The Web of Spider-Man: The Animated Series

The Web of Spider-Man: The Animated Series

My ideas for the next (possible) Spider-Man animated series.

I was extremely disappointed by the cancellation of the Spectacular Spider-Man. And I was MORE disappointed by the Ultimate Spider-Man. I bring you my ideas for the next possible Spider-Man animated series. My ultimate wish is that the animation style is like that of Young Justice.

Sam Riegal - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Sam Riegal is known for voicing Donatello in the TMNT cartoons and he did voice Spidey in the video game of The Amazing Spider-Man. Sam did a good job on the video game but I think tit would've worked well in an animated series. I would enjoy it if we see more of him as Peter, rather than Spider-Man.

Vanessa Marshall - Mary-Jane Watson

Vanessa did an amazing job at voicing MJ on Spectacular Spider-Man, I wanted to see more of her. They should do that in the next animated series.

Melissa Gilbert - Gwen Stacy

I enjoyed her voicing Barbara Gordon in the Batman TAS. I originally was thinking about her being MJ, then for some reason, I thought she'd be better off playing Gwen.

Jason Marsden - Harry Osborn

Jason Marsden voiced Impulse from Young Justice and Gear from Static Shock. He's a talented voice actor, he sounded similar to Harry when he voiced Gear.

Jensen Ackles - Flash Thompson

This is my favorite cast out of all these choices! Jensen voiced Jason Todd aka The Red Hood. His deep voice made think that he'd be great for Flash Thompson. That is something that I'd enjo seeing.

Lynda Carter - May Parker

I prefer Aunt May being younger. A younger Aunt May was the only right thing Ultimate Spider-Man did right. Lynda Carter was my choice for Aunt May before Sally Field was cast as her. I hope she voices her instead.

J.K. Simmons - J. Jonah Jamieson

Originally, I wanted to put Willem Dafoe for the Goblin, but I changed my mind, and thought this would make more sense for a returning cast member. He was alright in USM, but they could show more of his humor and wit.

Christopher Lloyd - Adrian Toomes/The Vulture

Originally, I wasn't planning on including villains in this article since there are too many to choose from, but this was hard to stay away from. I always thought Lloyd would be great to play Toomes in a movie or animated series. I think he'd fit better in an animated series. I'd like it if they base his features off of Lloyd in the animation.


- They should include the origins in the show. It is something we haven't seen yet in a Spider-Man animated series. It would be interesting to see. I'd like to see how Peter changes into the true hero.

- I don't think the show should have a bigger universe. Instead of expanding the universe with Marvel heroes, just keep expanding the Spider-Man universe. Ultimate Spider-Man was messed up, due to all the guest stars in each episode. They can have minor references like "Hell's Kitchen" or "Mutants". Don't get me wrong, you can have guest stars in each season, but disperse them. i.e., FF, or Daredevil. But don't overload.

CHARACTERS (art by SpiedyFan):


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