"The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

"The Punisher: Welcome Back, Frank" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

A Fancast for a animated adaption of the mini-series by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

Like FlixMentallo21 has noted, Marvel Animation with their animated movies hasn't had a good streak like the DC Animated Movies (Besides Hulk Vs., that was a very excellent film.). So Marvel should take note and get some great talent for the cast and crew along with actually adapting the classic stories we all know and love. With that, i say the best way for Marvel Animated to get a new fresh start with the animated films is to begin with a adaption of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's iconic Punisher mini-series, "Welcome Back, Frank". Of course it shall be PG-13, but a hard one due to some of the creative moments in the arc (Including my personal favorite moments, the "Central Park Zoo" scene and the fight between Frank Castle and The Russian.). It'd be cool if they bring Dillon's art style into motion and Ennis' story into action for the film. The story would be almost a perfect adaption, maybe besides from a few minor bits, for time and such. The cover art for the DVD/Blu-Ray would be original art done by Tim Bradstreet himself.

All right, onto the voice actor pics. If you don't like a choice, fine with me, but don't flame please.

Thomas Jane as the voice of Frank Castle/The Punisher

Do i really have to explain here? Thomas Jane IS Frank Castle, i mean, he played him in the 2004 movie and voiced him in THQ's 2005 game and hearing him voice him in this, just works out perfect.

Seth MacFarlane as the voice of Detective Martin Soap

I would love to hear Seth voice him as he could pull off the sad pathetic, but funny attitude of Soap, plus hearing him say "They had to leave the tie?" would just be funny.

Grey DeLisle as the voice of Lieutenant Molly von Richthofen

Sorta a choice i guess some would see coming, but hell, she's simply a great voice actress and to hear her talking to Seth's Soap would be pure gold.

Mae Whitman as the voice of Joan The Mouse

This was actually hard for me to think of, i know in the comic script for "Welcome Back, Frank", they note she's in her 20's, so since Mae's around that age range, works out, plus she could pull off the low timid voice of Joan.

Jeff Fischer as the voice of Spacker Dave

The reason i went with this choice is cause of him doing the voice of... Well, Jeff Fischer on "American Dad" (His character is named after him). When i read "Welcome Back, Frank", whenever i read Spacker Dave's lines, i just heard Jeff's voice and it fit so perfect.

Tino Insana as the voice of Mr. Bumpo

Sorry about the crap pic of Insana, best i could find. To keep it short, just think of Insana saying "Hello Mr. Smith.", then you'll see my (and my friend's) point.

Lucille Bliss as the voice of Ma Gnucci

Yes, Smurfette as Ma Gnucci. She's one of the greatest voice actress' of all time and is still going doing her work. Her as Ma would be a perfect match for her, maybe if she did her Ms. Bitters voice, would be epic.

Dolph Lundgren as the voice of The Russian

This one i'm sure some will bitch at, well i thought so as it'd be a little side-joke as he played The Punisher in that one '89 Punisher movie (Which i should note that to me is watchable.) and now is in the role of The Russian. Plus seeing as he played Drago in 'Rocky IV', it works out with him doing a Russian accent and i wanna hear him say "Don't worry big fella, you do the driving and i do the killing, then we go out for milkshakes!".

David Hyde Pierce as the voice of Elite

Hyde Pierce has been the most faved choice for playing Elite and i'm not arguing there, so yeah.

Michael Jai White as the voice of Mr. Payback

To be fairly blunt, kinda winged it here, not to say Michael is a bad choice, in fact, i think he'd do a great job voicing Mr. Payback, just that i picked a random name from my head and he was first one i thought off.

Carlos Alazraqui as the voice of Father Hector Redondo/The Holy

Another hard choice, but Alazraqui would just be the best for The Holy, especially him pulling off the crazed hatchet wielding part of The Holy.

Neil Patrick Harris as the voice of Daredevil

Seeing as Daredevil's only in it for one scene, figured that having NPH voice the Man Without Fear would be awesome for a cameo, he did a great job voicing Nightwing in "Batman: Under The Red Hood", so voicing a superhero works perfect.
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