THE GHOST- Upcoming Web Series

THE GHOST- Upcoming Web Series

The Ghost is an upcoming web series being developed by me on a different take on mask vigilantes. Check it out for story/what to expect/when to expect/release date!

I haven't been working on film in awhile, but I want to try it ONE MORE TIME, to say I at least did it. So I begin work on the next big thing coming this year. THE GHOST.


The idea of this came through my mind awhile back, but it never really came to light till last week. I wanted a take on a masked vigilante to be different and for him not to be the main focus every episode. The plot revolves around a masked vigilante who encounters 6 individuals while being labeled THE GHOST. The show is going to start off with 6 episodes, just to see where it goes from there.

While I just started writing the first episode, I am also hard at work on another web-series which I intend to release April on reviewing only Playstation games (if your interested you can ask), so the release of this will most likely be when the review videos become more apparent.


My hope for the style of the show is to make it atmospheric to the viewers. The idea of him being a masked vigilante will feel more like he is the backdrop of the show. It doesn't talk about an origin story, or nor does it involve a tale of vengeance or our hero being raised without a mom and dad. Each episode will have it's own unique story profiling our hero through their eyes. He is a mystery, it's a must.


Like I said, I am steadily working hard on the PS reviews which will take up most of my time with writing, shooting, editing and pretty much doing it over and over again. My hope is to air the episode of the reviews every 2 weeks and The Ghost every other week. I could release set pics, pictures and maybe even trailers. Again this all depends on YOU guys. I will post as much info as possible if you seem interested enough to watch it. I hope to show a teaser trailer this month for here, Facebook and will air through YouTube. If anything I most likely will create a new fan-site for my videos to air, and hopefully talk to ComicBookMovie about airing it front-page.

So The Ghost, there you have it. Expect some kind of teaser in April.
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