Top Phase 2 Movies That I`m Excited For

I don`t know about you but I enjoy reading other people`s thoughts.So click if you feel like it and remember to coment!

First of all let me tell you that putting together this list wasn`t easy at all. Up until now I`ve just said that I was excited for all of them. But today I`m sick with strep and I decided i would determine once and for all what order they would go in. NOTE: i don`t know really what phase ant man would fall in but I put put him in anyway.

6 Ant Man

Now as I said I had an extermaly hard time making this list. Now i`m an Ant Man fan but this is just how it came out on the list. It might of Been higher on the list if:

1. The test reel was out
2. There was more easter eggs references etc.
3. The release date wasn`t where it is.

I`m sure the test reel will be out soon but really we need some concept art and easter eggs. An Iron Man 3 post-credit scene would be great.

5 Thor:The Dark World

This one, ca:tws and im3 were the hardest to determine. All are sequels and both were in The Avengers. But Iron Man 3 won it over in the end. my excitement rose when it was announced that all 9 realms would be featured. all of us were dissapointed that emora and the executioner wouldn`t be in the film but we learned to live with Eccleston as Malekith.

4 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

If done right this movie could be epicly great. I`m doubtful of the ruso bros but i will have faith in marvel. The reason I put this before ttdw was because I like shield and guns and tech more than I like mythical magic hammers.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel is taking it exteremly risky with this this film. sure us fanboys will see it but what about the normal people? as for the villan i want it to be either adam warlock or Kang. also adam warlock and Nova will most likely be featured

2.Iron Man 3

Do I even need to explain this one? We all saw the trailer and we all saw the pics. Ater seeing that how can you not be excited about this epic movie?

1. The Avengers Sequel

now this is something I think all of you would agree on. I just hope jl doesn`t get a release date close to my 1st and if it does I hope a2 beats it.

so there it is. sorry about that last remark but it was true! so be sure to leave some coments. avengers72 over and out.
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