The Top Choices for the role of Wolverine

The Top Choices for the role of Wolverine

..........After Hugh Jackman is done of course.

Don't get me wrong, I love Hugh Jackman's interpretation of Wolverine. But if they rebooted the character today, these would be my top choices for the role. As soon I get time, I am going to make an MCU connected X-Men that follows the original comics, with a separate but related Wolverine story that will fit together as the story lines collide at a pivotal point.

These are in no particular order except for number one.

Joel Edgerton- Born June 23rd, 1974/ 5'11"(1.80 m)

Joel Edgerton is a rising star. He has a rugged sensibility about him that conveys a tough attitude to the audience. In addition to his acting prowess, He has a buff physique that would fill out in the yellow Kevlar almost as well as Hugh Jackman has for the last 13 years.

Jon Bernthal- Born September 20th, 1976/ 5'10"(1.78 m)

Known mostly for his role as Shane Walsh on the hit AMC drama, the Walking Dead, Jon Bernthal has made a name for himself in the Comic Book genre. He certainly isn't the biggest guy, but he mas muscle mass, which is the only amount of size you need for Wolverine, as he is only 5'3". He's not my first choice, but he would certainly suffice as Logan.

Christian Kane- Born June 27th, 1974/ 5' 9" (1.74 m)

Known mostly for his role on the TNT show Leverage, Christian Kane has been a fan favorite for the role for many years. His look is ideal for the deadly assassin/superhero.

And for my number one choice...................Drum Roll please..........

Tom Hardy- Born September 15, 1977/ 5' 10"(1.78 m)

For the role of Wolverine, Tom Hardy has it all. The look, height, muscle, and the comic book movie experience. I can imagine him chomping down on a cigar while bantering with Tony Stark.

As for his costume, I have always been partial to the Alex Ross design.

As a matter of fact, all of the X-Men's costumes will be based off of his designs.
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