The Guardians Of Galaxy Fancast

The Guardians Of Galaxy Fancast

Marvel is preparing for this movie so I threw a fancast sharing my thought who should play the roles

The Guardian Of The Galaxy

In the aftermath of the Phalanx invasion of the Kree, Star-Lord[13] decides to form a team of interstellar heroes that will be proactive in protecting the galaxy, rather than reacting to crises as they happen. To this end, he recruits Adam Warlock, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, Phyla-Vell (the new Quasar), Rocket Raccoon, and Groot, with Mantis as support staff.

On the recommendation of their ally, Nova, the group establishes a base of operations on the space station Knowhere, which possesses a teleportation system with near-universal range. An intelligent, telepathic dog named Cosmo is Knowhere's chief of security and works closely with the new team. After a confrontation with the Universal Church of Truth the team's meets a semi-amnesiac man who identifies himself as Vance Astro - Major Victory of the original Guardians of the Galaxy.

Astro's declaration inspires the as-yet-unnamed team to adopt the "Guardians of the Galaxy" name for their own. When the team learns Star-Lord directed Mantis to telepathically coerce the heroes into joining the team, they disband.

Rocket Raccoon decided to continue Star-Lord's mission and started a search for the missing members. He asked Bug to join the team, as well Groot's return to full size and the addition of Mantis and Major Victory as field members.

Meanwhile Star-Lord was banished to the Negative Zone by Ronan the Accuser for his actions during the Phanlanx's attempted conquest of the Kree Empire. There, he finds himself in the middle of King Blastaar's fight to break into 42 and use its portal to invade Earth. Star-Lord allies with Jack Flag to defend the prison and contact the other Guardians for rescue. Rocket's new team successfully brings both of them back, and Flag becomes a Guardian.

Elsewhere, Drax and Phylla begin looking for Cammi, but on their search they talk to a seer who tells them about an oncoming war. Phylla was able to wake Moondragon from the dead, but lost her Quantum Bands in the process. The consequence for Phyla is that she is now the new avatar of death. They went back to Knowhere and did not follow up on the search for Cammi.


I have read the guardian of the galaxy war of king runs and find it to be a fantastic storyline.
And I loved the character I got hooked up with this team and became one of the favs. I am sure if GOF get a nice director and nice script it will top Battlestar of Galactica because it has a lot of potential. the comics delivered a fun and action mix which I would like to see in movie. I have cast a small praised actor because I like to keep it ORIGINAL …here is my roster:

Character Name:Rocket Raccoon
Roleplay by:Richard Howland

Richard is no stranger for sci fi He is starting in Tv Show Lost Girl on Syfy. Rocket deserves to be the first on list because he is basically the best character ever He is the wisest the smartest part of team and bring comedy flavour I picked Rich because he is the only one who’s able to bring those traits Check out his acting

Character Name:Groot
Roleplay by: Tony Todd

As you notice I started with voice members cast. Groot only have one line in movie and it I AM GROOT I searched for actor with powerful deep voice to say those few memorable quote and I chooses Tony todd who voiced the fallen in lame Transformers movie

Character Name:Cosmo
Roleplay by:Geoffrey Rush

Cosmo is a telepathic Russian space dog who is quite a loveable character I chooses Maven Voice for this role from The King's Speech and Pirates of the Caribbean films Geoffrey rush which he already did Russian accent in Frida movie and have a commanding pleasant voice to hear

Character Name:Adam Warlock/Magus
Roleplay by: Garrett hedlund

Warlock is mystical deep character he also knows for his two sides evil and good and Who is better than Hedlund to act out the role? With his blondish look and deep voice and Phlegmatic-Melancholic acting he would nail it

Character Name:Starlord/Peter Jason Quill
Roleplay by:Billy Miller

Starlord is quite a loveable character he has Sanguine-Choleric type of personality that warm heart when you read him. I choose the soap actor Billy miller who's pro playing witty smart funny character watch him in ringer

Character Name:Martyr/Phyla Vell
Roleplay by:Anessa Ramsey

Shy, Reserved, introvert those word you will never come to your mind when you think of Phyla. Spunky sassy impulsive and aggressive are the right word to describe the alien warrior I threw a rising star to play the sassy warrior she is short but her acting is wide able to do play the part watch her demo at the bottom of page

Character Name:Gamora
Roleplay by: karen cliche

She is the adopted daughter of Thanos and the occasional love interest of Adam Warlock and Nova. She is aggressive and wise and sex ytrustworthy we need actress to brought those trait to screen I choose the syfy action star Karen cliche who played the alien bounty hunter on Flash Gordon Just paint her body green and sent her to work

Character Name:Drax The Destroyer
Roleplay by: Kevin Durand

Arthur Douglas was brought back to life by the Eternals, Mentor and Chronos to destroy Thanos. This one is becoming a popular choice for Draw and I support it because Kevin is great action star and has the right body and the right personality for drax

Character Name:Moondragon
Roleplay by:jolene blalock

I love moondragon she is bisexual and cold and calculating and have mystic aura around her make her enjoyable to read I need it some one who could bring those characteristic to screen I chooses Blalock she is no stranger to syfy she already played an alien in star trek and did it well

Character Name:Mantis.
Roleplay by: Maggie Q

I am not much a fan of green skinned Mantis I always kind loved the old version of her when she was free green and more serious and disciplined and kicked ass all those trait Maggie q can perform them she got the brain and the action move to do a well mantis

Character Name:Major Vance Astrovik/Major Victory.
Roleplay by: Hugh dilon

I went with much older actor for role Hugh dilon He is on flashpoint and he is really good I picture Major victory to be bit like captain America except bit older and I think dilon can do that

Character Name: Jack Flag
Roleplay by: sean brosnan

Wait Brosnan? Yeah I pick James bond son to play this character. Jack is good character military type on a leader and disciplined and hate cosmic stuff Sean is no stranger to military character he played one in Generation kill Watch his demo reel at the bottom of page

Character Name: Bug
Roleplay by: Randal Edwards

Bug is great comedic character He is geeky and Likeable for him I choose the canadian actor Randal Edwards who is been in many tv series and played quite similar character to bug I think this can be he is big break

Character Name: Richard Ryder/Nova.
Roleplay by: Corey Sevier

I never was much of fan of Nova he is cocky and arrogant and choleric but he developed through the year and I liked that while everyone picked Padalecki for role I went to seomoen who is similar to him Corey Sevier.

Character Name: Thanos
Roleplay by: Robert Wisdom

Like everyone else in the site I am cheering up for Thanos to be the villain in the movie he is a big one scary villain with a lot of power and potential and I picked my trigon (teen titans casting) pick to play the part He has deep scary voice and good at playing scary character just like supernatural

Demo reels for my phyall and jack picks

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