The Office Avengers

The Office Avengers

The battle for Scranton begins...

A manip I did linking two of my favorite things, I'd personally love to see an Office Avengers a la Threat Level Midnight

Michael is Captain America because he is the leader and out of his time.

Jim is Iron Man because he is cool headed and isn't serious at all.

Dwight is Thor because of his love of Norse Mythology.

Andy is Hulk because he's really frightening when he loses his temper.

Stanley is Nick Fury because his head matches his hands.

Creed is Hawkeye because I'm pretty sure he can survive off of just a bow and arrow.

Pam is Black Widow because she's the female lead.

Ryan is Loki because of his mischievous and trickster ways, that sly dog.

So what do you think?
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