this is a character that im writing a story on

name- Tyler Rodriguez

age- 21

eye color- dark brown

hair color- black

weight- 159lbs

height- 6'1''

gender- male

from- Dominican republic

live- new york

Relatives-aunt, cousins ,uncles

power- jumps over 11 feet, runs faster than a human, could see like an eagle , hear like a dog, could heal but has to be sleeping and cant not be attack while healing

weapons- two pockets knifes, three modify guns that were made to kill any kind of fantasy creature but Tyler change it to only kill vampires

back story- Tyler was saved by his parent from getting killed by vampires his parent took there live for his. sooner Tyler aunt took him in has her third son his aunt showed him from right form wrong and he never gave his aunt hard trouble. when he graduated from high school he attend the police academy and became a detective at that age of 20 he was only given to case he had no partner. his second case was strange it was a case about the death of a family that were all drain out of blood each time Tyler got deeper and almost to the end of it got every strange. one day Tyler went out to were the murder was at to find more clues but the only thing he found was a weird day on that day he got bitten by an old lady(vampire) and saved by a group of people that are called the hunter organization.
Tyler was brought to the hunter liar which its under new york city under the subway and the first person he meet was a guy named Gustavo who is the inventor, and the cook at first Tyler and Gustavo started of wrong but then they became best friends. then Tyler meet the boss of the hunter who showed Tyler the whole liar and to capture creature which was when Tyler believe in the boss that their are vampires and other creatures living amongst every living human on earth. the boss also told Tyler that he knew his parent and that they were hunters and they both die telling the boss that the vampire were reviving Dracula.the boss also knows that Tyler has vampire power and is afraid that he could turn into a killing vampire so he keeps a close eye on him
Tyler meet a girl Amanda who is really good friends with Gustavo he feel in love with her and found out that the hunter found her in prison by the vampires who killed her parents and took her they were suppose to feed her to the baby vampires but the hunter saved her before she got eating or bitten they gave her a nick name faith since she didint die
Tyler was team up with Gustavo,Amanda,johnny,Scott,Thomas,Ethan,tony gabrial(both bros),Alexandra, john, Bruce, Giovanni, Oscar, George, Eddie who are just one team.

so what ya think is it good or bad or so,so and i have big plans for all the characters and there will be a lot of twist and turn
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