The Incredible Hulk Theory

The Incredible Hulk Theory

A Theory that is said to See what kind fan you really are! Also a theory that involves Hulk how could that be a bad thing?

The Incredible Hulk Theory: How Fans divide and concurred.

A few weeks after this article gets posted, I was talking to my friend Jeff, we always get into these lengthily conversations about Comic books, films, and all in between. He told me this theory that eerily works, he calls it the incredible Hulk theory; to explain how to spot which type of fan’s are out there. Now he uses Hulk for the theory and I shall demonstrate. The theory breaks fans into Three Type’s:

THE COMIC BOOK FAN: These fans read the material, either never watching the shows or rarely in some cases, but they love the stories, the art, etc. this fan expects the material in films to be exact. Not a surprise really they aren’t fair enough to other material and complain of it not being “close enough to the comic book.”

THE TV SHOW FAN: They either never read the comic book or found out about it after watching the show and like comic fans only love the incredible Hulk TV show. Thinking David banner IS the one true and real Hulk. They complain the comic books are wrong or find them from okay to awesome, but really imprinted on the show more. They also think Bruce wasn’t abuse and never know who General Ross is, Who Betty is, they are confused because of this. This also introduce a new generation of fans to the hulkdom. They will complained if the film “isn’t close enough to the TV Show”.

THE MOVIE FAN: For this demonstration I’ll be using Ang Lee’s Hulk. These fans only take on movie logic, they never read or heard of the Hulk TV show , Comic or never had interest and are going off this film as there gateway drug into the Hulk Mythos. They only know about this incarnation and all others suck in comparison. [Well until the Avengers came out, but come on it’s the Avengers!]

Fan’s can be merciless and metrical so The Next time you get into a debate with fans think to yourself which one of the three types of fan they are, and try to understand form their Perspective, other examples can range from every hero out there the flash, superman even wonder woman. So when you read the six part spider-man film retrospective I would like you all to keep this aspect in mind, I mean what introduce you to the world of superheroes? Was it the Comics? Was it The Television Series? Or was it the Films themselves? So when I hear people say things like “oh this is MUCH closer to the comics”, [when in hindsight it’s not] it really makes me use this theory and it works every time.
Take Spider-Man, You have fans of the ASM comic, The Animated series (and Spectacular Spider-Man) finally fans of The Rami’s Films. The fact of the matter is, it proves just what type of fan you are and how much you’ll complain and say “NYAAAAAAAAAAH!“ However it also shows how you where introduce to the character, and why they hold a special place in your heart and your standards for the character.

Tune in Next Month as I go into Part Two of the spider-man Film retrospective that will cover & Kick off with: THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN [1977], The Cannon & Cameron years. See yeah soon folks 

What do you guys think of The Incredible hulk Theory? What was your introduction to your favorite superhero?
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