as The Joker

Cage's brand of "Mega-Acting" would be great for DKR Joker! Castor Troy meets his Bad Lieutenant role!

And drum roll...

Danny Trejo as Batman / Bruce Wayne!

The reason I made this cast. Trejo is really the one choice for a Robert Rodriguez directed Dark Knight Returns. He's the right age, can still convincingly kick ass and definitely has the attitude. I wouldn't even have him shave his mustache.
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