"The Shadow War of Hawkman": The Animated Movie

"The Shadow War of Hawkman": The Animated Movie

A fancast based on the winged wonder's 1985 miniseries.

In the early to mid-1980s, DC published a few miniseries starring some of their lesser-known characters (which included Green Arrow, Aquaman, the Atom, and even a Red Tornado mini by Kurt Busiek) in order to bring them a little more attention. Among them was 1985's "The Shadow War of Hawkman", featuring the Silver Age versions of Katar and Shayera Hol, written by Tony Isabella and drawn by artist Richard Howell and inker Alfredo Alcala.

In the story, Hawkman and Hawkwoman learn that a group of Thanagarians (post-curing of the Equalizer Plague) are planning a new campaign of conquest, with Earth being the first target. To that end, they set out to take whatever Thanagarian tech the Hawks have been using during their time on Earth. Using, among other things, the Hols' Absorbascon, the advance force will tap into the minds of Earth's most influential people in order to finance and orchestrate the slow takeover of the planet. The Hawks must then find and stop Fell Andar's advance force from achieving their goal.

I read this mini last year, after finally getting the remaining three issues plus the 1986 one-shot special that served as the epilogue. I thought it was a decent story for the Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and then again, Tony Isabella's on my list of favorite writers. I thought this would make a good animated movie, so thus, this fancast. Here are the details:
-DVD cover art by Bob Layton (I'd like to see his artistic take on DC for once).
-Art/animation style similar to that used in the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film.
-Voice direction by Andrea Romano.
-Script adaptation by Greg Wiseman and Tony Isabella himself.
-Direction by Brandon Vietti.

And now, my voice cast for this picture. A little note, you'll notice I've included in this cast three actors who have played Hawkman before:

Alex O'Loughlin as the voice of Hawkman/Katar Hol/'Carter Hall'

Many people on this site have used O'Loughlin as Batman. MrBlueSky has used him as Daredevil. So I thought, why not have him go from playing a street cop to a space cop? I really think he's got the right voice and acting talent for the Silver Age version of Hawkman.

Sarah Lancaster as the voice of Hawkwoman/Shayera Hol/'Shiera Hall'

I picked Lancaster to voice Shayera for a more complex reason (and she's got a good voice too, just saying...). On Chuck, there was an episode or two where she and Zachari Levi (who played brother and sister on the show) reminisced about his character being a Hawkman fan as a kid. So, I picked Lancaster as a nod to something so minute as that.

Robert Patrick as the voice of Fell Andar

I picked Patrick since A) he voiced Hawkman on "The Batman" (in the episode "What Goes Up...") and B) he's played many villains (with three that come to mind being the main villain in the (pretty bad) Double Dragon film, the T-1000 in Terminator 2, and (coincidentally) a guest spot on Chuck. I think he'd make a pretty decent Fell Andar (and this is the Pre-Crisis version we're talking about here, not the Post-Crisis double agent who infiltrated the Justice League).

Indira Varma as the voice of Corla Tavo, Andar's right-hand woman

I picked Varma as she's had experience with a DC Comics-based production (playing the recurring boss in season two of Human Target), and felt that her voice would be great for a villain as well--especially in the story's final scene...

Dennis Haysbert as the voice of Stewart Frazier, Midway City Police Captain

Frazier is the replacement for the former police captain who acted as a liaison to the Hawks, George Emmett. I picked Haysbert to voice him since he's been in two DC cartoons: he voiced Kilowog on Justice League, and before that, voiced (fittingly) the chief of police on Static Shock.

Elisabeth Moss as the voice of Mavis Trent (in flashback)

For those of you who know your DC trivia, Mavis was the naturalist for the Midway City museum who carried a torch for Katar, despite him being married to Shayera. I picked Moss as she has a couple bits of DC cartoon experience (having voiced Kimmy in the Batman: The Animated Series episode "See No Evil" and Arisia in 2011's "Green Lantern: Emerald Knights").

Sean Murray as the voice of Joe Tracy

Tracy was a press agent who worked exclusively for Mavis, who was always secretly in love with her, despite her having eyes for Katar. I felt Murray always played the quiet guy on NCIS, but here he could be pretty emotional, as he's torn up by Mavis's (SPOILER REMOVED).

Additional voices
-James Remar (Hawkman on Justice League Unlimited) as the voice of Rab Makir
-Sean Donnellan as the voice of Aquaman, Sazor Ki
-Rob Paulsen as the voice of Elongated Man, Mousey Mason
-Crystal Scales as the voice of Nilda, Midway City cop
-Jack Angel (Hawkman on all incarnations of Super Friends) as the voice of commissioner George Emmett

And voila! For taking the time to view this, here's YES:
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