The Legion of Doom vs the Justice League of America

The Legion of Doom vs the Justice League of America

The Legion of Doom vs the Justice League of America

Banded together from remote galaxies are thirteen of the most sinister villains of all time, The Legion of Doom. Dedicated to a single objective, the conquest of the universe. Only one group dares to challenge this intergalactic threat, The Justice League. The Justice League of America versus the Legion of Doom.

If you read this please read a comment on the story or casting, I am a writer and all feedback good or bad is appreciated. Don't worry its not as long as it looks, most of the length is pictures for the character selection.

I’m sure you all remember the Legion of Doom from the Superfriends, I know I do. Lately people have been talking about a Justice League movie, so I began to think. I admit ever since I can remember I have wanted to see a movie with the Legion of Doom, and it looked like one would never come. I realize that the Legion could not work for the first Justice League movie, but it could work in a sequel. My idea for a premise is this.I uploaded part one let me know what you think.

The film opens with a man speaking. He is talking about some of the accomplishments of the recently formed League; while he speaks it shows their actions. Superman and Green Lantern stopped a trio of nuclear missiles from wiping out all life west of the San Andreas Fault. Wonder Woman and Aquaman saved an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico from an attack by Ocean Master and a pirate group led by Black Manta. Batman, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow stopped The Joker from radiating Gotham. Black Canary and the Flash stopped Multiplex, the Key and Dr. Polaris from robbing every bank in Central and Keystone Cities, at the same time. “And most recently the League defeated the supposedly unstoppable creation of a Dr. Ivo, which I paid an exuberant sum for. Amazo was their greatest threat yet, and they still won.” The voice stopped.
The camera focuses on the back of a bald head and slowly zooms out. It reveals a room filled with some of the strangest and most dangerous beings ever gathered at once. The voice now revealed to be Luthor continues, “The league has made it impossible for us to operate our affairs now. They are two well organized, once we could stand facing the heroes individually, but now instead of one they are many.” Luthor looks around at the twelve individuals he had gathered together before him. Some of these men weren’t men, some weren’t even human. Some had little to no powers while others were among the most dangerous beings in the universe. Bizzaro, Brainiac, Gorilla Grodd, Black Manta, Giganta, Sinestro, Toyman, Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold, the Riddler, Cheetah, and Scarecrow, all of them chosen for separate reasons.

“All of us has faced defeat at the hands of these heroes.” He said that last part with utter disdain in his voice. “Now they are organized and in greater numbers what chance do you have, none unless you stand together we will fall.” He raised his arm into the air “Together we can survive, together we will be strong, and together we will be their Legion of Doom!” The gathered villains raised their voices in cheered. Luthor smiled to himself “And so it begins.”
The Justice League of America was gathered at a large impressive building in Metropolis, The Watchtower. The Watchtower was “donated” to the League by Oliver Queen and Bruce Wayne, who are also Green Arrow and Batman. They were gathered in the area at the top of the tower, which the Flash had nicknamed the Hall of Justice. They were gathered at a long table, and Superman was giving a speech. “In this past year global crime has dropped. Since we formed this team people sleep more soundly than before, we have accomplished more together than we ever could have apart.” “I know that we all have been pulling extra around here, so since things have been quiet, we have all agreed that we need to keep up our separate identities so as not to raise suspicion.” Flash spoke up from the end of the table where he sat with his boots propped up “Admit it Supes you just want to get back to a certain reporter.” A few chuckled at that, Batman and Martian Manhunter both looked sternly at Flash, Superman actually blushed. “Don’t feel bad Supes, I haven’t seen Linda in so long I’ve about forgotten what she looks like.” “Don’t worry Flash you will be seeing her soon.” Martian Manhunter said, he continued, “I will remain here on monitor duty, if anything Earth shattering happens I will be sure to inform you all.” Superman stood up and said, “I hope you all enjoy your vacations, dismissed.” Everyone began to file out except Batman and Superman. “What’s wrong, you seemed worried Bruce.” “I am, and you should be to. The Riddler, Scarecrow, and Toyman disappeared from Arkham three weeks ago; there has been no sign of any of them. Black Manta escaped from Blackgate four days ago. This isn’t the best time for us to be taking a vacation.” Batman finished with a snarl. Superman looked at the man he thought of as a friend for a moment and said “Bruce, they aren’t like you and me, true they have just as much heart as us, but they can’t go for months without a break, they may get sloppy or worse.” Batman turned and began walking away, “I hope you’re right Clark, if you’re wrong, it’s not like it’s the end of the world, right.”
Luthor stands in a room filled with monitor screens. He looks at Brainiac and Grodd, “are you ready?” he asks them. “Of course Luthor” Grodd replies. “Affirmative.” Brainiac responds. “Team 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 confirm” they did “go” he said with a smile.
It was night; Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance stood on the deck of Queens’s yacht looking at the star holding each other in their arms. “Beautiful night isn’t it” Dinah said with a sigh. “Not as beautiful as you” Oliver said. In the water a series of small toy boats are seen approaching the yacht. He pulls her to him preparing to kiss. BEEB! Dinah turns “what was--- BOOOOOOOM She cut off by the yacht exploding.
The Martian Manhunter was alerted by an explosion in the water near Star City, Green Arrow and Black Canary’s last position. He attempts to contact the other members, but the communications were jammed. He attempts to send out a telepathic message to the rest of the League. He reaches Hal Jordan and suddenly he doubles over in pain. His head feels like it’s going to explode, he feels a presence in his mind. The Martian Manhunter looks up and sees Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd, Cold points a gun at him, then everything white.
Wally West aka the Flash was with his wife Linda walking to a restaurant in Central City. “God, your slow” he said to her with a smirk. She looked at him in mock anger and jarred him in the ribs. “Well we can’t all run at lights peed Wally.” “Actually I can run Faster that the speed of light.” They prepare to turn into the restraint, when suddenly a tall woman in a trench coat grabs Wally’s arm and tries to pull him away and almost succeeded. “Heck of a grip you got there, but I got a date.” “Well that’s too bad.” The woman said, she turned like she was going to leave, when suddenly she whipped back around and seemed to grow. “No she is definitely growing.” He sped off with Linda to the other side of town.”Stay here.”He said before she could reply, and in less than the link of an eye he was in his costume speeding to stop Giganta. As Flash neared the area were Giganta was he dodged as a car came flying through the air. “She’s going to be tough” he thought to himself. “Hey is it just me or did you gain weight” he called up to her. Angry Giganta grew more and tried knocking a building on the Flash. Flash dodged it of course but as he did he ran threw a cloud of gas. When he stopped he could feel his pulse racing. He looked around feeling dizzy. He turned and saw a giant foot heading his way. , and yet he was paralyzed! He was unable to move for some reason, as Giganta sent him flying across the square. He landed in a heap seemingly unconscious. Scarecrow walked out pleased with what he had helped do. He watched as Giganta threw a car at the building above Flash causing the building to collapse. Scarecrow spoke into a device “Phase complete.”
Hal Jordan the Green Lantern was in space headed towards Oa when he received the Manhunter’s message. Hal raced back to Earth. As he neared Earth’s orbit he saw an unusual looking satellite. Before he could investigate it he was hit with a beam of yellow energy from the satellite! Yellow is the only weakness of Hal’s ring. While he was stunned he watched in horror as a yellow energy field covered Earth from pole to pole. Hal tried everything he could but his ring cold not penetrate the dome.
Arthur Curry aka Aquaman was heading to meet his family in Atlantis. Wonder Woman offered him a ride in her Jet. She still used the jet even though she could fly. She kind of forced herself back into using it after a series of jokes from Flash. Her personal favorite was “Hey Diana I haven’t seen the jet in a while.” Or “Hey you haven’t used the jet in while, forget were you parked it.” Diana and Aquaman were just coming over Atlantis when a bolt of yellow energy sliced the jet in half. The bolt became a sphere that carried her and Aquaman at light speed, until they were over a desert. They were dropped in the desert. Wonder Woman looked and saw Cheetah, Sinestro coming towards her. Aquaman looked up and saw Black Manta walking towards him with a bundle in his arms. “Hello Aquaman, it seems we are both out of our element.” “Were are we?” Aquaman demanded. “In a desert you fool.” Manta said in his gravelly filtered voice. “An interesting thing about you Atlantians You can’t go an hour without water or you’ll die.” Aquaman was wondering what Manta was getting at, and then Aquaman noticed the small bundle in Manta’s arms. “What do you want manta?” “Oh I just brought you here because I thought you might like to see your son, or what’s left of him.” Manta said with a garbled laugh as he threw the bundle at Aquaman’s feet. Aquaman feared to look in the bundle and when he did he held it against his chest. “Poor little thing lasted four sweltering hour out here in the sun, 115 degrees to. He was strong, you should be proud, he was worthy of being Arthur Curry Jr.” “My son Manta, MY SON WHY!!” Aquaman said as he charged manta, his movement slowed by the heat.
Wonder Woman meanwhile was having her own problems. She had to dodge slashes be Cheetah and energy bolts from Sinestro. Eventually Sinestro was able to bind her wrists together with the energy from his wring robbing her of her power. She lay there unable to move as Cheetah slashed at her with her burning claws. Sinestro took Wonder Woman’s lasso and bound her with it. “Cheetah walked up to Wonder Woman. “Soon it will all be over Wonder Woman, the poisons from my claws are rushing through your veins burning you from the inside out. It won’t be long; you’ll die an agonizing death.” She turned to leave with Sinestro. They looked and saw Aquaman tied up in chain lying with a stab wound in his chest. “Let’s go Sinestro said, and with that they were off in a flash of yellow light.
Superman was in Metropolis heading home after finishing a patrol of the city. He landed on the terrace of his apartment and went inside. He heard a noise and turned to see a green glow. “Hello Superman, I believe you know Bizzaro.” Bizzaro walks up behind Luthor “Good bye Suppermon, I here to help Luthor save you.” He said in his reverse speak as he and Luthor closed in on Superman.
Batman was patrolling Gotham when he saw the Bat signal. He hurried to the Station and made his way up to the roof. He looks around and sees no one. “Riddle me this Batman who was Born on a Monday, Christened on a Tuesday, Married on a Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on a Saturday, and was Buried on a Sunday. Give up its Solomon Grundy. Batman dodge without thinking as Grundy rushed past him slamming into the Bat signal. Grundy rushed him again this time much faster, Batman tried to jump off of the roof but was grabbed by his leg. The behemoth raped his arms around Batman, not giving him room to move. “What are you doing Riddler? “Me, oh just defeating the Justice League and preparing to take over the world.” Batman knew the Riddler enough to lead him on,”You, that’s hard to believe.” The Riddler saw red after Batman’s remark. “I don’t suppose t would hurt to tell you I’m going to kill you anyway, but at this moment your friends in the League are dead or dying. It wasn’t hard; you see you got soft working together without a major threat. All it took was me learning their secret identities, but you are a different matter all together, we couldn’t find a thing about you.” “How could YOU figure out their identities.” Batman said, stringing the Riddler along. “Well, I admit it was relatively easy with a Koluan android on your side. Superman will be saved for later but you die now.” Batman having heard all he needed reached for a button on his belt. The button caused his suit to emit an electric shock stunning Grundy. Batman dove past the Riddler, and over the edge of the roof. Grundy and the Riddler got to the edge of the roof as the Bat mobile began moving away. “Stop him!” Riddler ordered Grundy. Grundy threw the remains of the Bat signal at the Batmaobile. The signal it the Batmobile causing it to crash into building and explode. “Oh, how anti climatic.” Riddler stated as he and Grundy were teleported back to the Legion base.
A short time later at the Hall of Doom, all of the members of the Legion of Doom were gathered observing a man on the floor below them, a man of steel. Lex Luthor addressed them, “I have called you here today to kill Superman.” Luthor glared at Superman. “You’re the only one left Superman, the twilight of the Gods is nigh. It is time to move on; you will be missed and remembered for your accomplishments. For a while people will say “whatever happened to the man of tomorrow? And then in a few generations you will be forgotten.”
In Metropolis an alien is frozen in ice while a timer counts down on a bomb.
In a twin city a scarlet speedster vibrates threw a collapsed building.
At the coast of Star City, two heroes swim ashore.
In a far off desert a king lays dying.
In the desert a Woman lays bound.
In space a hero tries to come home to help his friends.
In Gotham a man is on a building watching a car burn, preparing to save the only people that could save the world. He holds a device in his hand showing locations. The Sahara, Metropolis, Central City, Star City, and someplace out of this world. He hits a button and issues a call.
Well that’s all of part 1. I’ll try to write a short conclusion with the heroes uniting to save Superman and the world.

Now on to the casting

The first character I decide to cast was of course, Lex Luthor, greatest criminal mastermind of our time. There is no need for a bio of him. He has been portrayed by several actors over the years. He appeared in 4 out of the 5 Superman movies. In the most recent he was portrayed a great actor Kevin Spacey. While the movie itself wasn’t great, I felt Spacey’s performance was one of the few saving points of the movie. I considered nearly every actor imaginable for this role; I went from Billy Zane, to Wileam Dafoe, to Janice Dickenson. But I feel the best choice was cast in Superman Returns, I feel Kevin Spacey deserves a second chance in another movie, as long as there are other villains, no krypto brats or mountains.
Lex Luthor- Kevin Spacey, Billy Zane

The next character has a complex relationship withal Jordan, heck with the whole corp. He trained Jordan to use the unlimited powers of the ring. But ultimate power corrupts ultimately. If you haven’t figured it out I’m talking about Sinestro. To play him an actor needs to be older, but strong. He needs to be able to act. I think John Glover, a classically trained actor would be ideal for Sinestro.
Sinestro- John Glover

Man of iron pointed out that I didn't put in Black Manta. He is Aquaman's arch enemy. To play hima recognizable action star is needed so I chose Will Smith, he is the obvious choice and would make a great villain.

The next choice is obvious. Brainiac is an android from Kolu possessing a 12th level intellect. He is one of Superman’s most dangerous foes. Brainiac needs a certain look as well as a voice. I picked someone who has done comic movies before, he is definitely recognizable. He was in the X-men movies, he’ WOLVERINE! Nah I’m just kidding I picked the amazing Patrick Stewart.
Brainiac- Patrick Stewart

Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who is a pirate, a writer, and a monster? Give up its Johnny Depp as the Riddler. (Riddles aren’t my forte)
The Riddler- Johnny Depp

Captain Cold is intelligent, and carries custom freeze guns, that freeze anything to absolute zero. He wears visor and a parka, yes a parka, even in the summer. He has engaged at one point or another every Flash from his era, and a few that weren’t. I think Guy Pearce would be “cool” Captain Cold.
Captain Cold- Guy Pearce

The next man isn’t a man at all. He is a highly evolved, super advanced, highly intelligent ape. Or as Rorschac1 said “King Kong with a library card.” He has been a long time foe of the Flash, and possibly the late Charlton Heston..NRA !. This is another of those characters that will probably be CGI, so therefore an actor with a powerful vocal presence is needed. Once again I would have to pick Keith David as Gorilla Grodd.
Gorilla Grodd- Keith David

Priscilla Rich aka the 1st Cheetah was a rich and spoiled socialite in the Justice miniseries. And I think a combination of her and the modern cheetah, which is a human cheetah, would be good on screen. Both Cheetahs were spoiled and rich, so I think Scarlet Johansson could portray either character with a snobbish stuck upness.
Cheetah- Scarlet Johansson

Bizzaro Superman pal he love Supper man? ThaT wHy biZZARO want kill SupMAN.,/ to play Bizzaro the same actor who played Superman is needed. Shaman picked the great actor James Caviezel to play Superman and I agree completely.
Bizzaro- James Caviezel

Scarecrow, Scarecrow is the master of fear. I think his portrayal in Nolan’s movies was amazing so I am content with Cillian Murphy reprising his role.
Scarecrow- Cillian Murphy

This was one of those roles that was a nightmare to cast. Giganta needs to be attractive, but still look like she may go on a rampage. I considered several actresses for the role. I finally picked Michelle Ryan.
Giganta- Michelle Ryan

Solomon Grundy, Born on a Monday, has always been one of my favorite villains. I love his portrayal in the DCAU. I feel that since Solomon Grundy would probably be CGI, he should have the Voice of Mark Ham mil. Hamill voiced him in the DCAU.
Solomon Grundy-Mark Hamill

And last but not least I give you the Toyman. The Toyman in the Superfriends was not based on the original Winslow Schott, but was based on the Jack Nimball version. In the comics Nimball was revealed to be an android created by Scott. In the limited series Justice it included both versions of the Toyman in the Legion. The Toyman seen onscreen was in fact a giant robotic puppet, controlled by a morbidly obese Schott from another location. It would take two actors to portray the Toyman. To portray Winslow Schott an actor is needed that can portray an insane, and dark character, with a bit of humor. I admit that I am torn, my initial choice was Drew Carrey for his comedic abilities. I can see Carrey playing a sick monster as well. My other choice was the talented Phillip Seymour Hoffman. I wasn’t sure about him, but I thought back to Doubt, and to a lesser known movie of his called Happiness. In Happiness he plays a reclusive computer nerd, the emotion of that role sold me on him being the Winslow Schott. The Toyman that would be on screen most of the film would be an animatronics seven foot puppet. The puppet would need a voice and that voice is once again Mark Hamill. Tell me you didn’t like his Joker, his voice is perfect for the Joker.
Toyman- Winslow Schott –Philip Hoffman. Voice Mark Hamill

Well that’s all folks let me know what you think.
HAWK out.
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