Theories and Predictions of MCU Phase 2

Theories and Predictions of MCU Phase 2

I have thought of ideas on what we may expect in Phase 2.
I have recently predicted early in 2012 about Mandarin, Arnim Zola and Winter Soldier in the sequels... And, I was right...

I have predicted many things like Coulson's "Return", Ant-Man, Bucky being alive etc... Now, here are my predictions.

Iron Man 3:
Tony's personal world falls apart when the Mandarin secretly behind it.
Happy Hogan dies, Tony receives Extremis virus, creates many suits and uses them to defeat the Mandarin.

A.I.M. is shown creating M.O.D.O.K./Hank Pym introduction

Thor:The Dark World
Thor visits new realms and discovers Malekith, who invades Asgard and kills Frigga. Loki becomes slightly good, defeats Malekith. (I don't read much Thor, sorry)

Doctor Strange find the eye of Agammotto

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Cap works for SHIELD now and they find an assassin in Russia. Cap discovers it's Bucky and tries to go and find him alone. Nick Fury recommends Sam Wilson to come along with Cap; Flashbacks of Zola brainwashing Bucky, Zola reveals himself from the shadows as a cyborg and they all fight(Including Crossbones), Bucky gets snapped out of it and many flashbacks about his past,relationship with Black Widow, And the poor innocent people he killed.
Bucky gets angry and seemingly explodes. Bucky is revealed to be alive and afraid.

END CREDITS SCENE: Arnim Zola is revealed to be talking to Baron Zemo and it also reveals a new age for Hydra

Guardians of the Galaxy
A group of Aliens come together to defeat the Mad Titan Thanos, Thanos dies and is resurrected by Death.

Thanos is revealed to be wearing the Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers 2
The Avengers group together to defeat The Masters of Evil,Which includes Justin Hammer,The Mandarin, Winter Soldier, Crossbones, Loki, Malekith, The Leader and the Abomination/Rulk. New teammates are gathered to help defeat them AKA Ant-Man and Falcon, who join the team to defeat them.
Hammer provides weapons for Hydra and they fight in an epic battle in New York once again. Villains defeated. Fury checks the globe for new recruits.
Many Iconic heroes pop up on screen, Avengers tower is created.

End Credits Ultron or Thanos

Henry Pym discovers Pym particles on accident and builds a device to communicate with Ants. A.I.M. Steal his research and infiltrates their base. Discovers MODOK and builds Ulrton to defeat him. Ultron becomes defective and tries to kill Hank, Hank shuts Ultron down. Ultron's eyes become red.

Janet Van Dyne steps in looking for job and Hank gets starstruck and she introduces herself as "Janet".
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