"The Simpsons Ghostbusters Parody"

"The Simpsons Ghostbusters Parody"

A fancast for the first family of Springfield's answer to the Family Guy Star Wars spoofs.

In 2007, Seth MacFarlane took the Griffin clan of Family Guy to new heights with a parody retelling of the very first Star Wars film, 1977's "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope", which cast characters from the show as some of the most iconic roles in science-fiction. Continuing the trend only two more times, we were treated to "Something, Something, Something, Dark Side" (2010's spoof of "The Empire Strikes Back") and "It's A Trap!" (2011's lampooning of "Return of the Jedi"). In all three, Family Guy characters weren't the only ones featured--cameos from two of MacFarlane's other shows, American Dad and The Cleveland Show (Family Guy's spinoff) were fair game.

Now, while I did find each of those specials funny, part of me felt that "The Simpsons" was seriously outgunned by them. I felt that they needed a counter to the MacFarlane-tinged satire of a beloved pop culture franchise--so I figured, which other franchise would work for a Simpsons-crusted spoof? At first I considered Indiana Jones...but then I thought, "Nah." That's when it hit me: a Simpsons take on GHOSTBUSTERS.

Here's how it would work:
-The title of the parody could be called (officially in TV listings and on DVD/Blu-Ray) The Simpsons: "Ghostsmashers", which was the original working title of the film before John Belushi died.
-You'd have cameos from all four original GB's as minor characters (I'll get to who's who in a minute).
-It would be an hour-and-a-half-long special, sort of how the Family Guy specials were.
-With some more parodic elements added, the plot (already hilarious as it is) may be even funnier....or tasteless, I don't know.

Plot: The family is at the airport getting ready to fly down to another relative's for Christmas. All of a sudden, an announcement is made over the intercom (voice supplied by Harold Ramis) that the flights will be delayed due to a massive snowstorm (referring to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles).
Bart: "Aw, man, what do we do now? Mom made us leave our Gamekids at home, and the books she gave us are so BORING."
Lisa: "For once, I have to agree, these novels are just your average, tawdry paperback fodder that you find on a supermarket shelf."
Marge: "Hey! I happen to LIKE some of these authors." (Pulls out the latest James Patterson.)
Homer: "Tell ya what, kids--I'LL tell you a story to pass the time. This is one of, if not THE, greatest stories ever told. It's a story about confronting the unknown, facing your fears, starting a successful business, and finding love in unexpected places. This, kids, is the story of Ghostbusters...."

Here is our cast for this parody:

Homer as Peter Venkman

When you compare these two characters, both essentially have one thing in common--they tend to sit back and let others take the lead (most of the time, yeah, they're lazy).

Marge as Dana Barrett

Everybody pretty much could see this coming, Marge as the lead lady and love interest.

(A sober) Barney as Ray Stantz

If anyone could pull of the same pseudo-scientific jargon espoused by Dan Akroyd's iconic role, it could be Homer's best buddy.

Lenny as Egon Spengler

I felt that with Lenny being an expert in a couple of fields (Ikebana and a bit of guitar), he'd be all right for the eccentric of the Ghostbusters.

Carl as Winston Zeddemore

Carl was always depicted as more blue-collar than Lenny, despite both having Masters Degrees in nuclear physics, and I thought that he'd fit nicely with the role of the blue-collar Ghostbuster.

Mrs. Krabappel as Janine Melnitz

Look at the two of them--they both have a somewhat annoying voice, AND (on a minor level) lust after men. Though in Edna's case, she's put the moves on everyone from Disco Stu to Comic Book Guy ("Tell me--is there a MRS. Comic Book Guy?")

Moe as Louis Tully

Moe has a thing for Marge. Louis (sort of) has a thing for Dana. You do the math.

Bart as Slimer

When I was trying to figure out which Simpsons character would play the first ghost who gives the GB's trouble, Bart was at the top of the list. Just imagine--
Peter, Ray, and Egon jump Slimer in the ballroom of the Sedgewick Hotel, and at one point...
Homer (as Peter): "That ugly green spud slimed me! Why you little..."
(Attempts to strangle the ghost, only for his hands to pass through and get slimed. Slimer laughs.)

Principal Skinner as Walter Peck

Skinner was the first character I thought of who could play Mr. Uber-Skeptic, as both are a bit no-nonsense about their jobs.

Mayor Quimby as Mayor Lenny

When I was thinking about this casting, I thought that the whole "Quimby is a parody of JFK" thing would work really well since Kennedy was Catholic and so was Mayor Lenny...you get the idea.

Lindsey Naegle as the first form of Gozer the Gozerian

In one episode of the Simpsons, we learn why Naegle almost has a different job every other episode: she's a sexual predator (her words, not mine). When I look at Gozer's first form, it definitely looks predatory...

Additional Cast
-Dan Akroyd as the Sedgewick Hotel manager (visually modeled after Akroyd)
-Kent Brockman as the newscaster (standing in for Larry King in the actual movie)
-Chief Wiggum as the police chief in the mayor's office scene
-Ernie Hudson as the engineer who turns off the containment unit (visually modeled after Hudson)
-Bill Murray as the dean of Columbia University (who throws Peter, Ray, and Egon out) (visually modeled after Murray)
-Reverend Lovejoy as Father Mike (the priest in the mayor's office scene)
-Lisa as the female ESP volunteer
-Milhouse as the male ESP volunteer
-Mrs. Glick (an early minor Simpsons character) as the Gray Lady Ghost (the one in the Library)

Oh yeah--if I decided to do a parody for Ghostbusters II, Mr. Burns would be Vigo the Carpathian and Smithers would be Janosz Poha (Peter MacNicol's character).

And that is a wrap! Thanks for looking, and as a reward--ladies and gentlemen, RAY PARKER, Jr.:
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