The Justice League

The Justice League

Thoughts on the Justice League movie and who I feel should direct it.

Let's start with a few obvious statements.

1) Comicbook movies are becoming more popular than ever.

2) J.K Rowling had say over everything, that's why Warner Bros. COULDN'T destroy Harry Potter.

3) Warner Bros. thinks dark and gritty is how it should be, because of The Dark Knight trilogy's success.

4) The Avengers is great and the third highest grossing movie ever. Well, the first part is opinion but still.

So, here are my thoughts. Justice League is the equvalent (If I spelled that right, if I didn't I apologized) to Marvel's The Avengers. We would have a Justice League movie by now, BUT the project is dead and they gave up on it, until... The success of the boxoffice phenomenon The Avengers. Warner Bros. has once again peaked interest and hired the scribe of The Gangster Squad (Which I am not impressed with and does not have my interest despite it's talented cast) to write Justice Leage. It's been debated as to how they will approach the project in order to different themselves from Marvel. I agreed BattlinMurdock's take on it, for the most part. I agree that Warner Bros. should and more than likely will have their DC films (with the exception of Man of Steel sequel or sequels) to be more or less spinoffs from Justice League and I don't think Wonder Woman is gonna be getting her own movie. I personally think it's because of their last attempt at a superhero movie with the hero being a female, the boxoffice BOMB known as Catwoman (Not even Halle Barry's Catwoman outfit could save that movie.)

I have two MAIN tips for their Justice League movie. PLEASE for the love of god, keep Aquaman in Justice League movie only. Don't give him his own movie, personally I prefer Cyborg but sticking with the original team makes more sense and also Martian Manhunter is also a Justice League movie ONLY character. I just don't have faith that their strong enough characters for their own movies. Avengers was successful because it was a family movie. It had humor, action, drama, a good script, good actors (most were already on due to previous movies) and a director who was passionate about the characters and the project. Now to be different, yes Justice League needs to be more serious. But I personally don't think (here is where shows my lack of knowledge of the Justice League) it's avoidable to do an alien threat ONLY because you have GODS as heroes. But again, here is where I agree with BattlinMurdock. I don't think that (whether successful or not) Justice League should have a sequel. Despite the studio moving forward with one more than likely if it is sequel.

Director: Here are my top 3 picks for who I DON'T think should direct Justice League.

1) Neveldine/Taylor

Despite that their my favorite directing duo, do I need to say more on why they shouldn't direct?

2) I'm gonna get hate for this one but I don't care, Brad Bird

He's done animation movies and one live action film. Why don't I think he should direct JL? HE'S DIRECTED ONE LIVE ACTION FILM! From what I heard MI:4 was VERY good BUT, I would want a more experienced director for this movie.

3) Brett Ratner

X-Men: The Last Stand was actually pretty good in my opinion but still the weakest of the movies. Now why do I think he shouldn't direct, his Rush Hour movies. Enough said.

Now my top 3 picks on who I think should direct Justice League

1) Rupert Sanders

Okay, I admit it. I am a hypocrite cause Snow White and the Huntsman is his FIRST EVER movie. I guess this proves why it's called opinions. Snow White and the Huntsman didn't fail because of his directing, it failed because of uneven acting and confused script (I thought the pacing was fine). But, I think he could really bring something special to the project. Plus, I think the same thing could happen to him as to what happened with Marc Webb's second film TASM and have it be a solid movie.

2) Gore Verbinski

I think he could be a good contender because of his work on the Pirates of the Carribbean trilogy. They are amazing movies and I think he could really bring that "Epic" feel to Justice League.

3) Here is one that I am listing as one who COULD deliver on Warner Bros. "dark and gritty" idea, David Slade

He was set to direct DareDevil but backed out due to his commitment on the Hannibal t.v show. But with his visual style, and his history with comicbook movies (30 Days of Night) I think if they went after him, he could be a serious contender. I know he isn't the best choice, but I think it would be interesting.

Whatya think? Comment below and be respectful. Also, notice how I didn't go after fan favorite choices.
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