The Man Of Steel Returns With: A KINGDOM COME MEGA FAN CAST

The Man Of Steel Returns With: A KINGDOM COME MEGA FAN CAST

A large fan cast based on the Legendary Graphic Novel KINGDOM COME

Superman's Justice League

Many of the members of the re-formed Justice League are either old characters in new forms or brand new adoptions of old names.

• Superman: The leader of the League and a silver templed Man of Steel who is growing uneasy with the role of being a world leader during a time of extreme tension. Due to a lifetime of absorbing yellow-solar radiation, he is more powerful than ever, and has even become resistant to kryptonite. His invulnerability is high enough to withstand the nuclear bomb at the Gulag; however he's still vulnerable to magic (In the novelization, it is implied he may no longer be particularly vulnerable to magic after his battle with Captain Marvel).

Jon Hamm, Height: 6’ 1/2”, Age: 41 (We Were Soldiers, Mad Men): He use to be a very popular choice for Superman. To be honest I think he could’ve done it. He is without a doubt one of the youngest cast Members for the Silver Age era Heroes, but to be honest it serves well, Superman looks younger so in theory if he looks younger just cast someone who isn’t as old as he should be and add a dash of grey to his hair. I think he would be fantastic.

• Wonder Woman: Superman's lieutenant is being slowly consumed by an inner rage directed at the state of the world and her exile from Paradise Island. Her fellow Amazons have deemed her mission to bring peace to "man's world" a failure. At the conclusion, she is restored her royal station as Princess, but eschews the ambassadorial role of "Wonder Woman", leaving it to other Amazons. (In the novelization, Cressida becomes the new Wonder Woman.)

Lucy Lawless, Height: 5’9½”, Age: 45 (Xena Warrior Princess, Spartacus: Vengeance): [Suggested by Mr.BueSky, and thus caused me to begin this entire cast] She is absolutely perfect. She is the original Warrior princess playing the older version of her in a film, this just echoes perfection.

• Red Robin: Dick Grayson, the first Robin, has replaced Batman on the Justice League and is estranged from his former mentor. Was injured by 666 in the Gulag war and carried away by his daughter Nightstar before the nuclear bomb blast.

Paul Blackthorne, Height: 6’3½”, Age: 43, (The Dresden Files, 24): He’s an amazing actor, a choice that took me a while to get too, he’s got height and looks to play a sudo-Batman styled Red Robin and would be a great role for him to take as an actor.

• Flash: After melding with the Speed Force, the Flash's molecules have become unstable and as a result, he is constantly in motion. He is referred to as "Wallace West" in the novelization; Waid later confirmed this Flash to be Wally West in The Kingdom. He is saved from the Gulag bombing by Green Lantern Jade's shields.

John Wesley Shipp, Height: 6’1”, Age: 57, (The Flash): I know he played Barry Allen but I think he could really do well as Kingdom Come Wally, he’s got physique acting ability and it would be pretty damn cool to see him play an Older Flash.

• Green Lantern: Ending his vigil among the stars, Alan Scott returns to Earth and joins Superman's crusade. He needs no power ring, having incorporated the lantern that fueled the ring into his armor. His space station, dubbed "New Oa", becomes the Justice League's new satellite headquarters. At the conclusion of the miniseries, he becomes a UN charter member under the nation of New Oa.

John Lithgow, Height: 6’4”, Age: 67, (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Raising Cain, Dexter): An amazing and intelligent actor who is often undersold in films and T.V. he has aways had a lot of intelligence and wisdom as an actor and person, for Alan Scott I wanted to use a unique choice that shows certain actors are better at serious drama and action then they’re led to believe.

• Hawkman: Now a literal 'hawk-man', he has become a guardian of nature, though also referred to as an ecological terrorist. The story does not specify which version of Hawkman this is, apart from "combining the spirit of the old with the otherworldly flesh of the new", which suggests Carter Hall in the body of the post-Zero Hour "Hawkgod". He is killed in the nuclear blast.

Ron Perlman, Height: 6’1”, Age: 62, (Hellboy, Blade 2): He’s Ron Perlman 90% of his career has had his face behind make-up, with Hawkman this would only enhance that effect, possibly adding digital make-up for the finished product but Ron is pretty much the choice for this hawkman as he can still perform action and still show some grace as a dramatic actor, even adding to the aged her effect.

• Donna Troy: Seen wearing Amazon robes, it is possible the former Wonder Girl may have replaced her sister/mentor Wonder Woman as Paradise Island's ambassador to the world. She has also aged considerably compared to Diana: going slightly gray and putting on weight. In the novelization, she is killed in the nuclear blast.

Julia Voth, Height: 5’8”, Age: 27, (Bitch Slap, Alone): She’s a good actress, and she handles action well I’ve recently just began noticing her as an actress and she isn’t bad, she isn’t my ideal Wonder Woman, but I Think as Donna Troy, maybe add make-up to age her, she could do pretty damn well.

• Red Arrow: The former Speedy and Arsenal is now following in the footsteps of his mentor, the Green Arrow, down to a mustache, goatee and exact copy of Green Arrow's costume, but in red. In the novelization, he is killed in the nuclear blast.

Chris O’Donnel, Height: 5’10”, Age: 42, (NCSI: LA, Scent of a Woman): Another case of good actor under good directing. He’s got some age to him and I think replacing the horrible work he did in the batman franchise with decent work as Red Arrow would help repair the damage he’s done and show how much he’s grown as a skilled actor. We can’t give him too much a hard time, he even admitted Batman and Robin was just a useless toy commercial.

• Aquaman: Garth, the former Aqualad, now the inheritor of his mentor's mantle as Aquaman. He wears a variation of his 'Aqualad' costume, but sports a beard and long pants. In the novelization, he is killed in the nuclear blast.

Zachary Quinto, Height: 6’1”, Age: 35 (Star Trek, Heroes): Many many people have put him down for the role of Namor, while I’m not entirely sold I think this role would be a good test to see how well he could play an Underwater Super Hero, and add a major and unique role to his geek credit and filmography.

• King Marvel and Lady Marvel are now married. They have a superpowered son named The Whiz, who is also a member of this League but may have been left behind on the satellite headquarters before the Gulag battle. King Marvel is visually based on Elvis Presley (hence the name), who Captain Marvel Jr was a fan of.

Brandon Molale, Height: 6’4”, Age: 41 (The Longest Yard, Collateral) as King Marvel: A lot of Fans have wanted him to play The Cap (Shazam!) for a while and while I wanted my own choice for Captain Marve/Shazam, I decided to give him King Marvel(King Shazam?) in the fan cast, he’s not a bad choice and for the amount of screen time he would get it wouldn’t be too bad.

Bryce Dallas Howard, Height:5’8”, Age: 31 , (The Village, Spider-Man 3) as Lady Marvel: While she might not be a popular or very sought out actress she is one of my favorites, she has always done great in her performance and has always held an etiquette to her character that to me has made them likeable, she would be fantastic for Lady Marvel.

• Aleea Strange: Adam Strange's daughter, who has taken up her father's mantle. Killed in the nuclear blast

Rachel Nichols, Height: 5’10”, Age: 32,(Star Trek, G.I.Joe ROC, P2): She is a neat actress, she hasn’t done many good films, but at the very least in some capacity they’re fun. This type of small role is enough to put food on her table and take acting a bit more seriously, and even delving more into the sci-fi realm, if she tries and gets in deeper ingrained into sci-fi/fantasy and does the right roles, her career will just get better.

• Power Woman: The former Power Girl. In the novelization, she is killed in the nuclear blast - this is also confirmed in Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #22. Further, just as Wonder Woman arrives in Kansas near the end of the original Kingdom Come, Superman is seen kneeling at an unidentified tombstone. In JSA v3 022, the tombstone is revealed to be that of Power Woman. The partially obscured engraving reads KARA / KAREN STARR / POWER WOMAN, and this is followed by a single line of Kryptonian alphanumeric characters.

Christina Hendricks, Height: 5’7½”, Age: 37, (Mad Men, All Star Superman): Nicholas Wynding Refn’s Favorite for Wonder Woman, I’ve always been partial the idea that she should be Power Girl/Woman, She is a good actress and has the physical qualities to play a fantastic Power Woman.

• Robotman: The former Cyborg, now composed of liquid metal. Petrified by the nuclear blast.

Jamie Foxx, Height: 5’10”, Age: 45, (Law Abiding Citizen, Ray): He is a good actor who just needs something to add to his geek cred, I think this is the role he could really run with and develop with some taste and some care while adding said geek cred to his profile.

• Red Tornado I: A heavily armed Mathilda Hunkel.

Conchata Ferrell, Height: 5’6”, Age: 69, (L.A. Law, True Romance): I think she’s a fantastic Actress, especially drama, and when researching and seeing how Mathilda Hunkel was designed I had to honestly think ‘why not?’ she really has the girth and the talent to play her for a bit role while staying true to the character.

• Red Tornado: A female Red Tornado with wind-powers. Her identity as Maxine Hunkel is confirmed by Superman in Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #10.

Amy Adams, Height: 5’4”, Age: 38, (Man of Steel, Doubt): She’s a great actress, and has a large role in the new Superman Film titled “Man of Steel” But personally I’d like to see her in a Kingdom Come Film, as the New Red Tornado, daughter of the Original Red Tornado, I think both Adams and Ferrell have very mother daughter traits and both have done drama heavy roles and really lend to the idea that they’re both good actresses.

• Human Bomb: An explosion-causing metahuman. The collected edition calls him "the same combustible hero of old", implying this is Roy Lincoln.

Aaron Standford, Height: 5’ 7½”, Age: 36, (X2, Hills Have Eyes): For this role I really wanted an actor who could still add a lot to his career but also needs to be forced into a good performance even for a small role. So I felt he could serve the purpose of the character and force out a good performance for the film.

• Captain Comet: He is chosen by Superman to be warden of the Gulag. He is killed in a prison riot when his back is snapped by Von Bach.

Gabriel Macht, Height: 6’, Age: 40, (Behind Enemy Lines, The Spirit): He’s a good actor who I’d like to see get more work, yes he was in the Spirit but it’s time to forget about it and let this guy show the talent he has as an actor.

• Brainiac's Daughter: Brainiac's offspring and the ancestor of Brainiac 5. This character was inspired by the XTC song of the same name, and is visually based on the pre-Crisis Supergirl (who was the object of an unrequited love by Brainiac 5).

Gemma Arterton, Height: 5’7”, Age: 26, (Clash of the Titans, Quantum of Solace): She’s beautiful, intelligent, and young enough for this to make the right impression on her career, she’s done a couple of notable projects but I think this role where it would really exercise her talents and encourage her to try for bigger role.

• Golden Guardian: The second clone of Jim Harper, who took up his predecessor's role. Killed by the bomb blast.

Nathan Fillion, Height: 6’1½” , Age: 41, (Serenity, Castle): He is a fantastic actor who I’ve always wanted to give a worthy role, I’ve never found a big Comic Book Role I am 100% fine with but I do like the idea of him playing Golden Guardian, I think he’s a fantastic actor who doesn’t get the credit, or roles, he deserves and I really would like to see him play in a big budget Live action DC Flick.

• Hourman: The successor of the first two Hourmen, not having his predecessor's time limit. In Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #22, one of the Gulag tombstones reveals this version of Hourman to be Rick Tyler.

Timothy Olyphant, Height: 6’, Age: 34, (Live Free or Die Hard, Justified): He’s an actor’s actor, he does fantastic every time he’s on screen whether villain or hero he’s just always fun to see perform and always a good addition to any cast. He works best when he has good material to work with and goes pretty far to give you the role as fans want to see it while sticking to the script.

• Sandman: Formerly Sandy the Golden Boy, then Sand, he's taken up the mantle of Sandman after his mentor, Wesley Dodds, died. The collection edition mentions that "the sands of time have stood still" for him, implying agelessness.

Patrick Wilson, Height: 6’1”, Age: 39, (Hard Candy, Little Children, Watchmen): He’s an actor I have always felt could play the greatest of B-List Heroes, no matter who they are, he’s a frequent member of the marvel fan cast club as fans usually put him as one of the many Ant-Men. I wanted to give him a role no one has casted him in and really play with his talent to work with well put together ensembles.

• Living Doll: The daughter of Doll Man and Doll Girl.

Kiera Knightly, Height: 5’7”, Age: 27, (Pirates of the Carribean Trilogy, A Dangerous Method): If A Dangerous Method has taught us Anything it’s that Knightly can act when directed. She’s not always the best actress but for a role like Living Doll it’s a bit of screen time that I think she could do a decent job for.

• Atom Smasher: The godson of Atom. The name "Atom Smasher" was coined in Kingdom Come; during the time of the book's publishing he was still known as Nuklon.

Kevin Durand, Height: 6’6”, Age: 38, (X-Men Origins Wolverine, Robin Hood): If there’s anyone who’s good at playing big guy who looks like he would kick your @$$ it’s Durand. He’s a fan favorite for Sabretooth (Juggernaut imo) I think he could just bulk up and put the mask on and he IS Atom Smasher.

• Ray: Son of the first Ray. He was one of the survivors of the Gulag battle after being teleported out of the fight by Fate. The Ray is responsible for removing the radiation from Kansas, twice - once after the Justice Battalion disaster and the second time after the Gulag bombing.

James McAvoy, Height: 5’7”, Age: 33, (Wanted, X-Men First Class): He’s a good actor that I think would just play a decent Ray, There’s really no a lot of explanation for it, he has the look of the hero type and he could definitely do well with this role.

• Phoebus: Earth's newest fire elemental after Firestorm. Burned into the ground by the nuclear blast.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Height:6’, Age: 32, (Donnie Darko, Source Code): He’s a great actor who has the Buck Rodgers/Flash Gordon look to him that I think would be a great thing to apply to Phoebus, he’s got a really Sci-Fi feel to him that he should apply to his career.

• Alloy: The combined form of the Metal Men, a member of Magog's Justice Battalion. Along with Magog, he is the only survivor of the Kansas disaster, and he later joins the Justice League. He is blasted in half by the nuclear strike.

Frank Welker (Voice), Frank Welker is the Master of voices he is a voice actor and has done from the smallest groans and moans to the biggest and most iconic characters, and with Alloy you need a voice actor more than you need an normal actor.

Batman's "Outsiders"
Batman has formed a group of metahumans, similar to his Outsiders, many of which are second-generation heroes, to combat the Justice League and the Mankind Liberation Front. Playing upon the generational differences between the heroes, five of his heroes are the children of the original Teen Titans, while the Titans have all sided with Superman.

• Batman: Since his real identity was made public, the Batman no longer hides behind the carefree appearance of Bruce Wayne; as a result, Wayne Manor was destroyed by Two-Face and Bane. In fact, he is referred to as "The Batman" even in civilian guise and does not bother with the cape and cowl until the final battle. No longer the example of human perfection, he now requires an exoskeleton to move and uses robots and a battle suit to continue his war on crime. He has consequently transformed Gotham City into a police state, his former guise as the cowled vigilante being replaced by an army of large bat-like machines which patrol the streets, controlled by Batman from his sealed-off Batcave. His distrust of both Superman and Luthor leads him to form the Outsiders. He objects to both the League and the MLF's plans for making a better world, feeling mankind should be able to make its own decisions and mistakes.

Michael Keaton, Height: 5’10”, Age: 51, (Batman, Batman Returns): This is my absolute choice for any elderly Batman, I have always wanted to see him return to the cowl in any form. This is the Batman I grew up knowing, more so than the Conroy Animated Version he has always had Batman’s voice and style for me and Kingdom Come Bruce to me even looks like him.

• Oliver Queen: One of Batman's partners, he has married his long-time love Dinah Lance, Black Canary, and the two have a daughter, Olivia Queen, who also operates as Black Canary. According to the novel, he was killed in the nuclear blast (his skeleton can be seen on page 187, directly to the left of Superman, still cradling his wife).

Cary Elwes, Height: 6’, Age: 60, (Princess Bride, Saw): As great an actor he is and as old as he is this would be an awesome sight. He’s kept well in shape; He’s great at drama and best remembered by playing the Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride.

• Dinah Queen/Black Arrow: One of Batman's partners, the former Black Canary now wields a bow like her husband Green Arrow. She was among the fatalities in the Gulag battle, with one panel showing Green Arrow holding her body in his arms after she was accidentally shot in the head by the metahuman Trix. She dies in Queen's arms during the blast.

Robin Wright-Penn, Height: 5’6”, Age: 56, (Princess Bride, Beowulf): She’s beautiful and in her 50’s, she’s talented enough to play an aged Dinah Queen, and it would draw in more audiences to see a slight reunion with Buttercup and Westley.

• Black Canary: Olivia Queen, daughter of Oliver and Dinah Queen.
Rooney Mara, Height: 5’3”, Age: 27, (The Social Network, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo): She’s one of the best actress of the new generation. With her skill in drama equal to her skill in action She is one of the best candidates out there for the role of Olivia Queen.

• Jonn Jonzz: Once the Martian Manhunter, he has become a shell of his former self and can no longer control his powers. He tried to touch all humanity's mind at once and could not handle the torrents of hate, love, anger, sadness and joy. A shattered spirit, he maintains a permanently non-corporeal human form at all times now and does not participate in any super heroics until Batman persuades him to help one last time. His presumed daughter's body - in a variation of his classic costume - is seen lying on the ground during the final battle at the Gulag. She is seen a few pages previous in the Justice League headquarters. It is unconfirmed if J'onn himself participated in the Gulag battle.

Frank Langella, Height: 6’2”, Age: 74, (Masters of the Universe, Superman Returns): Jonn Jonzz is a character who’s actor must be willing to undergo heavy make-up and have a great voice. As this is an older Jonn Langella is perfect, having willfully underwent heavy make-up for Masters of the Universe, and having such a great deep voice, He could be a perfect older Jonn Jonzz.

• Kid Flash is the daughter of Wally West. According to the novel, she was among those killed by the nuclear blast. However, she appears in The Kingdom, as well as in The Flash (in the "Chain Lightning" arc) due to Hypertime.

Carry Mulligan, Height: 5’7”, Age: 27 (Wall Street Money Never Sleeps): She’s a good actress I have honestly used her before, and I like her she’s a great performer for the right director and I think this would add some more class to her resume’.

• Obsidian: Son of Alan Scott and brother to Jennie-Lynn Hayden. He manipulates shadows and darkness. His appearance resembles that of The Shadow.

Daniel Craig, Height: 5’10”, Age: 44, (Casino Royale, Layer Cake): He’s a good actor who I’ve always felt would be an awesome Lamont Cranston, and with Obsidian this is a role I think could give him a challenge that would attract him as an actor.

• Green Lantern: Jade took up the mantle of Green Lantern after Kyle Rayner. Daughter of Alan Scott. She has all the powers of a Green Lantern without needing a ring. She saves herself, her father and some other heroes from the Gulag bombing with a Green Lantern shield. In Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #22, she is shown 20 years later attending Batman's funeral in the company of a younger man wearing a Green Lantern ring.

Julie Benz, Height: 5’4”, Age: 40, (Dexter, Rambo): She’s a great actress that really can harness Jade’s essence and really move like her. I think she’s a fantastic actress and can really pull this one off.

• Steel: After Superman went into seclusion, Steel switched his devotion to Batman. He now wields an iron bat-shaped battle axe.

Idris Elba, Height: 6’2¾”, Age: 40, (Thor, Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance, The Losers): This guy is simply perfect for the role, I can just picture him wearing a Bat-Like Steel Armor and playing the part very well, he’s fantastic at playing supporting characters.

• Wildcat: A man-panther with the spirit of the first Wildcat, Ted Grant.

Karl Urban, Height: 6’1”, Age: 34, (Star Trek, Pathfinder, Dredd [To Be Released]): This is an actor who truly has the spirit of a fighter. He’s an actor that I could believe use to fight for a living, he also has a very athletic career so any amount of physical action would be easy for him to pull off.

• Zatara: The son of the late Zatanna and John Constantine, and grandson of Giovanni Zatara. Besides being a magician, he's inherited his father's ability to see the dead. According to the novel, he was so horrified by the nuclear blast that he was unable to use his magic to escape.

David Boreanaz, Height: 6’1”, Age: 33, (Angel, Bones): This Whedonverse alumni has the qualities to fit Zatara, while his graphic novel counterpart is considerably younger I see no reason why he can’t be older in a film version and it would be nice to get Boreanez more exposure into film.

• Menagerie: Formerly Beast Boy, whose power is now limited to imaginary creatures.

Andy Serkis (Motion Capture), Height: 5’8”, Age: 48, (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, LOTR Trilogy): Without a doubt Andy Serkis is the King of Mo-Cap acting, the revolution of digital make-up couldn’t have worked if not for his stoic memorable and legendary performances. For an aged Beast Boy it’s hard to think of anyone but Andy performing the role.

• Samurai: A member of The Batmen Of Many Nations, the Champion of Japan.

Ian Anthony Dale, Height: 6’, Age: 35, (Mortal Kombat Legacy, The Hangover): This guy was my immediate choice for Samurai, I was thoroughly impressed with his performance as Scorpion. So much as he is my only choice for the role.

• Dragon: A member of The Batmen Of Many Nations, the Champion of China.

Rick Yune, Height: 6’, Age: 41, (Ninja Assassin, Die Another Day): He’s an actor that you enjoy to see onscreen but doesn’t do a lot of big budget Hollywood front runner films. He has the ninja skills down pat an it could be a good career move for him, he certainly can act and play the part of Dragon very very well.

• Creeper: Though he has aged, he is still the insane screwball he was when he was young. In the novelization, he switches sides several times during the Gulag battle, and is killed in the nuclear blast.

Jim Carry, Height:6’1½”, Age:50, (The Mask, Batman Forever): He doesn’t enjoy doing sequels and he enjoys playing characters with erradic behavior, he has always been perfect for the creeper in any capacity even if it’s unlikely this is a fan cast and he would be an amazing Creeper.

• Condor: The last Black Condor.

Phil Morris, Height: 6’1½”, Age: 53, (Smallville, Justice League The New Frontier): He’s circled DC characters before I think this would be a good fit for him. It gives him a DC Feature to be in that really showcases his talent.

• Ralph Dibny: The former Elongated Man, Ralph is contorted out of shape. It is presumed that he did not participate in the final battle at the Gulag - in Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #22, he is shown 20 years later attending Batman's funeral.

Sharlto Copley, Height: 6’, Age: 39, (District 9, A-Team): A fantastic actor who’s been cast and cast and cast as Mr. Fantastic is placed here for his acting and his daunting resemblance to the character as he appears in Kingdom Come. A fantastic actor in this kind of role could work magnificently.

• Phantom Lady: A literal phantom of the original version, who resembles Bettie Page.

Hayley Atwell, Height: 5’6”, Age: 29, (Captain America The First Avenger, The Duchess): An important reason why I had cast her is, she has a very 40’s/50-ish look. And that’s what is see in Phantom Lady is a woman who might act or seem modern but looks rather old fashioned and that’s just how I see Atwell.

• Red Hood: The daughter of Red Arrow and mercenary Cheshire.

Ellen Page, Height: 5’1”, Age:24, (Inception, Hard Candy): She’s an actress that I don’t think has lived to her full potential I whole heartily feel like she should delve into an action role and really explore how it works for her, no doubt she has the look and movements I feel are necessary for Red Hood.

• Fate: Nabu is able to channel his consciousness through the Helm and Cloak without the need for a host body. His primary role in the Gulag battle was using the Cloak as a teleporter - first he transported Batman's entire team to the Gulag battle and then saves several heroes from the nuclear blast by 'swallowing' them with the Cloak during the battle.

Faran Tahir, Height: 5’10”, Age: 49, (Iron Man, Star Trek): I don’t know what it is but there is a presence to this actor that really showcases a sage. His voice is built for it, he has the eyes that inform a person, he just feels like he would play Fate on a whole new level.

• Mr. Scarlet: A bright red devil of a man known for hanging out at Titans Tower bar with Matrix, the new Joker's Daughter, and the new Thunder.

Tyler Mane, Height: 6’9”, Age:46, (X-Men, Halloween): He’s done small parts and he looks intimidating as hell when bulked up. Tyler has the energy the flexibility and the schedule to play a kicks ass Mr. Scarlet.

Luthor's Mankind Liberation Front
Since Superman's departure ten years ago, Luthor and the MLF have been conducting events behind the scenes in an attempt to destroy metahumans and rule the world at last.

• Lex Luthor: The MLF's leader. Goes into mad fits whenever mention is made of Superman. He ends up being put to work in Wayne Manor, tending to victims of the Gulag battle. In the additional epilogue, Batman says he had twice caught Luthor sneaking into the Batcave to hack the computer.

Clancy Brown, Height: 6’3½”, Age: 53, (Highlander, Superman The Animated Series): It’s hard to say what he’s best known for, I mean you have to compare two of his most recognized roles, Kurgan, from Highlander, and Lex Luthor, from Superman the Animated Series. In any case this is a role that would fit him nicely. Albeit not a lot happens with the character it would be nice for the actor and fans alike to see him finally play a live action Lex Luthor.

• Captain Marvel: Luthor's brainwashed houseboy and the last step in his plan for destroying Superman and the League. The now-adult Billy Batson is physically indistinguishable from his Captain Marvel form, and for most of the story, Luthor's compatriots believe that it is Captain Marvel who attends Luthor's needs, when in fact it is an all-too-vulnerable Batson. Coincidentally, Batson's brainwashing is the result of bio-engineered worms (resembling real-life versions of Mr. Mind) created by his deceased old enemy Sivana. Killed by deliberately setting off the nuclear bomb prematurely over Ground Zero.

Patrick Warburton, Height: 6’3”, Age: 48,(The Tick, Rules of Engagement [T.V.Series]): I have always felt he was perfect for the role of Captain Marvel/Shazam. Since he’s getting up there in age, and since Billy is an older man he’s is just pitch perfect for the role.

• Vandal Savage: The only willing member of the MLF with any powers to speak of: immortality. In the novelization, Spectre expresses deep annoyance at the fact that Savage's immortality prevents him from administering justice on him. Savage, like Luthor, assists with victims of the nuclear fallout - in the additional epilogue, Batman praises Savage for his extensive healing experience.

Kevin Bacon, Height: 5’10”, Age: 53, (Stir of Echoes, X-Men First Class): X-Men First Class is completely responsible for this choice. He’s got the talent and the look to play a perfect Vandel Savage for Kingdom Come.

• Ibn al Xu'ffasch: The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, the heir to Ra's al Ghul's criminal organization, and used as a mole to infiltrate Luthor's MLF. His role is not fully revealed until the third issue (p. 144 in the graphic novel), when he is standing among the Outsiders just before Zatara teleports Batman to the Batcave. In Arabic, his name means "son of the bat". Justice Society of America (vol. 3) #22 shows him at Batman's funeral 20 years later, married to Nightstar with two children: a daughter and a son.

Armie Hammer, Height: 6’5”, Age: 26, (Social Network, The Lone Ranger & Tonto): His skill as an actor really show why he would be a great Ibn, he has the ideal look and the body for a young man that would be thought of as the Son of Batman while being able to portray intelligence better than most actors.

• Selina Kyle: The only female member of the MLF. According to the novelization, she becomes wealthy from running a cosmetics corporation. Her attraction with cats is still evident as she is shown talking with the man-panther Wildcat just before the MLF are taken down by Batman's team.

Michelle Pfieffer, Height: 5’7½”, Age:54, (Batman Returns, Scarface): She defined Catwoman for a generation of Batman fans, and now that the character Selina Kyle is old it’s time for Pfieffer to return for one last outing as Selina Kyle, In the Kingdom Come Film portraying the former Catwoman.

• Edward Nigma: Is part of the group only as a courtesy to Selina (the novelization calls him one of Selina's "accessories"), he tends to get under Luthor's skin. At the end he is seen sitting next to Selina in Wayne Manor, taking care of a victim of the Gulag battle.

Robert Englund, Height: 5’ 9”, Age: 65, (A Nightmare On Elm Street, Freddy vs. Jason): For an older riddle he just seems like the best fit, he’s got the look and the ability to play the aged Nigma. It would be a cool addition to his short time voicing the character on the T.V. Series The Batman.

• Lord Naga: A cult leader better known as Kobra. Naga indicates that some of the rogue metahumans are former super-villains rebranded by the MLF.

Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa, Height:5’11”, Age: 62, (Mortal Kombat, License to Kill): I just got the feeling that he would be a good addition to this role. He’s got a great intimidating voice and look that just sticks in your mind, it would be a neat cameo for him to play in.

• King of the Royal Flush Gang: The MLF's newest member, and, like Savage, also immortal.

Jarred Harris, Height: 5' 11¾", Age: 51, (Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows, Fringe): He’s an amazing actor that I just wanted to cast in some role. His work in Sherlock Holmes redefined my image of Moriarty, this guy would be a fantastic addition to the cast.

Magog's Justice Battalion

Magog and his followers who are violent vigilantes who deal out "justice" in the form of death to anyone who commits a crime.

• Magog: Ironically referred to as the new 'Man of Tomorrow'. Magog and the composite Metal Men hero Alloy were the only survivors of the Justice Battalion, and at least partially responsible for the destruction of Kansas, for which Magog later seeks forgiveness. Magog is a repentive inmate at the Gulag and does not fight in the Gulag battle - instead he is seen carrying injured heroes to Green Lantern Jade's protective shields. At the end of Kingdom Come, Magog lives on Paradise Island, and is seen disciplining Swastika, having finally seen the need for self-restraint. In the novelization, he matures to the point of becoming a Dean of Students there.

Joe Manganiello Height: 6’5”, Age: 36 (True Blood, Spider-Man): He was close in the running for Superman, and a lot of fans wanted him as Superman, he is a good actor and his presence on screen is intimidating. I think it would represent a cosmic joke but also choosing a fantastic actor for the role. Magog has to be played by someone like Manganiello because he has a presence on screen that a lot of actors couldn’t create for this role.

• Captain Atom: A member of Magog's Justice Battalion. His death/detonation at the hands of the villain Parasite, and the irradiation of Kansas this caused, is what causes Superman to return to action.

Billy Crudup, Height: 5’8½”, Age: 45, (Watchmen, Big Fish): He’s a good actor who should always been considered for this role. It’s a small appearance but it would be cool to see him make an appearance. He’s a good actor who just works for the role.

• Judomaster: A member of Magog's Justice Battalion. She was apparently killed with the other members when Captain Atom was killed.

Maggie Q, Height: 5’6”, Age: 33, (Live Free or Die Hard, Nikita): She’s an actress with multiple talents, most notably and the reason for me putting her in this role, is because of her Martial Arts Background, allowing her to pull believable moves to and add to great action scenes.

• Nightshade: a member of Magog's Justice Battalion who dies when Captain Atom explodes.

Anna Paquin, Height: 5’5”, Age: 30, (X-Men, True Blood): She’s got plenty of credit in Nerdom, and she’s always gave out good performances, I think this Canadian native would be a great addition fitting well in this role.

• Peacemaker: a member of Magog's Justice Battalion, he wears an outfit reminiscent of Boba Fett's. He perishes when Captain Atom detonates.

Temeura Morrison, Height:5’7”, Age: 52, (Green Lantern, Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith): While his resume not be a very appealing one he is a good actor and it would make a nice homage to have him in a DC Comics Film with a suit designed after Bobba Fett, when he had played Bobba’s Father Jango.

Metahumans with heroic legacies

• Trix (after Matrix): a morphing biomechanism. Near the end of the series, she accidentally shoots Dinah Lance (Black Canary) in the head during the Gulag riot. She is saved from the bomb by Magog and Green Lantern Jade, and is last seen on Paradise Island. In Justice Society of America (vol 3) #22, she and the other Paradise Island students attend Batman's funeral 20 years later, her biomechanic armor removed.

Carrie Ann Moss, Height: 5’8½”, Age: 44, (The Matrix, Dark Justice): She’s a good actress and works great in action roles, I think this would be a neat little role for her to take.

• Stars: an African-American street kid wearing a leather jacket with an American flag bandana, and a T-shirt with an inverted American flag, using the cosmic rod in conjunction with the cosmic converter belt.

Texas Battle, Height: 6’1”, Age: 36, (Coach Carter, Final Destination 3): He’s a decent actor that needs the lucky break to showcase him, while this role is small he would be a good fit for it.

• Mr. Terrific: The successor of Mister Terrific with oversized guns, shoulder pads, and other military accouterments. He still sported the "Fair Play" logo, but has since lost sight of its true and original meanings. In the novelization, he is killed in the nuclear blast.

Omar Epps, Height: 5’10½”, Age: 39, (House M.D., Alfie): He’s a good actor still in his prime. He has a good onscreen presence and does play a hero fairly well this would be a very cool Mr.Terrific.

• Vigilante: A half-man, half-robot cowboy with a machine gun arm.

Josh Brolin, Height: 5’10 ½” Age: 44, (Jonah Hex, The Goonies): It’s a neat small role I think he could fit in, not a lot to be said about the role but it would help washout Jonah Hex from his resume.

Rogue Metahumans

The super beings of the future who have virtually no regard for human life. Many of them were killed in the Gulag battle, but most have already made their mark in the world as monsters. Listed below are the major, supporting, or otherwise notable characters.

• Blue Devil: A winged, indigo-skinned demon from Hell.

Doug Jones, Height: 6’ 3½”, Age: 52, (Hellboy, Adaptation): As a fellow Hoosier I’ve always been interested in Doug Jones work since I first heard of him. In Mo-Cap and Prosthetic Acting he’s about as good as Andy Serkis and should really be recognized I wish I could’ve found a better role for him and I’ll most likely use him again for another fan cast, but I do think that a character as interesting in design as Blue Devil would be an attraction for Jones as a performer.

• 666: A gothic looking man/machine hybrid with little respect for the heroes of the past and is one of the major prisoners inside of the gulag. 666 battles other metahumans not for justice, but for sport. Visually based on Brian Azzarello. In the novelization, he is killed in the nuclear blast.

Norman Reedus, Height: 5’10”, Age: 43, (The Boondock Saints, The Walking Dead): If you’ve seen him in Walking Dead you know this choice is absolute genius. When it comes to play a rebellious Anti-Hero they don’t often come as cool as Reedus or his performance as Daryl in Walking Dead.

• Joker's Daughter/Harlequin: A riot girl and one of the many followers of the Joker's style. This one has no relation to the other four Harlequins, Duela Dent, or Harley Quinn. She was one of the survivors of the Gulag Battle after being teleported away by Fate. After the battle, she lived on Paradise Island with most of the other survivors, and appeared to have tattooed a tear shape under her left eye. Modeled after Scary Godmother writer Jill Thompson.

Kristin Bell, Height: 5’1”, Age: 32, (Veronica Mars, Pulse): I’ve seen her used as Harley Quinn, and she’s a good actress no question, and since she’s been lined up by a lot of people as Harley; this feels more like a case of ‘Why Not?” and not “Why?”

• Catwoman: The armored metahuman successor to Selina Kyle, this one might be more feline than the original.

Olivia Wilde, Height: 5’7½”, Age: 28, (House M.D., TRON Legacy): She’s an amazing actress that I’ve always wanted to see play Catwoman in some capacity. I think this would be a cool part for her to play in any comic book movie.

• The Americommando and the Minutemen: A group of savage patriots who started killing the huddled masses of immigrants near the Statue of Liberty. The Minutemen were controlled by the mysterious Brain Trust.

Billy Zane, Height: 6’, Age: 46, (The Phantom, Demon Night): He’s a fan favorite for Lex Luthor, and I do have a lot of respect for him as an actor. I’ve wanted to put him in a fan cast for the longest time and with a project as Massive as Kingdom Come I think Zane could fit in this cameo role.

• Swastika: An American militia man and anarchist. Suffers a major throat wound at the hands of Cossack during the Gulag battle, but survives the nuclear blast after he is saved by Magog and Green Lantern Jade. He is last seen on Paradise Island getting disciplined by Magog.

Ben Foster, Height: 5’9”, Age: 32, (Hostage, Alpha Dog,): For this type of role is what he’s casted for all the time and I see no reason not too, he’s a good actor who could act the hell out of this role.


• Norman McCay: An elderly pastor who serves as both the narrator of the story and as the Spectre's human guide as the events unfolded.

Jeffery DeMunn, Height: 5’9”, Age: 65, (The Green Mile, The Mist, The Walking Dead): He is just perfect for the role. For Norman to matter in a Kingdom Come film, he as to have presence and without a doubt that is something DeMunn has, he is a fantastic actor that I feel is ideal for this role.

• Arthur Curry: Arthur has given up the mantle of Aquaman and dedicated himself fully to his role as monarch of Atlantis, his appearance hearkening to King Arthur. The identity of his queen was Dolphin. He is approached by Wonder Woman to use the oceans as the location of the Gulag, but refuses to accept anymore of the surface-world's problems despite his support of Garth's new role as Aquaman.

Hugh Laurie, Height: 6’2½”, Age: 53, (House M.D., Monsters Vs. Aliens): He’s got the posture, voice and stature to play a king; Especially a king such as the original Aquaman. I do think that Laurie would be an amazing King Arthur and would do an equally amazing Arthur Curry, in a Kingdom Come film.

• Orion: Orion appears in the collected edition of KC, in pages Ross added to the collection. Orion has killed his father Darkseid and taken his place as ruler of Apokolips. His frustration at this leads him to resemble his Father in both appearance and demeanor. He attempted to bring democracy to Apokolips, but was unanimously elected by the fearful slave-minded lowlies. In the novelization, Orion hints that he recruited Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu and Mikhail Gorbachev to help him run a fair election, but failed.

Michael Ironside, Height: 5’10”, Age: 52, (Superman The Animate Series, Smallville, Terminator Salvation, X-Men First Class): X-Men First Class showcased that he’s not above playing small parts in Comic Book Films, I think this would be a perfect role for him. Orion was positioned to look and began acting like Darkseid and since he even claimed it was part of his prophecy to rule why not just cast everyone’s favorite Darkseid as the son of Darkseid.

• Deadman: He has lost or foregone his normal appearance, and appears as a skeleton wearing his Deadman uniform. He is never identified as "Deadman", and simply introduces himself as "Boston". In the novelization, he explains why none of the Quintessence (comprising Shazam, Ganthet, The Phantom Stranger, Zeus, Highfather, and Spectre) will get involved - the situation almost always turns for the worse, using Zeus' intervention with Troy as an example. (Spectre posits that the Quintessence meet to prevent one another from intervening.)

Sir Christopher Lee (Voice), Height: 6’5”, Age: 90, (Count Dracula, Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady): He is a legend in the field, now seems to be wanting to do more and more voice acting, and since this version of Deadman has the form of the Skeleton I think his voice would add a sense of iconography.

• Spectre: The Spectre takes Norman McCay through the events of a possible future, his aim to determine who is responsible for an impending apocalyptic event. However, his "faculties are not what they once were," and he needs a human perspective to properly judge events. In conversation with McCay, Deadman mentions that Spectre had become further and further removed from humanity over time; and, aside from his cloak, he is also naked (an attitude similar to that of Doctor Manhattan from the classic graphic novel Watchmen). The Spectre is convinced by McCay to try to see things through the perspective of his human host, and, as Jim Corrigan, he can be seen in the congregation of McCay's church at the end of the story, as well as at the Planet Krypton restaurant, visibly upset the dish named after him, "the Spectre Platter", is a mild concoction of spinach and cottage cheese.

Jim Cavizel, Height: 6’2”, Age: 44, (Passions of the Christ, Frequency): The Specter considers himself as the Vengeance of God, so who better than the man who had sprung a career from playing the son of God. With Specter you really need someone who has a voice that’s notable like Cavizel’s.

• Parasite: Contrary to his usual persona, Parasite is portrayed as an unstable villain with severe short-term memory loss problems, and a coward. He literally "splits the Atom" when he makes contact with Captain Atom, causing a super-nuclear explosion that destroys Kansas.

Paul Giamatti, Height: 5’ 8½”, Age: 45, (Shoot ‘Em Up, The Illusionist): Parasite being more of a maniac in this rendition not to mentipon a bit bigger than usual Paul Giamatti just sprung to mind.

• The Joker: The Clown prince of Crime, murdered by Magog after entering the Daily Planet and killing many of the staff members, including: Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen.

Mark Hamill, Height: 5‘9”, Age: 61, (Star Wars, Batman The Animate Series): He’s known through all Nerdom as Luke Skywalker and the voice of the Joker. With a cameo appearance as the aged clown prince of crime there’s no reason for him to not play The Joker.
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