Tom Welling as Superman in the Reboot

Tom Welling as Superman in the Reboot

Why I think Tom ATLEAST deserves a chance in the big screen as the character he's been playing for so long...

Alright, so not a lot of media on this page, unfortunately, but I know a lot of you like to read, so I guess this should be fun.

Anyway, I know with my avatar, you are already assuming "Well another Smallville fan, this is going to be a waste of time". But, please here me out, yes even Teabag, LEE and Kyle.

For those of you who started watching Smallville during Season 1, then pretty much left after that, I can't really explain how you feel, because I joined in around Season 5, but I've seen every episode, and all I have to say is, I freaking love this show. I know it started becoming less "Superman" like, but every episode had a great action sequence, and as a show I think it turned out pretty darn good for ten seasons on a network like The CW.

I really hope for the series finale, they do a movie of some sort similar to "Absolute Justice", so we can have an awesome scene with him and Darkseid, and a really good way to wrap up the show. But I would also like it if maybe he would transfer to the big screen and bring Lex and Lois with him.

I know, half of you are probably high-tailing it outta here right about now, but seriously. How could anyone say Tom is a bad actor? I've literally scene ONE flaw in his acting and that was in some episode in season 3! By now I'd say he's pro and as Clark kent even better. I don't know why so many people hate Smallville, but I can tell you guys that after watching it for a while I see Tom as Superman and love the idea. I'll admit, I liked Routh, and I wouldn't mind if they used him again. I'm just saying, we should all at least give Tom a chance on the bigscreen, and if he doesn't do well, what could happen? Christopher Nolan isn't directing so it's not like it will be "His first bad movie." If Tom played The Man of Steel, people who don't even know Smallville will probably adapt and learn to like him alot. Now don't tell me when you heard he was cast in Season 1 you were thinking Hamm or Caville, and you were thinking, "hey that's actually not too bad for a Clark Kent". I mean lets face it guys, he's big, buff and can pull off that face when he looks at a villian and they think, "I am so fucked now". If you don't believe me, just watch the Season 9 Episode, "Crossfire", and you'll see it after he catches the bullet. So for his acting guys, I gotta say it's top notch by now, and you all know it, or haven't seen any episode past Season 3.

Now for the Effects on Smallville, I know not so good, but imagine Tom on the Silver Screen with professional CGI, and fighting like a badass? That would be epic, and he knows how to act for those too. Just because the effects on Smallville aren't top notch doesn't mean he hasn't dealt with Green Screens and wires and everything.

Here's the big one. The Mythology. What truly is the mythos of Superman? I'll tell you one thing. As good as he was, it's not Christopher Reeve. It's about a guy that comes from the planet Krypton and has trouble living with the humans and learns to live among them as their Savior, and I also know that he is meant to be rather big(Bulky). Tom Welling knows most of that whole story and has the body.


Like I said, people who don't know of Smallville won't even know the difference, and Chris Nolan said they're not doing the origin. I mean, the Smallville Mythology is pretty far off....from the Superman mythology. What Smallville is pretty much doing is just adding stuff in between cracks from other Superman media and comics. Just because they didn't say "Lex died" in the comics doesn't mean, maybe it was speculated that he was dead, Smallville just added that in, No big deal. Doomsday no longer had a human side guys, guess what, next time he comes he is going to kill Superman. Jonathan Kent is still dead. brianiac is going to be all computer now since his human form is destroyed(Not counting Brainiac 5). The Kandorian Clones are god knows where so we will never have to worry about them again. The REAL Jimmy Alsen is going to be a teen when Clark and Lois aren't. The only REAL difference Smallville has from the Superman Mythology, is Lois and Clark being a couple early on at The Daily Planet. Now for the glasses, there are like four people at the planet who knows who Clark is. When you see someone on the street do you take the time to stare at them and figure out their names, because it's not like it says "Clark Kent" in any of the newspapers in Metropolis either. Lex knows his secret(When has Lex in the comics ever associated with Clark Kent while he was grown up?), Lois knows his secret, and I can tell you that Jimmy isn't going to remember anything from his brother's funeral.

By the way, they made up Lionel too, which is definitely a postive.

Come on guys, other than that no one will even know the rest of the cluster of stories Smallville has, and it's okay if they do, It's not like they have to refer to them. If Tom was Superman it would be fantastic, I'm telling you. Some people didn't like Christian Bale but he turned out great and those movies are High-Grossing and have outstanding reviews. And just because he doesn't have enough "Movie Credit", absolutely does not mean he can't do it, so don't even bring that up. He has worked with several directors and for 200 episodes that's probably the equivalent of 20 Christopher Nolans.

So, today we've estabilished:

- Tom is a good actor
- The effects with him would be outstanding
- The Smallville Mythology matters nothing
- Tom doesn't need "Movie Credit"

I hope some people understand. I know it's unlikely that he'd be in it, but for people to want him to be is just enough. He won't be Clark Kent/Superman forever, so can't we just let him be for this decade? Possibly generation if we're all having a good day?

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