The Incredible Hulk 2: Fan Cast

The Incredible Hulk 2: Fan Cast

I cast the possible sequel to the Incredible Hulk...

This is my fan-cast of the (hopeful) sequel to Marvel's 2008 film The Incredible Hulk. The previous cast that are likley to return for a sequel has remained the same.

Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk- Edward Norton

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross meets with Dr. Bruce Banner the colleague and lover of his daughter Betty. He wants him to revive a World War II-era military supersoldier, but tells Banner the goal of the experiment is to make human beings immune to gamma radiation. The experiment fails, transforming Banner into the monstrous Hulk, and injuring Betty. Now a fugitive from the United States Army, Banner has been on the run ever since.

Betty Ross- Liv Tyler

The only daughter of the renowned General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross, Betty spent her formative years firmly under her father's strict supervision. Thunderbolt Ross had wanted a son, and his disappointment at having a daughter was reflected in the way he raised her. After her mother died during Betty's teenage years, she was sent away to boarding school. After graduating, the introverted young woman returned to her father's side. Thunderbolt Ross was then in charge of a top-secret project to create a new type of weapon involving gamma radiation. The head scientist on the project was Bruce Banner, whom her father detested. An attraction between Betty and Bruce soon developed.

Their relationship was forever changed when Bruce was exposed to a vast amount of gamma radiation and transformed into the monstrous Hulk. Despite Bruce's life now being dangerous and complex Betty still loves him and will try to defend him whenever possible.

General Thadeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross- William Hurt

A veteran of several wars, Ross was the military head of the Super-Soldier revivial project, although he treated the project's research head, Banner, with contempt and lies to him about the true nature of his research. When Banner is exposed to a large amount of gamma radiation and acquired his Hulk condition, Ross personally volunteers to kill the monster and pursues him with a growing obsessiveness.

Major Glenn Talbot- Michael Fassbender

Talbot was a military man who hunted The Incredible Hulk under General Thunderbolt Ross. He worked as a security chief for Ross' base and was also there to keep an eye on Bruce Banner for the Pentagon. Talbot tried to prove that Banner was a traitor and also to win the love of Betty Ross. His romantic efforts redoubled when he discovered that Bruce was the Hulk.

The Leader/Samuel Sterns- Tim Blake Nelson

Samuel Sterns is a university professor who tried to help Bruce Banner find a cure for his transformations under the alias of "Mr. Blue." Emil Blonsky aka The Abomination, coerces Sterns to give him an injection of Banner's blood. During Blonsky's transformation into the Abomination, Sterns is knocked across the room and some of Banner's blood drips into a cut on his head, which then begins to pulsate and grow. After the transformation is complete, Sterns's mind has mutated and expanded giving him super-intelligence and power but also a disgigured head. Sterns soon becomes the Leader in his quest for ultimate power.

Rick Jones- Kevin Zegers

Rick Jones was a young man who took off on a motorcycle across the United States, after he gets too close to a goverment facility he is about to be shot however he is saved by the Incredible Hulk. Rick stuck around to witness the Hulk revert back to Banner, ever since then the two have been close friends and Jones can even be considered a 'side-kick' to Banner. Jones also has close ties to the Avengers.

Doc Samson/Leonard "Leo" Samson- Ty Burell

After Bruce Banner was temporarily cured of being the Hulk by siphoning off the gamma radiation that caused his transformations, Samson, who had been working with Banner/Hulk in his job as a psychiatrist, exposed himself to some of the siphoned radiation, granting him a superhumanly strong and muscular physique and causing his hair to turn green and to grow long, reminiscent of his biblical namesake. Initially, Samson's physical strength depends upon the length of his hair, though his gamma mutation eventually stabilized making the length of his hair no longer a factor. Shortly afterward, his flirting with Betty Ross caused a jealous Banner to re-expose himself to radiation, becoming the Hulk once more to battle Samson. He learned that his power decreases when he cuts his green hair,but then lost his powers due to the bombardment of intense gamma radiation. Feeling guilty about his role in his patient's return to being the Hulk, Samson would spend much time working with Banner over the years. He also becomes a friend to Banner and Hulk but has been known to double-cross Banner on a number of occasions.

Brian Banner- Robert Patrick

Despite an early vow to never have children, Brian impregnates his girlfriend Rebecca, who gives birth to Bruce Banner. Brian believes Bruce has inherited a "monster gene" so attempts to keep Rebecca away from him. He frequently leaves Bruce in the care of the neglectful Nurse Meachum. When Bruce wakes up one Christmas morning and opens a present from his mother, a complex model, he assembles it easily despite his young age. This convinces Brian that his assumptions about Bruce were correct. He beats Bruce and, after she comes to her son's aid, Rebecca as well. After enduring several years of frequent abuse from Brian, Rebecca attempts to escape from him with Bruce. Brian discovers his wife and son packing the car just before their escape, and he smashes Rebecca's head against the pavement, killing her in front of their young son. Brian manages to stop Bruce from testifying against him at his trial for Rebecca's murder, saying that if he did so, he would go to hell. Bruce lies to the courts out of fear, testifying that his father never abused him or Rebecca, stating that his mother tried to run away for no reason. Brian escapes conviction due to lack of evidence, but is later arrested when he drunkenly boasts about beating the law by bullying his son. Brian is imprisoned and later placed in a mental institution.

After fifteen years of confinement, Brian, who is believed fit for reintroduction into society, is released into a reluctant Bruce's care. Living with Bruce causes Brian's delusions to begin again and, on the anniversary of Rebecca's death, Brian and Bruce engage in a verbal and later physical fight at Rebecca's grave on a stormy night. During the fight, Bruce accidentally kills Brian by knocking him headfirst into Rebecca's headstone.Bruce represses the memories of Brian's stay with him and his subsequent death, making himself believe that, as the two of them fought at Rebecca's grave, Brian had simply beat him and left, later being killed by muggers.

Nicholas "Nick" Fury- Samuel L Jackson

Nicholas Fury became the commander of S.H.I.E.L.D. Initially, his organization's primary nemesis is the international terrorist organization HYDRA. Under Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D. grows into one of the world's most powerful organizations, reaching covertly into national governments and forming strategic alliances with the Avengers and other superhero groups, while always maintaining independence and deniability. Fury soon becomes the superhero community's main contact when government-related information is required in order to deal with a crisis.

Agent Gabriel Jones- Denzel Washington

Gabriel "Gabe" Jones was born in New York City. He is an original member of the elite Howling Commandos combat squad. He is one of the close confidantes of Nick Fury, his sergeant and later the head of the international espionage organization S.H.I.E.L.D., which Jones joined at some unspecified point after his friend Nick joined.

Timothy Aloysius Cadwallader Dugan/Dum Dum Dugan- Woody Harrelson

Dugan was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Dum Dum served as a member of the C.I.A for years and gainec onnections with Nick Fury (the later head of S.H.I.E.L.D) soon he too joined S.H.I.E.L.D under Fury's leadership. Dum Dum is known for being wild and unpredictable during a mission however he is loyal to Fury and Fury alone.

The Abomination/ Emil Blonsky- Tim Roth

Emil Blonsky is a Russian-born captain in the British Royal Marines on loan to the US Armed Forces in its efforts to recapture Bruce Banner. A super-soldier serum transforms Blonksy into a superior soldier, but in attempt to match the Hulk secretly receives an infusion of Banner's blood, which creates a mutation more extreme than the Hulk.

Halflife/Anthony Masterson- Alan Cumming

Half-Life is the creation of the Leader, made to absorb all of the energy from the Incredible Hulk and then transfer it into the Leader. Half-Life is a vampire-like creature who drains gamma energy from infected people in order to sustain himself. In his natural state, he looks like a zombie, but when he absorbs a life he will temporarily appear more human.

Agent Phil Coulson- Clark Gregg

Special Agent Phil Coulson is an agent of the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D. He aids Fury in recruiting super-powered beings for the 'Avengers Initiative'.

General John Ryker- Stephen Lang

John Ryker joined the military at a young age and wanted to help determine future history from the shadows. When his wife Lucy developed cancer, Ryker used the military to hunt down Bruce Banner, in order to find a cure. Initially, Ryker irradiated various subjects to try and duplicate the accident that created the Hulk, thus allowing him to isolate the Hulk's ability to cope with the radiation and use it to heal his wife. His closest success was Private Benjamin Tibbits, who mutated into the Hulk-like Flux, but his transformation was imperfect, leading to Ryker simply breaking him to use as a near-mindless soldier against the Hulk. Ryker then goes on to create a military force known as the 'Gamma Corps'.
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