Thunderbolts movie Cast

Thunderbolts movie to fit into the spectrum on the Marvel Studios movie

Clint Barton seeks out Luke Cage,to reform villains. Cage would go through ups and downs with the whole reforming them thing. I would like to have Barton as the creator and has been working on it but he has to join the Avengers and doesn't have time. He would come to Cage(hopefully after he has had a Cage movie or at least Heroes for Hire)and ask him to join the cause. He would debate on leaving but they get their first real mission to save missing Shield Agents. He brings his team of Juggernaut,Mach V Songbird, Crossbones,Moonstone and Ghost. They investigate and find them self attacked by Asgardian trolls, Things go wrong when Cross Bones turns on them and tries to escape. While fighting in the swamp They are teleported away. They try to fight The Man Thing but realize he was helping them. They take Man thing back and decide to bring in their big guns and bring in Hyperion who has been having problems with all the thunderbolts. Cage has the the Man thing take them back they find the asgardians their and fight them they rescue the Shield agents. The asgardians explain that they where teleported their, They realize Man thing did this so they send them back. They go back and realize Hyperion did not return with them.Clint gets on Cage and says he is going to shut down the program but Luke wants to prove he is doing some right.Hyperion escaped and is destroying the city. The ThunderBolts have to come back together and bring Crossbones to stop him.

I well always have a soft spot for Terry Crews as Cage. I love Cage and love Crews. he is huge big and can be intimidating. Most fan picks for Cage are either too short or not buff enough. I mean look at most picks, they are small and Cage is not small and neither is Crews.

Every prison needs a Warden. That job is for Warden Walker aka U.S Agent. Ron Perlman looks the part and i would love to see him running the Raft

Joel Egerton is a superb actor. He is coming out in the film Warrior soon and it looks amazing as well. I first thought he would be a good U.S agent then I realized how much he aged. Then I saw a perfect opportunity to make him Mach V.

Rachael Liegh Cook is a very underrated Actress. I most recently watched her in Psych and she has such good timing with her humor, very sarcastic this one is. I can see her as SongBird. She could be a great Right hand man to Cage

Juggernaut is big strong and good character in this series. He is not just some moron. Kevin Durand is huge and a stellar actor. He did a good Blob but can do a better Juggernaut.

Moonstone is a bitch. Rachel McAdams played an Amazing bitch in Mean Girls. I like her as a actress but I really would like to see her in a Marvel movie. Moonstone seems like a great place to start.

Micheal Emerson seems so creepy yet brilliant. Ghost is the exact same way. Micheal would have to look a little more aged but he would work very well as the teams Iron Man.

I needed a bruiser with decent acting chops, to be CrossBones. I think of how Steve Austin was in the Longest Yard. He was a racist redneck hick. I could not think of any better match after coming across that

Armie Hammer looks like he can be Superman, unfortunately he will never get to play him. He has ok acting chops but plays a jerk better than anything. Hyperion sounds right.

Thanks super friends
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