The Question - Theatrical Poster

The Question - Theatrical Poster

A theatrical poster for a hypothetical Question movie starring Misha Collins made as a follow up to my teaser poster...

Well here it is. Its rather simple, but sometimes I think simple is the best way to go. The Question starring Misha Collins as the titular character himself. Accompanied by friend and confidant, Aristotle Rodor (Terry O'Quinn) and his trainer/guru Richard Dragon (David Wehnam) Vic Sage, The Question, fights against the secret organizations of the world, and exposes the conspiracies no one else dares to!

I included Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya, and Kelly Wu as Lady Shiva. I know she may not be connected to Intergang in the comics, but she's one of The Questions earliest foes, so I included her as the villain. I also just love Intergang as a Question foe because they are THE secret organization to end all secret organizations in the DCU.

So without further ado, here's the man himself shrouded in a fog of binary gas, The Question!

Thanks for taking a look, comment below bad or good, just lemme hear it!
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