Top 5 Power Ranger Seasons of All Time

Top 5 Power Ranger Seasons of All Time

In spite of the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, here is a list of the five greatest Power Rangers seasons of all time

Top 5 Power Ranger Seasons of All Time

Power Rangers is one of my all time favorite television franchises. Dating all the way back to the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of 1993, the Power Rangers have always kicked ass. This upcoming year, Power Rangers will be celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of its new series “Power Rangers Megaforce,” which will not only create new power rangers, but bring back some of the most historic power rangers ever. I feel that on, power rangers doesn’t deserve enough exposure. As I have made my own fan cast for a mighty morphin movie, which could be seen in the link at the bottom of this paige, power rangers should be expanded more on cbm than just in fan casts. In my first of several editorials listing and talking through power ranger history, I am going to be giving you my list of the top 5 power ranger seasons of all time.

Honorable Mention:

Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)

In my opinion, Power Rangers Dino Thunder is the only and best power ranger series produced by ABC/Disney. Before Power Rangers Wild Force, Saban Entertainment fully ran Power Rangers under FOX, and delivered us the power rangers seasons we’ve all come to love. But, when ABC took over, Power Rangers became more childish, less violent, and flat out lame. Anybody would agree that the return of the greatest power ranger ever, Tommy (played by Jason David Frank), made the series great. These three new, energetic new rangers mentored by our older, wiser, and favorite ranger made the series worth watching. Tommy, who becomes a teacher, becomes known as Dr. Oliver, and shares the entire power ranger history in episode two. And for those who then wondered would Tommy come back as a ranger, or just a stay a mentor were answered with their first choice..... Tommy becoming the black ranger. Dino Thunder also did a good job at pleasing older fans with an episode of Tommy facing himself from the past as the green, white, and red ranger! Dino Thunder had spunk, energy, and a semi-decent plot line. Let’s not forget to mention the kick-ass white ranger, Trent. Overall, Power Rangers Dino Thunder included a little bit of everything to give fans back some of the power rangers they missed. Dino Thunder is a fun, refreshing season that over time could make its way into the 5 spot.

Here are the Top 5 Power Rangers Seasons of All Time:

5) Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue (2000)

Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue is the most underrated Power Rangers series of all time. First off, the Rangers are physically gifted people who can do extraordinary things. Carter (the Red Ranger) is a fireman, Chad (the Blue Ranger) is an aquatic specialist, Joel (the Green Ranger) is a pilot known for his acrobatic stunts, Kelsey (the Yellow Ranger) is an expert rock-climber and roller-skater, and Dana (the Pink Ranger) is a paramedic. All of these talented individuals come together to form the Power Ranger Light Speed Rescues team, where they serve more as a powerful S.W.A.T. team than mysterious, magical helpers. In fact, they even drive a big yellow hummer truck to get from place to place in order to stop the Demons. The villain story line is great, and the Demons are nowhere near as silly as some of the other villains and monsters we have seem in the past. Also, the story behind the sixth ranger, Ryan (the Titanium Ranger) is awesome. Where the main villain saves a young Ryan, in return not giving him back to his father, he comes back to give the Rangers there toughest opponent to date. However, Ryan remembers what really happen, and joins the team. The Titanium Ranger is the coolest, and probably one of the strongest power rangers of all time. I remember every time he came on screen I would just blast into excitement. Throw in some love between Joel and the weapons designer, Ms. Fairweather, have a awesome season finale, and have one of the greatest ranger teams ever assembled, you have Power Rangers Light Speed Rescue. It’s easy-going, more realistic style puts it as not only the 5th greatest power ranger season ever, but as one of my favorite power ranger series as well.

4) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)

Although this takes place after the “true” end of the Zordon era, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy kept the tradition alive. Lost Galaxy didn’t just keep the Zordon era alive through the use of older references and characters, but through its tone and action sequences. One thing any older viewer must love about this season is its darker tone, which included several death sequences. They even killed off the Pink Ranger, Kendrix, although she later comes back. Lost Galaxy starred some intense moments, and an epic Red Ranger in Leo, who only got his powers from his brother who died (of course, he comes back too). Leo never quits, and always goes all out, something any fan loves to see. Leo was the definition of a leader, which came from his beloved older brother Mike, whose short stint as the Magna Defender ranger is awesome. Mike as the Magna Defender also belongs in consideration as one of the strongest rangers ever. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy had some of the best fights I had ever seen in a Power Ranger season, and it’s no surprise that the CW brought back this season to headline its new children’s block Vortexx. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy is a season that any fan could just go back to one day and completely fall in love with the show over and over again. Lost Galaxy earns this number 4 spot with ease.

3) Power Rangers in Space (1998)

Power Rangers in Space was in a very difficult position when it had to pick up after the struggling Power Rangers in Turbo season. Turbo went through a difficult time, being that it was the first time where every ranger was changed in with a new one. With a departure of the characters we all have came to love after about 4 seasons, Turbo was hard to enjoy. The thing that also annoyed most viewers about Turbo was the Blue Ranger, Justin, who was a kid who grew to six feet after morphing. But Power Rangers in Space did an unbelievable job of replacing Turbo. What really drove this seasons was that every returning ranger fit there new role much better, and Andros, the new Red Ranger, was the man. Andros had a legendary pony-tail, but besides his hair, he was quick, strong, and a spectacular leader. Power Rangers in Space developed a darker tone every episode, and even created some emotional moments. The Astro Megaship with Alpha 6 was a great base for the rangers, and a future awesome megazord. One of the highlights of Power Rangers in Space was the incredibly versatile silver ranger Zhane, who is released from a cryogenic chamber after two years, and kicks some ass with the rest of the rangers as the season goes on. Space was one of the most emotional, mature, and darker plots. The plot with the villain Astronema had to be one of the most unforeseen moments in Power Rangers. It turns out, spoiler alert, Astronema is actually Andros’s sister, and was brainwashed by Dark Specter to become the evil villain. Power Rangers in Space also featured the Pyscho Rangers, the coolest and most deadly power ranger villains possibly of all time. What really makes Power Rangers in Space so special is its ending of the Zordon era, which is essentially the first 6 seasons of Power Rangers ever. The Space Rangers must destroy the legendary Zordon to end all evil, and destroys every evil villain that ever existed on Power Rangers. Astronema finally realizes she is Karone, and later even becomes Lost Galaxies Pink Ranger! Power Ranges in Space was a new type of Power Ranger season, and to sum it all up, In Space had the greatest season finale of all time. I wouldn’t be surprised if some would even switch this season could to the number 2 slot. (Space also had one of the best theme songs ever!)

2) Power Rangers Time Force(1999)

Anybody who has seen Power Rangers Time Force knows just how freakin’ amazing it is. Power Rangers Time Force incorporated a darker, emotional, romantic and overall, more relatable plot. Power Rangers Time Force starts off in the future, where the Pink Ranger’s (Jen) fiancee named Alex, who is the Red Ranger in the year 3000, dies in a battle with the ruthless villain Ransik. (Yes, he can take a crazy sword out of his knee!) Going back in time to stop Ransik, the police like rangers find Wes, who is Alex’s wealthy ancestor, to become the new Red Ranger. However, Alex tries to hide his wealth and his business-orientated father from the team. With crazy fight scenes, and a growing love connection between Wes and Jen, these power rangers show no mercy to the mutants Ransik sends out. With action-packed episodes, and a plot that always continues to evolve, Erik comes into the spotlight of the show. Erik is an aggressive, hard-noised leader of a tactical team that protects Wes’s father’s lab called the Silver Guardians. One of Wes’s old friends at private school, Erik grew up dirt poor while he saw Wes get handed everything. Erik became envious of Wes, and showed him no respect. Beyond his compelling story, Erik becomes the Quantum ranger, a powerful ranger who has a black and red costume, and decides not to affiliate himself with the rangers. The Quantum ranger is flat-out awesome. One of the best sixth rangers ever, Erik has some signature moves and a powerful sword that separates himself from many rangers in the history of power rangers. Later, Erik decides to befriend the rangers, and Wes and Erik lead the Silver Guardians while the other rangers go back to the future. Wes and Jen at the end admit they love each other, which is a real first in power rangers history. More over, Ransik becomes good, and a interesting storyline with his Ransik’s former henchman shows just how much depth there is to the Power Rangers Time Force plot. I could write a whole article about how great Power Rangers Time Force is, and in fact, I may just do that in the future. But, Power Rangers Time Force is a one of a kind Power Ranger season. With likable characters, emotions, and amazing plots, I highly suggest any comic book movie fan goes onto youtube, netflix, or any other video provider to check out just how awesome Time Force is.

1) Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers (1993-1996)

You knew this was coming, and it honestly should be no surprise. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers was more than just an awesome show, but a cultural icon of the 1990’s. Children, teens, and even some adults idolized these characters for there amazing fighting skills, awesome costumes, likable characters, and uniqueness. The original Power Rangers were groundbreaking, and not just for me, but for thousands of children across America, this show made our early mornings. Every weekend I would look forward to see what’s next for the Power Rangers. Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly kicked serious ass. And when the Green Ranger Tommy came on the scene with his evil rampage, memorable actions, and sweet costume, my heart raced in excitement. To this day no character has had the same effect on me as Tommy had. With love between Kimberly and Tommy, and just some crazy fights, it was a social revolution by the time the Power Rangers went onto there second season. Let’s not forget, these initial characters on Mighty Morphin’ out due any other Power Ranger characters reign on TV. When Tommy became the White Ranger, Rocky, Adam and Aisha came, and the villains expanded from Rita Repulsa to Lord Zedd, the show had so much, parents would enjoy watching it with there own kids. And if anybody could remember when Lord Zedd first came on TV, he was as terrifying and evil as Freddy Kreuger. Also that theme song of there’s brings back childhood memories in an instant. These Power Rangers were social icons. Changing the television experience of America, the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers truly defined the Power Rangers franchise we have came to love today. To this day, I can still watch Mighty Morphin’ and get that big smile that I got almost 20 years ago. It’s insane as to what these Power Rangers were able to achieve, and there’s no doubt in my mind that they will rightfully secure this spot on the greatest Power Rangers seasons of all time list forever. “Go, Go Power Rangers!”

Hope you enjoyed the list, and check out all of these awesome Power Ranger seasons online! Don’t hesitate to leave your comments, questions, and own personal lists in the comment section. And to spread some love for Power Rangers, be sure to click that THUMBS UP (Y) button!

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