The Kickstarter Comic that defines indie...and revolutionizes the game...

The Kickstarter Comic that defines indie...and revolutionizes the game...

..Kickstarter brings together comics...and fashion? Take a read of this unique concept and intriguing project...

Kid Havoc tells of a boy trapped in a world torn by social hierarchy as he's forced to live underground with the rest of his people - deemed unworthy by the Monarchy to live on the surface. In this tale of caste, the boy, Isaac, finds himself torn between youthful curiosities of chasing fireflies through streets and tunnels, and between the social war that keeps his people oppressed and underground. As the war continues, a secret press develops under the name Kid Havoc to spill propaganda to overthrow the Monarchy. While it is up to Isaac to find his way to the top layer to spread their propaganda in this political yet emotional tale, he battles with his child-like sense of curiosity and follows these fireflies deep beneath their city...only to uncover an ancient horror that will change the course of the war!


Yeah..that blew my mind away. Throw that concept in with the amazing art of indie-artist, Eric Scott Pfeiffer, and a novel ideal called 'fashion'...
and there you have it...KID HAVOC!

It's a comic series and clothing company created by Eric, a freelance illustrator based in Richmond, VA and Fernanda Chavez, a freelance fashion designer based in Los Angeles, CA. They tell an immersive story intricately spun through a series of comics and limited clothing lines.
All items are designed and inspired from elements within the story and all artwork is pulled from the next issue so that the apparel will act as a teaser, or sneak peak, into what will happen next in Kid Havoc. Since the characters progress through the story, the clothing will progress alongside them, changing and adapting to the character's new surroundings. Issues will be released bi-monthly with small runs of clothing released in-between giving insight into what will happen next in the storyline.

Stick around for the interview tomorrow...exclusively to CBM!
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