The Worst X-Men Fan Cast You Will Ever Read

The Worst X-Men Fan Cast You Will Ever Read

First of all, you should know that this isn't for the prequel...From director Ben Stiller comes...X-Men: End Game.

Ah, what the Hell…here’s another ‘Worst Fan Cast’ for you. I didn’t do a ‘First Class’ spoof just because I couldn’t stop thinking of all the characters that wouldn’t be in it! Basically the ‘plot’ would be Arcade brainwashing mutants to take out the X-Men so he can turn the entire planet into one big virtual reality. Cheesy, I know, but…it’s a comedy. So, here we go…

Ben Stiller’s
X-Men: End Game

Tommy Lee Jones is Professor Xavier

Ben Stiller is Wolverine

Mathew Broderick is Cyclops

Christine Taylor is Jean Grey

Thandie Newton is Storm

Seth MacFarlane is Beast

Jack McBrayer is Angel

Clark Duke is Ice Man

Jim Carrey is Arcade

Christina Applegate is Mystique

Woody Harrelson is Sabertooth

Seth Green is Pyro

Steve Buscemi is Toad

Robert Pattison is Gambit

Bill Nighy is Magneto

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‘Robert Pattison is Gambit? Yeah right! Twilight sucks!’ But ask yourself this: if you were a young actor looking for work that will sky rocket your career to heights that actors twice your age will never reach, you would sign on to do twenty ‘Twilight’s’ if it meant fame and fortune. Plus, he’s a decent (not great, but decent) actor. Also, the ‘Gambit’ character would be de-brainwashed by the X-Men so they can infiltrate Arcade’s virtual reality or whatever. I left some room for you guys to be creative and come up with some more villains if you please..

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