Theory: The Agent Phil Coulson in truth was a disguise to conceal the robot Vision

Theory: The Agent Phil Coulson in truth was a disguise to conceal the robot Vision

this is my new theory as Phil Coulson could become Vision. ...or rather Vision became Phil Coulson

In the entire network is known theory that the "Agent Phil Coulson" The Avengers could again become the robot 2 Vision, as many details of his "supposed dead" were unclear throughout the film The Avengers Marvel Studios, which is not without reason if you look at the context in establishing this theory

But what if we reverse the theory, which is actually Phil Coulson and Phil Coulson Vision is nothing more than an invention of SHIELD and Marvel Studios to connect to the characters of The Avengers, I know it sounds pretty weird my point, but perhaps would be more logical to think that a "human" is to be replaced by a robot by popular public affection

Would not it be more logical to Vision with a more human and SHIELD agent disguise to connect with all the characters?, Also look at the face of Clark Gregg, who plays the "Agent Phil Coulson" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Studios his features are quite igualitos the comic character, which might also explain the theory, however, "his death" leaves many questions remain to be a rather minor but beloved by the public

A similar strategy could employ DC Entertainment to incorporate the character of J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter in the DC Comics Universe Cinematic perhaps introduce it as some sort of private detective named John Johns seeking contact with Commissioner James Gordon (Gary Oldman) to contact Batman (Christian Bale) and so little by little connect with other franchises such as Superman (Henry Cavill), Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds), Wonder Woman (Leonor Varela) and Flash (Neil Patrick Harris), and as a suggestion for this paper suggest that the renowned actor in shows like Smallville and True Blood, Tony Todd:

Tony Todd as J'onn J'onzz/Martian ManHunter/Det. John Jones

I will explain my theory in simpler language because my translator did not work the best:

My Theory is:

Vision = Phil Coulson

not Phil Coulson = Vision
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