They Way It Should Be Done: From Iron Man Armored Adventures to Iron Man 3

They Way It Should Be Done: From Iron Man Armored Adventures to Iron Man 3

I'll explore some of the options any future installments of the Iron Man movie series can take, based off some of the things Iron Man Armored Adventures does well.

I'll be the first to admit that Iron Man: Armored Adventures (I'll be abbreviating as IM:AA) looked like a terrible show. I completely judged a book by it's cover, and now regretting my decision. Thanks to Netflix, I've been able to watch Season 1, and found myself thoroughly enjoying this series. What does this have to do with future Iron Man movies? Well whether or not Marvel/Disney decide to end the series after 3, or just continue with Robert Downey Jr, there are a LOT of creative directions they can use from the show.

I should begin with a few pointers of the show. To begin, this is a different origin of the Tony Stark that we all know and love. He's a teenager, and doesn't begin by making weapons. In this iteration of the character, Tony's dad dies practically in front of him in a set up 'accident', and the Iron Man armor is the only thing that allows Tony to survive the accident. Tony and Rhodey are already best friends, with Rhodey being the only one knowing Tony's been creating this armor. I believe this is much like the how Ultimate Iron Man had started, but I cannot recall at this moment. Tony still has a broken heart, and having his dad die in front of him turns his character into someone with a strong sense of right and wrong.

If you haven't seen the show, I do recommend doing so. Please don't let the fact that these was a Nickelodeon show, turn you off. Despite having some flaws, this is one action packed show. Pepper's character can come off extremely annoying at times, some things you have to take with a grain of salt; these ARE teenagers after all.

Iron Man 3 can use more action first off. Iron Man 1 and 2 had some decent action, but the final scene of Iron Man 2 really only wet our tongues to what we could see in the future. This show has some AMAZING fight scenes that I'd like to see transition in the future movies. Youtube is a little short on videos for this series (please if you find some fight scenes, add them to the comments) but please take advantage of Netflix if you have it, I mean c'mon the first month is free if you sign up. Anyways, the fight between Tony and Whiplash was much better than any of the action scenes in Iron Man 2. Combine that with the fight with Crimson Dynamo, and other baddies in the series, and you'll soon see just how well the fights are done. Dizzying air fights, up close one on one fights, and things in between; this show nails the action. I'd like to see most of this transition onto the big screen. Yes both movies have awesome fight scenes, and despite my love for the two movies, a lot of the fight scenes could be longer, drawn out, and more intimate.

That brings me to my next pointer. Iron Man's enemies.


Please look at that image again, and tell me that is not intimidating! Much scarier than an old man wearing rings. The ceremonial armor houses the old man (though if you watch the show you'll see how that changes to another person for a bit) and if you ask me would look awesome on screen. Sure Iron Man 3's enemy role has Ghost in the considering, but there should be some mention or allude to The Mandarin. In the series he only has 5 rings, although I still have about 4 more episodes until the end of the series. If he gathers the other 5, or that's saved for next season, I'm not sure. What I am sure about is how bad-ass this version of The Mandarin would look on screen. I'd be happy knowing that the old man will still be under the armor, but will look plausible going toe to toe with Iron Man. Technically his armor is formed from his rings in the show, not anything tech based, so hopefully that will ease those who don't want to see another armor on armor fight.


Ghost is another enemy done in a very cool manor, sure he looks like a ninja in the show, but the way he's portrayed is neat. I'd rather see his normal appearance like in the comics; it's much more creepy and cryptic. Iron Man 3 could benefit using the Ghost especially if Shane Black makes it to his standards.

Hulkbuster Armor

In the cartoon, the Hulkbuster armor wasn't created to take on the hulk initially. Instead, losing to the Crimson Dynamo, Tony uses his larger armor to fight back. Again, that episode had some awesome fight scenes, but I also like this version of the armor for another reason; it's less bulky, sleeker, but still powerful non-the-less. I don't mind a huge bulky armor, but when you see this one in action, it's a bit more plausible than a giant walking statue-tank. The picture may not show much, but trust me it looks much better than some of the other Hulkbuster versions. If in the Avengers Tony uses the Hulkbuster armor, I hope we get to see it evolve further when he fights strong enemies in his stand alone movies.

I haven't seen Rhodey suit up in the War Machine armor, but I do know that it happens closer to the last few episodes. I can't comment on how it looks or functions in the series, I don't want to spoil myself.

In the end, hopefully some of these designs make their way into to future movies, even if they're only just small cameos in the least. I definitely want to see some crazier action especially when the main character can faster than a jet, and is stronger than a locomotive (hey wait a minute....) Like I said before, the ending of Iron Man 2 let me wanting more fighting, here's to hoping!

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