TheManOfSteelReturns With: Old Man Logan Fan Cast

TheManOfSteelReturns With: Old Man Logan Fan Cast

My Take on a feature Film Adaptation of OLD MAN LOGAN

Sylvestor Stallone
David Webb Peoples
Andrew Kevin Walker

Directed by Sylvestor Stallone

Reason Why The Crew: This is an allstart Crew consisting of the Writers of Blade Runner, Unforgiven(Webb Peoples) Seven, Sleepy Hallow (Andrew Kevin Walker), and Rambo, Rocky Series (Sly Stallone) With Sly Directing. Sly is a fantastic Director his work on Rambo and the Rocky Series has really established a deal of talent. Stallone is always one to respect source material when he works on an adaptation. He would be a fantastic director for Old Man Logan.


Sylvestor Stallone - Old Man Logan

The story: Logan, no longer a warrior, is now a farmer, he lives in the heart of Hulkland, a territory he's "privileged" to so long as he pays a rent to the Hulk gang, with his family, When they demand rent Logan must take a job with an old friend so that he can pay the rent and keep his family under a roof and fed.

Reason Why: Stallone is a short guy at 5'9-1/2" He's old, but he's still physical, and muscular with a bold phsyique. The only thing against him is Judge Dredd. Which even he admitted was a bad film. I think he could do one hell of a job on Old Man Logan and would love to see him in the role. Out of all the choices i think he is the most original and the best fit for the role.

Kurt Russell – Clint Barton/Hawkeye

The Story: Clint is a blind man aware of the dangerous world, he is set in his ways to try and restore the world to what it use to be before the villains took hold and recruits Logan to travel cross country to a band of resistance fighters who dare challenge the rule of the super villians.

Reason why: Kurt is a fantastic actor, he does fantastic work with Stallone and mix a bit of Snake Plissken with Hawkeye and you have a certified recipe for B.A.M.F.

Linda Hamilton – Maureen Logan

The Story: Logan's loving and caring wife, standing by his side and hoping he will return to keep the family under a roof.

Reason why: I love her as an actress and even though this is a very bit role I think she'd be memorable in it.

Jake T. Austin – Scott Logan

The Story: Logan's son, a kid dedicated to helping his family and learning the farmer's craft.

Reason why: Two and a Half Men isn't going on forever, this would be a good chance for him to begin growing a filmography.

Chloe Moretz – Jade Logan

The Story: Logan's young daughter young and unaware of her own father is being tortured with, but caring and loving

Reason why: She's a great actress and with a small appearance in something like this this would add to her geek cred. and her filmography

Harrison Ford – Abraham Donovan

The Story: A farmer and Neighbor to Logan when tragedy strikes he assists Logan in the burial of his family and witnesses the rebirth of Wolverine.

Reason why: Harrison is one of few actors i think would really be able to suck in and expel the drama necessary for this role, especially when the rebirth of Wolverine would occur.

Adrian Kali Turner – Dwight Barton

The Story: Young boy who under the guidance of Tonya Barton-Parker has become the new Ant-Man

Reason Why: This kid can act, his appearance in The Pilot of Walking Dead was actually a decent performance and has a bright future.

Pam Grier – Tonya Barton-Parker

The Story: The guardian of Dwight and a look out for Clint.

Reason Why: She's a damn good actress lid does well in this sort of role.

Carlo Gugino – White Queen/Emma Frost

The Story: The wife of Dr.Doom, having an affair with Black Bolt, she is a Telepath who manages to save Logan and Clint on their journey delivering a top secret package.

Reason why: She's an attractive actress, who if it was necessary can act in make up. She's one of the best actress for the role in my opinion.

Lou Ferrigno – Black Bolt

The Story: The White Queen's lover, an Inhuman who's very voice rips apart worlds.

Reason Why: Why not the role isn't big and he always see,s to have some involvement in any feature fight involving the Hulk, while he could also voice the character i think it would be cool to have him in this part.

Rampage Jackson – Kingpin

The Story: Wilson Fisk has been dead for years, a New Kingpin has taken over the former's territory and has captured Spider-Girl, Daredevil, and the Punisher.

Reason why: I see this as a case of 'If the glove fits' I like Rampage he's not a bad actor and seems like a good guy to work with.

Noomi Harris – Ashley Burton Spider-B!+(#

The Story: Captured by the Kingpin she uses her father, Clint, and Logan to escape only to decapitate the old Kingpin and turn on her only allies.

Reason why: I think she'd do well in this role, I doubt she's a fan favorite but she certainly isn't the worst.

Michael Madsen - Agent Tobias

The Story: Tobias the Man who hired Clint to deliver the super soldier serum, only to betray and murder him, while delivering Logan to Herr' Skull.

Reason why: I think Madsen always does perfect in these roles and would leave a memorable presence in the role.

Hugo Weaving – Red Skull

The Story: Having finally killed his arch nemesis he has taken Washington DC as his territory ruling with an Iron fist while wearing the Captain's Uniform.

Reason why: He IS the Red Skull.

James Marsters – Ultron 8

The Story: One of the many survivors of the Villains attack who Logan and Clint come across on their journey.

Reason why: He did perfect as Brainaic and is such a great actor it would be nice to see him as Ultron 8.


The Story: The inbred Children of Bruce Banner and Jennifer Walters, they go around Hulkland collecting rent from the many people who live there, after Logan leaves they murder his family in order to keep themselves from getting bored.

John Goodman – Otis Banner

Reason why: I think this role was written in the book with John Goodman in mind, he's perfect for the role, he has size weight and look for the role of Otis.

Nick Stahl – Charlie Banner

Reason why: He just seems like a great fit for the role.

Joanie Laurie – Bobby-Jo Banner

Reason why: It's a bit part and I think she could handle the role.

James Remar – Bruce Banner

Reason why: I just think he has the aged look but can still do enough action to play a convincing Banner he's always been a great actor in my eye and I'd love to see him play Bruce.

Special Guest Appearances:

Dolph Lundgren – The Punisher

Reason why: He played the Punisher in the 80's and i just thought it would be cool to see him in the role again.

Rex Smith – Daredevil

Reason why: He was in the infamous Trial of the Incredible Hulk as Matt Murdock and the Daredevil and it would be awesome to see him return to the role just for a small cameo appearance as an Older Daredevil.
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