My top 5 comic book movie guilty pleasures. The ones people hate or find them distasteful or crappy. I agree but just something about it makes me wanna watch it from time to time but honestly, no one will quite understand why. Here's my list!

So here's my list. By the way this is my opinion, you could agree or disagree but I am pretty much just going to agree or disagree with you as well so it doesn't matter. Just understand everyone, I have good reasoning's for the movie's I am about to pick. So here it is.

5. FANTASTIC FOUR (2005)- Not many people like this movie, and I totally agree why. The acting from Jessica Alba is laughable, Ioan Gruffudd was a really boring Reed Richards, Dr. Doom's character is ripped to shit etc. etc. but honestly, I enjoy the hell out of this movie. If this wasn't a Fantastic Four comic book movie, maybe It could of been better. Instead the storyline got ripped to shreds by bad story-writing and horrible acting at times, but to be fair I kinda liked the final fight with Doom. I wish he didn't have to go out that way or probably a longer fight but it was still a cool little action sequence though. In fact like Daredevil, this movie got a directors cut and I can tell you, THE DIRECTOR'S CUT IS A LOT terms of story...sorry you can't fix bad acting, the damage is done. But overall I really do enjoy this movie, some of the action scenes are cool, The Thing is pretty likeable in my eyes even if he looked like a giant Cracker Jack walking around. Human Torch is a little funny at times and seriously...who wouldn't mind seeing Jessica Abla naked huh? It's a fun movie that you can turn your mind off and enjoy, but I feel it's a love it or hate it movie in my book. But that's just me, overall its a fun watch, just wish the sequel was more enjoyable.

4. BATMAN FOREVER (1995)- This movie is terrible compared to the Nolan films; but it downgrades our beloved favorite characters into cartoony bullcrap. I am not going to mention the Director's Cut because I haven't seen it yet, I am only telling you the one true version I saw. So with the third outing of Batman at the time, I didn't really care when I was a kid. Sure I questioned why Michael Keaton wasn't in Batman Forever but as a kid I really enjoyed it. I was Batman shit crazy when I was a kid (still am) and I thought this movie blew my balls off! That's how it great it was, but as I grew older and watched it for what it was, it was pure crap but I can't stay till this day still like some moments in the movie. I thought the scene with Dick Grayson using acrobatics to get into the cave was a cool scene. I really liked the flashback sequences which to me is still pretty dark for a movie made for kids which explains why Warners watered down Batman & Robin so much. It's a mainstream film and for what it was, it was alright. I liked Robin in this movie, he was pretty likeable up until Batman & Robin but you can't blame him. He knew the script sucked but he didn't wanna pass up on Robin, it was a cool role and I feel he did an ok job for what he was given. I do wish the movie would explore more on Bruce teaching Dick about vengeance similar to how Dark Victory, but like I said it's a pure mainstream film. Aside from bat-nipples, Riddler, Bat-But, Hillarious Costumes, Two Face, lame storyline, Robin's suit, mediocre dialogue AND....Val Kilmer.....the movie is still pretty ok in my book I guess. It's still an enjoyable watch even though it is a terrible movie.

3. SPIDER MAN 3 (2007)- I hate this movie. Every character is waterdowned or completely suffocated by the convoluted plot. The villains are downright terrible, it's probably one of the worst comic book movies I have ever seen...but I like it for some reason. This was one film I was amped to see. Took school off, got a good breakfast, went with my family to see it and then the movie happened. Back then I use to feel I should like a movie because everyone else likes it; but I realized through my years if I found something I didn't like on my first viewing, IT'S GOING TO GET WORSE WHEN I FIND MORE. For instance Venom dieing was probably the first time I ever had my jaw drop and heart sink in at the same time. I can not believe Raimi let that go into the final cut. This closure for a character who literally only has less than 30 minutes of screen time in the entire film who in the comics is a big part of Peter's history. Seeing his death was pretty much just wow....Why would they do such a thing? BUT I LOVED IT WHEN I WALKED OUT! Later with more viewings I found problems and till this day it is still a good film to point out problems within the movie, which is why I kinda like it so much. Don't get it twisted though, I still think the movie is terrible but it did have a good premise to it and story behind it. Peter donning the black suit was a huge emotional impact in Peter's life, people saw him in a new light in his life. Also Sandman is an interesting visual feast villain and even though Venom lasted only 10 minutes, I still do like the approach for the movie version just wish they never killed Venom. This was the chance to show Spider Man's dark side and they blew it like the fourth of July fireworks like assholes. I can admit the action scenes are a little impressive, especially the Sandman armored car battle. I felt JJJ was a little more funny I guess. But overall it is a shit movie, but I still love to pick fun at it and enjoy some of the scenes that I liked.

2. HOWARD THE DUCK (1980'S)- Yea no exact year for Howard The Duck, oh my god please somebody be a know it all and put it in the comment section, it's greatly appreciated assholes =]. But anyways HOWARD THE DUCK! How odd is this movie!? I mean seriously you got a duck walking around public and everyone is like fine with it. You got duck tities, horrible dialogue and special effects I mean this movie is just...WOW WEIRDLY GOOD! I happen to like this movie a lot actually. Even though I watched it when I was a kid and I loved it, I grew up and again realized how poorly the movie is done. This is actually a pretty odd idea to turn into a movie. I mean what the hell did Hollywood see in Howard the Duck to be made into a film? I also found it odd how Tim Robbins acted in this movie. Like a complete idiot but it was still terribly fun to laugh at. In a way this is a movie that you really gotta see for yourself. Yea sure it's a horrible movie but you gotta admit if you did watch this as a kid, YOU WE'RE HOOKED! Overall it has a crappy storyline (as usual with these movies) and terrible dialogue that is downright laughable but in a guess in a way at how badly acted this film is. Or how cheesy it is to begin with. How about the scene where Howard is trying to collect unemployment? DOESN'T EVEN A QUESTION GOOD LORD THERE IS A FUCKING DUCK IN FRONT OF ME!? I sure as hell would. Again it's stupid fun movie I enjoy to watch sometimes on a rainy day. Hell the weed makes it better, still a cool movie though without it.





1. BATMAN & ROBIN (1997)- God this movie literally ruined Batman in all his sanctity. Batman ruined to the core with just two hours. All it took was two measly hours to wipe out the very existence of what I loved about Batman. So why is this god awful movie here?'s downright hilarious thats why! I saw this movie in theaters when I was 5 at night time (the time was 7:45, GOOD MEMORY =]) and it was a pretty packed theater (Guessing it was opening day...OH MY GOD I AM HYPOCRITE =]) and when the movie started I was excited. The Batman logo and Robin logo (I know it's Nightwing) it was just amazing to gaze at it, then after that I sort of lost track. I mean for a movie for kids, it really lost me a lot when I was a kid. Just so much going on in an entire movie so you know what I did...I fell asleep. Once it came out on VHS I would watch it a lot and I really did like the movie as a kid, but I liked Batman Forever more. But what do I like about this horrible film? Well the dialogue for one is so awful it's funny to me nowadays. The movie is like an Adam West/Tim Burton Batman. In all the Batman movies, all of them show a different side to each Batman from a different shade of the comics which is clear and apparent. Batman & Robin obviously does the Adam West homage in the beginning of the film with the "HOCKEY TEAM FROM HELL".....LMAO god who writes this shit? And let's not forget MR. FREEZE! Oh my god every inch of dialogue is with ICE OR SOMETHING COLD! He is so funny to watch, when I got older I thought that joke with the dinosaurs was quite hilarious. In fact his whole character is just full of humor it's not even funny. How about how laughable Bane is, all I have to say is....BOMBS. And it's apparent in TDKR that Nolan's Bane loves bombs too. You see Nolan liked Batman & Robin's Bane a little ;). How about how much Robin is just a crying bitch? Like seriously, if you watch this right now how many times can you say to all his moaning and bitching can you just smack him say BACK TO THE KITCHEN!? How about Barbara...Gordon/Pennyworth/Wilson WHATEVER I guess, who is just so awkward in every scene she's in. She delivers her lines like shit but again it's a mainstream film. So grabbing the girl from Clueless to connect with audiences was a smart idea...just on the wrong FUCKING CHARACTER! But you know what I digress, I did love how cheesy and campy this movie really is. I can sit down and watch it and not feel I need to critique it from beginning to end. I know it's bad, in fact I embrace how horrible this movie is in which some of the horrible is actually pretty good. This is pretty much the only CBM where I can sit down and watch alone and enjoy watching it from beginning to end to how horrible the movie is, and that's pretty rare for me in a CBM. I enjoy the laughs I get out of it even though this movie is a miserable pile of shit. Still enjoyable though to watch for some odd reason but god...ICEMAN COMMETH DAMMIT!

So I'm sure all of you have guilty pleasures in movies, especially comic book movies where you hate them but you just can't stop watching them because you know deep down you kinda like it for what it is and probably appreciate for what it is. If you have a list feel free to share. COMMENTS COMMENTS COMMENTS
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