The Reason I Think Nolan Batman Works For A jla Movie

The Reason I  Think Nolan Batman Works For A jla Movie

Before I give my opinion on why I think Nolan batman actually can work in Justice League movie if Wayne bros decide to do a one, I first have to get something off my mind...

While reading the article "Why I Think Christopher Nolan's Batman 3 Will Be Cancelled" by Giff i saw some comments there that said when Nolan is done with the third film then wb can reboot and make it more closer to the comics, other said that Nolan will kill batman to end his movie and others said Nolan doesn't understand superheroes. OK as much as i respect there opinion i got some of my owns. The people that keep saying to reboot the franchise when Nolan is finish with his finale batman film why would you want to reboot a franchise that works. Do you really want to go to the past batman movie that were closer to the comics and didn't work? Or on the other hand, continue a great franchise that Nolan has set up for us. Know on to the people that keep saying Nolan will kill batman to end the franchise, well Nolan respects the character to much to do that to him. In addition, if Nolan never understood superheroes then how can you make great comic book movies without understanding what the character stands for and what he represent?

Know that i have gotten that out the way i can get in to my main topic. A lot of you had said over the years to reboot or change actors to connect into a justice league film, why do that when you already have an actor playing the character that works well in a jla movie. I know a lot of you are going to say is because the movies are too realistic, which i do not see i mean yea is set in the real world but is still Gotham and batman can fall from a 50 feet building without getting hurt and you call that realistic, cause if it was realistic batman would have been dead right there an movie would have been over. If you reboot or pick another actor to play batman just for a justice league batman will still just be a person in a costume that will not be so different from Nolan movies. Because in the comics batman is the same as Nolan movies only different in comics, he fights some villains with powers. Wouldn’t ya like to see batman a man with out powers only uses his hands to fight crime stand his own next to superman, flash, wonder women, aqua-man, man-hunter and green lantern and stand his own with villains that can kill him whenever they want to? The great thing about batman that I think ya forgot is that he’s human and doesn’t have a ring to give him power he just have his brain to use in all his situation and his skills which what makes Nolan batman perfect for a jla movie cause the movie goers can connect to batman more if they were in the same situation.

Oh and one more thing Hawk eye and black widow are not so different from batman. Iam saying this is because when the avengers comes you going to have ironman a man with a super high tech suit, Thor a mighty god, captain America a person older than the rest of the team and has super strength and speed, hulk a man that can turn into a 10 feet angry green monster and then you have the odd ones Hawk eye and black widow the human one that don’t have powers or high tech suit just there skills to help them out. Then ya say Nolan batman cannot work with a team of heroes, but Hawk eye and black widow can work with a team of heroes, seriously, I do not get that. That makes no sense at all.
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