The Legend of Drizzt Fan Fic: Part 1 - Homeland

The Legend of Drizzt Fan Fic: Part 1 - Homeland

R.A. Salvatore's Legend of Drizzt series has been adored by fantasy fans for over 20 years. I think it's about time for a movie! Here is my fan cast for Drizzt's origin story, Homeland!

It all started with a story called The Crystal Shard by R.A. Salvatore. Since the Crystal Shard's release in 1988, the series has turned into a fantasy phenomenon spanning 19 books (so far), a number of spinoff books, a few video game cameos, and a comic book series.

Chronologically, Drizzt's tale begins with the book Homeland, the first book of the Dark Elf trilogy.

In this book, we are introduced to Menzoberranzan, Drizzt's birthplace. We also meet the first figures that would shape Drizzt into the hero he is today..................

Drizzt Do'Urden - Luke Goss
The hero of our series. His lavender eyes and kind nature make him an anomaly among his evil race.

Zaknafein Do'Urden - Liam Neeson
Drizzt's father, mentor and first real friend. He is the weapons master of House Do'Urden. He is also the one drow who shares Drizzt's kind spirit but has found no escape from his existance.

Malice Do'Urden - Julia Roberts
Drizzt's mother, priestess of Lolth and Matron of House Do'Urden. She is working to increase the standing of her house through whatever means necessary.

Briza Do'Urden - Katherine Heigl
Drizzt's oldest sister and priestess of Lolth. The cruelest member of his family, Drizzt was raised to fear her snake-headed whip.

Maya Do'Urden - Kristen Bell
Drizzt's second-oldest sister and priestess of Lolth.

Vierna Do'Urden - Hayden Panettiere
The youngest of Drizzt's sisters, she also serves as his caretaker during his earlier years. She is Drizzt's only other sibling that shares Zaknafein's genes. During the years she raises Drizzt, she does show the occasional hint of kindness.

Dinin Do'Urden - Wentworth Miller
Drizzt's elder brother and Academy master. He killed Drizzt's oldest brother to become elderboy of the house and watches his back, expecting the same from Drizzt.

Nalfein Do'Urden - Zack Ward
Drizzt's oldest brother who meets his unfortunate end at the same time as Drizzt's birth.

Rizzen Do'Urden - Brad Douriff
The current patron of house Do'Urden.

Matron Yvonnel Baenre - Judi Dench
Matron mother of House Baenre, the city's first house making her the ruler of Menzoberranzan.

Berg'inyon Baenre - Orlando Bloom
One of Matron Baenre's sons, and Drizzt's rival at the drow Academy.

Methil - Voiced by Mark Hamill
Matron Baenre's advisor. Methil is an Illithid with tremendous powers of the mind.

Ginafae DeVir - Kristanna Loken
Matron mother of House DeVir whose members are all eliminated by House Do'Urden.

Alton DeVir - Tommy Flanagan
The sole survivor of House DeVir who swears revenge on House Do'Urden

SiNafay Hun'ett - Uma Thurman
Matron mother of House Hun'ett who plans to use Alton DeVir to destroy House Do'Urden.

Masoj Hun'ett
Son of SiNafay Hun'ett and master of Sorcere at the Academy. He teaches Drizzt for a short time and introduces him to Gwenwyvar, Drizzt's black panther. He also plots to kill Drizzt with Alton DeVir.

The Elf Child (Ellifain Tuuserail) – Abigail Breslin
During a drow raid on the surface, the cruelty of the dark elves is laid bare as they slaughter defenseless surface elves. During this raid, Drizzt makes a life-changing choice to save the elf child from suffering the same fate as her mother.

Belwar Dissengulp - Andy Serkis
Part of a gnome patrol that does battle with the dark elves and captures Drizzt.

And that is my cast for the first story of Drizzt's long tale. If you can think of any characters that I missed from Homeland, let me know, and I'll make sure to add them!

Also, keep an eye out for my next Legend of Drizzt Fan Fic: Part 2 - Exile.

Until then, cheers!

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