Top five reasons Marvel Ultimate Alliance is the best superhero game ever

My opinions/reasons the game is the best of the superhero genre.

The Batman Arkham games were amazing and more of my style but they lacked something. Arkham Asylum, the best of the two, lacked fun boss fights. Arkham City lacked fun boss fights and it had too many villains. Marvel Ultimate Alliance may not be good in the gameplay graphics department but here are my reasons why MUA is the best superhero game ever.


The scope of this game is enormous. It covers from the Helicarrier to Atlantis to places like Mephisto's Realm and Asgard. They're all obviously unique, they bring their own challenges and bring some of the toughest foes in the Marvel Universe. Speaking of foes....


This game has the largest roster of supervillains (as far as I know) in a superhero game and it does it without getting messy, their known as The Masters of Evil. Roster examples: Dr.Doom, Blackheart, Galactus, Attuma, Tiger Shark, Loki, Enchantress and Executioner. This game has an insane but amazing arsenal.


Do I seriously have to say it? Ok, I will. It has the largest and the best set of superheroes ever. Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor, Wolverine, DareDevil, Dr.Strange, Blade, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, Fantastic Four, ect. You get the idea. You got to have an amazing roster of heroes if you have an amazing roster of villains that want to take over the stinking planet.


I've honestly never played an RPG like this before. Literally, I never played the X-MEN: Legends games but from I have seen, the games don't look all that great. The gameplay for this game is not only a strength but also a weakness. It's fairly simple, easy to remember and fun but also a little bit limited. We get finishers but their better in MUA2.


No superhero game in history has a more epic story than this game. Marvel Ultimate Alliance brings together the worlds greatest heroes to take on The Masters of Evil whom are lead by Dr.Doom who wants to take over the world. Sounds simple right? Well, Doom gives you at one point a choice that for me was near impossible. Save either Jean Grey or Nightcrawler. He also goes as far as stealing Odins powers. That's when you have to get the M'Kraan Crystal and defeat Galactus. I feel the story as it should be with every game the strongest and best point of the entire game. This game took it to an epic level that I never even would be able to imagine.

Overall: This game is epic on every level and is super fun. While it may not have the strongest graphics out there, it does give you hours of fun through the different worlds of the Marvel Universe and meet some characters that you may not even heard of (that's what is was for me for awhile) and you collect things like mission disks. Those help build in more fun as well as more challenge to the game. I was all smiles through out the game. It is my personal favorite superhero game and yes the glitches in the game were annoying, I didn't find many though. This is the best superhero game ever.

What do you think? What's yours? Explain in five reasons why that game is the best superhero game ever. Comment below and be respectful.
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