The Upcoming SHIELD TV Show: My Thoughts

The Upcoming <b>SHIELD</b> TV Show: My Thoughts

My thoughts on how the SHIELD television series will work and what should happen.

Recently it was confirmed that the mysterious TV show that was connected to the MCU was a show about the "Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division" (acronym from the MCU) or as we call it SHIELD. I thought "...hmm...this could be cool, if they do it right" This is how i think they should do the SHIELD TV show.

1.)Make it Feel Like a Spy TV Show

I don't want SHIELD to be an organization of guys with big guns that stop international threats. I want them to be kinda like the MI6 of the MCU. Hawkeye can still have his arrows, but kinda lean toward his Ultimate side. Black Widow is perfect the way she is in the MCU and shouldn't be changed. I want the show to explore MANY different aspects of SHIELD and its agents.

2.)Introduce New People

I don't want the show to focus around just Hawkeye and Black Widow. Introduce new characters that could play to the James Bond/Mission Impossible feel it should have. Clay Quartermain (Agent 9); Jacob Strzeszewski (Agent 10); Jasper Sitwell (Agent 12); and Sharon Carter (Agent 13) and Jimmy Woo. I want them to also have cameos of Marvel characters too. I'd LOVE to see and episode with (Insert your choice for Punisher here) as Punisher and Two of the agents are sent out to stop him. I'd also love to have Daredevil make an appearance or at least get referenced.

3.)Help set-up the MCU

I think cameos and little references would be fun, but what would be really awesome is to show them recruiting heroes. This should be where they should recruit people like Ant-Man. I'd also love to see nods to important things in the 616 and ultimate comics universes. Like Maria Hill saying something about how the heroes should be registered would be great!

4.)Steve Rodgers: Agent of SHIELD

You might be thinking WHAT!!!!, but here me out. It would be cool to see Steve Rogers in this show sometimes. He really has nowhere else to go.He's a man out of time. I'm not saying have him sport the Cap America suit, but maybe one like the one above. He could help with some missions every once and awhile.

5.)A little more serious and edgier than Avengers

You might be thinking ITS ABC!!!!! THEY CAN'T GO DARKER THAN AVENGERS!!! It's ABC not Disney Channel. I want this to have a similar tone to that of the Cape. It might have been a bad show, but it was a good tone for the genre on television.
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