Thoughts On The Future Of DC Cinema

Thoughts On The Future Of DC Cinema

As of now Marvel is whooping Dc's ass in terms of live action movies. I'm going to focus slow moving DC movies and their future.

As of now Marvel is whooping DC's ass in terms of live action movies. I'm going to focus slow moving DC movies and their future. Right now the future DC movies that they claim to be developing is The Flash, Green Lantern 2, Justice League, and Lobo. Those will be the ones I focus on.

The Flash

Now, we occasionally are reassured that this movie is still happening when we are about to give up all hope. This movie is in what fans like to call "production hell," and they are right this movie has been talked about for years. Not very recently it has been confirmed that a script is finished. I may not be the smartest person in the world but I'd say that this means it is just about ready to go into production I would suggest, if I am right, that DC would move for ward with this highly anticipated movie before we give up hope, again.

Green Lantern 2

We have just about stopped hearing news about this one. With the flop that was Green Lantern this movie seems unlikely. Fans seem to be split in the middle of this some are happy that they won't see another Green Lantern, others are sad because Mark Strong, the best part of the movie IMO, will not be filling his villainous shoes in a sequel, I agree these people as I said before Mark Strong's performance was the best part of the movie and though major changes would have to be made his performance would be worth it. Sadly, this will likely be rebooted in the next few years.

Justice League

Another film that seems unlikely. Though, I would love to see a movie that pitches my favorite heroes together, at the pace they're going we should forget about it. For the planned 2015 release date, they would have to: make a Flash movie (not going to happen), make a Wonder Woman movie (there have been offers from directors that were all declined),and reboot Batman (probably going to happen but it is a stupid decision)all in 3 years. If somehow they could fit all this in it would feel like an overrushed cluster fuck only made to compete with a rival company. Yeah, might as well give up.


This one I am actually interested in. There hasn't really been any put offs on this movie, they seem to be moving forward. Now my theory on this movie on the casting is that The Rock will be cast as "The Main Man," because Dwayne Johnson recently retweeted someone who was saying that they could see him in a DC film saying "funny you should say that," this came out maybe a week after the Lobo film was even announced. It would also make sense because Brad Peyton is directing the film, and he cast him in the decent movie Journey 2 the mysterious island. Now, would be good in the role, maybe. I wish Randy Savage was still with us he'd be my choice.

It's uncanny.

Well that being said atleast we still have the animated films.
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