Ultimate Superman Vol 1 (Genesis)

Ultimate Superman Vol 1 (Genesis)

Ultimate Superman Vol 1...

Ultimate Superman

Written by
Jeremy Harris

Based on
Superman Created by
Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
©2010 DC Comics

Superman Begins Arc Outline.
ACT 1 (pp.1-20):
The story starts off with General Dru-Zod with Vala and Jax-Ur by his side, speaking to the Military Guild in a rally about over throwing the kryptonian science council and establishing new world order with him as the ruler. After Zod’s speech, there are loud cheers from his followers screaming his name. Then Zod and his followers starts surrounding and attacking the science council. Zod, Vala, and Jax-Ur walks toward the council elders with Zod tossing one of the elders aside and proclaiming that Krypton is now under the order of Zod. The revolution was stopped by Jor-el and his younger brother Zor-el by taking one of Zod’s follower’s helmet and turning on the ultrasonic waves in the helmet that brought them down.
The krytonian police arrest Zod, Vala, and Jax-Ur and when Zod sees that Jor-el is responsible for his plans being foiled, he grabs a gun and attempts to kill him but kills Zor-el instead. A memorial service is held for Zor-el the next day with Jor-el consoling Alura and Kara about their loss. The next day, Zod and his two co-cospirators were put on trial for insurrection where they are found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life in the Phantom Zone with the exception of Vala who receives 25 years. Jor-el shows up with the Phantom Zone projector set to activate it when Zod tries to coax Jor-el to reconsider and join him. Jor-el activates the projector and sends them to the Phantom Zone with Zod swearing vengeance on him and the whole House of El.

Days after Zod’s sentence, Jor-el studies the quakes that have been occurring for weeks. He collects data and returns to his home. In his lab, Jor-el analyzes the data to discover that the rising pressure from the core will destroy the planet eventually. The next day, Jor-el starts warning the council about the destruction of Krypton only to be discredited by Brainiac and shunned by the council considering him to be a mad man. Still believing that he was right, Jor-el breaks into Brainiac's central unit and discovers that he is correct, and Brainiac knows it. Brainiac lied so that he could secretly download himself into a satellite and escape the planet's destruction, rather than be ordered to waste time preparing an evacuation plan.
According to Brainiac, the essence of Krypton's knowledge is more important than that of its people. Jor-El is tempted to destroy Brainiac then and there, but Brainiac convinces him to hold back, reminding him that, without Brainiac, the planet's legacy will be erased forever. Due to the hesitation, Brainiac calls security convincing them that Jor-el is an intruder and tries to arrest him but Jor-el takes them down in combat taking off on one of the guard’s hover cycle. One of the guards calls for back up and Brainiac advises them to use deadly forces as Jor-el is armed. The guards follow Jor-el shooting at him and he shoots back taking each of them down.
Brainiac prepares deadly weapons to attack Jor-el but only hits the hover cycle then informs the guards that he (Jor-el) is at level 5, north wing. Jor-el breaks the windows as the guards were approaching and jumps sliding down the building getting in the process. Jor-el arrives to his house wounded. His Wife Lara runs to him shocked wonder what had happened to him. Jor-el explains that Brainiac tried to killed him and lied about Jor-el data being false only to evacuate himself believing that he is the only that should live and the police would over here soon.
Suddenly, an earthquake occurs and Jor-el holds on to Lara as they go to baby Kal-el’s room as the baby was asleep. Jor-el tells Lara that Kal-el must leave Krypton at once. Lara asks to where and Jor-el tells her to the planet earth then Jor-el wraps Kal-el in the red, blue, yellow banner with the House of El Crest. They go to Jor-el’s lab placing Kal-el in a space ark. Lara tells Jor-el that Kal-el would be alone on planet earth. Jor-el tells Lara “If Kal-el stays, he will die with us. He deserves a chance of life; I’ve been to Earth when I was a teenager. Under the yellow sun, he will have powers beyond the humans like I did. He will be their salvation.” Jor-el places an orb in the ship.
Meanwhile, people of krypton panics as the earthquake gets worse with buildings coming down. Alura and Kara rushes to a space arc similar to what Jor-el had built then gets Kara inside the ship. Kara is reluctant to leave her mother behind especially when she had just lost her father. However, she was told that she has to watch over Kal-el on Earth and was sent off. Meanwhile, Brainiac downloads himself into a satellite and takes off. At the Last minute, Jor-el activates Kal-el’s ship and it takes off fast leaving Krypton. Lara worries that Kal-el will not be loved by the humans but Jor-el tells her that he will be fine and has a bigger destiny than their own. They share a kiss before krypton explodes.

ACT 2 (pp.21-35):
18 years has passed since krypton exploded and Kal-el’s ship was sent to earth where it landed in Smallville, Kansas. He was found by a young couple “The Kents” who adopts Kal-el and names him Clark Kent. Clark Kent could be seen scoring the winning touchdown making the Smallville Crows Undefeated with people calling his name. Lana Lang runs over to Clark kissing him as her way of congratulating him. The coach tells Jonathan that Clark millions as a professional in the NFL.
Jonathan looks a bit disappointed saying maybe. Jonathan tells Clark that they have to talk. Clark tells him that he promised Lana they would go to the Talon after the game but Jonathan tells him to come with him now. Clark asks Jonathan if he was mad but tells that he’s not mad just disappointed. At the Kent Farm, Jonathan and Clark head to the loft. Jonathan then tells Clark that it was time to him the truth. Jonathan starts to tell Clark the truth about him being adopted and how he may not be from this planet. Jonathan takes the covers off revealing the rocket and goes inside showing Clark the banner and the orb. Clark touches the orb and it suddenly glows with the house of el crest beaming at him sending Clark to Krypton.
There he meets his biological parents, Jor-el and Lara revealing that his real name is Kal-el and they are his parents. Then Jor-el tells Clark everything about Krypton and how he’s different from the humans. Clark claims that he is a human. Jor-el tells Clark that his body draws in strength from the yellow sun and that it’ll give him abilities that no human being has and warns him that some will fear him and some might even kill him but he should use his powers to help the human race for they will look up to him as a hero. Lara tells Clark that they will love him always and disappears.
Clark is back at the loft distraught about what he had learn and confronts Jonathan about hiding this secret for so long and runs away in super speed. As Clark keeps running, he gets closer to the edge then leaps over it only to start floating developing the ability to fly. Amazed that he could fly, Clark flies all over Smallville for awhile then flies home where Jonathan and Martha are standing outside and makes a landing then the three would embrace each other. Clark (wearing his Smallville red blue attire) holds the House of El banner and the orb thinking about Jor-el and Lara said. Jonathan enters the loft and asks Clark if he was ok. Clark talks to him about what Jor-el said about using powers to help the human race and ties to figure out how.
Jonathan tells him that Jor-el’s right but he can’t do it as Clark Kent looking at the House of El banner suggesting that he wears a costume based the banner to honor Jor-el’s wishes. As Clark was about to talk, his super hearing picks up the sound of a twister hitting Smallville then flies off. The twister wreaks havoc in Smallville moving close to the gas station where local man Randy Harris is filling his car up with gas but sees the twister moving towards him then Clark flies toward Mr. Harris saving him and shielding him from the explosion caused by the twister. The twister keeps wreaking havoc then leaves and Smallville is left in a complete wreck. Mr. Harris asks if Clark had just flown but thinks that the twister had picked him up.
Clark heads back home to find the farm in a wreck and shouts for his parents then the Kents comes out of the shelter with Jonathan telling Clark that there was no need to shout and they embrace. Clark gets the tractor off the roof flying down telling his parents that the town looks worse than the farm and that for some reason, he cannot help thinking he could’ve done more. The next day, Clark heads to Smallville Community Church and has a conversation with Pastor Sam about the twister, graduation, and the next choice to make. Pastor Sam asks Clark if he confided with his parents about this because they could be a great comfort at times like this. Clark explains that he did but asks what if one man was able to be prevent all this destruction but didn’t.
Pastor Sam tells him that they do what they are able to do, some less, some more. But when the Lord sets the course, there’s nothing any man can do about it. Pastor Sam’s name was called the leaves telling Clark to look to the Lord for guidance. Clark looks down and mutters “what if there is one man that can?” A few months later, the night after graduation, Clark reveals his secret to Lana who believed that Clark was going to propose to her but realizes that she couldn’t have him to herself and tells him that he has to leave Smallville and calls him “Superman”. The two then share a passionate kiss. A few days later, Clark has his suitcase and is wearing a formal professional suit. Clark and his parents say their goodbyes and Martha asks Clark if he has the suit she made from the banner. Clark tells her that he has it. Jonathan wishes Clark luck is Metropolis University and Clark puts his glasses on.

ACT 3(pp.36-50):
Four years has passed by and since he was eighteen, Clark has worn his costume and went by Superman. However, because he was always shy from the cameras, he was always appears in a red-blue blur and leaving behind his symbol after saving the day each time but that would soon change. The Constitution space shuttle was hit by a civilian plane that slipped through security cordon. Clark Kent, now twenty-two years old sees the space shuttle falling for the sky and runs to a dark alley where he rips shirt open to reveal his superman costume. Inside the shuttle, Lois Lane, a top-notch reporter yells at the pilots of how this is going to be front page if she lives. The captain tells Lois to sit down when the shuttle is tilted to the side making Lois fall back blaming the pilots thinking they did that on purpose.
The pilots tell Lois that it wasn’t them and that something caught it. Superman catches the shuttle landing it safely and Lois leaves the shuttle to try to get an interview with Superman but the press were gathering around Superman. Superman whispers “Watch this, Miss Lane” and flies off telling the people he’s Superman and is here to help. Lois is at the Daily Planet finishing up her story on Superman when she is approached by John Corben a field correspondent for the Daily Planet who just returned from Afghanistan and asks Lois out but Lois rebuffs it saying that she is not interested. John looks at her computer screen seeing the story she is typing and shows disgusts saying “So the red-blue blur finally decided to reveal himself, first the vigilante goes in and out saving the day and leaving his mark now he’s finally decides to show himself to the world and is now called Superman? More like Super menace to me.”
Lois berates Corben about how that attitude will never make her interested in him then prints out her article telling him she has to turn in this Pulitzer Prize winning article. John tells her that the story is already been turned in which shocks Lois and tells her that a new guy by the name of Clark Kent submitted it to Perry White. Lois storms in Perry White’s office demanding to know how could she the ace reporter in the Daily Planet but scooped by some newbie name Clark Kent. Perry tells her that Kent had the story first and decided to go with it making it front page. Perry shows a copy of the front page story “Red Blue Blur reveals himself as Superman” and Lois looks at the paper that Perry's just handed her with a sense of disbelief and anger. Perry then walks Lois to Clark Kent’s desk as Clark was typing then calls Clark’s name making Clark turn his attention to Mr. White and Lois.
Perry introduces Lois and Clark to each other. Lois and Clark shake hands even though she’s mad that Kent scooped her. Jimmy Olsen walks over to Mr. White handing him his coffee and greets Clark. Mr. White tells Lois to take Clark out there to meet everybody and that he’s giving Clark the city beat in which Lois confronts Perry about but he tells her that not only does Kent know how to treat his editor in chief with respect, not only does he have a snappy, punchy prose style but he is in 70 years in this business, the fastest typist that he have ever seen. Then Perry leaves to go to his office and Lois looks at Clark asking if there were anyone like him back at home. Clark tells her no and Lois said “didn’t think so” and leaves then Clark resume to typing.
At Lexcorp, Lex Luthor (with a head of hair) stands there looking at Metropolis from his window. His assistant Tess Mercer comes into Lex’s office telling him about Superman’s debut and that many people may now see Superman as Metropolis Marvel and ask what he was going to do. Lex tells her that he’ll have Superman on his payroll and tells her to send invitations to Lois lane and Clark Kent to his party on his yacht. Back at the Planet after working his hours, Clark heads out to leave when Lois approaches Clark telling him that she’s one that gets the big scoop around here, she doesn’t get involved in her stories, and tells him not to fall for her it’ll never happen. Clark tells that she’s going to have completion. Lois tells Clark “We’ll see about that Kent!”
Late at night, a little boy is on top of an apartment building chasing a cat stepping on his shoe laces falling until swoops in saving the kid. The boy thanks him and tells how cool his costume is and Superman thanks and gives him his hat flying off saying goodbye. A robbery (very similar to the robbery in Superman Returns) occurs and Superman intervenes. A man beats a woman and attempts to rape her when Superman comes in throwing the guy over the trash can. The rapist pulls out a knife stabbing Superman but the knife gets shattered and he faints. Superman grabs a metal bar and bends it around the guy telling the woman to call the cops and tell them what happened flying off.
The next day at the Planet, news about Superman are all over each television screens and Clark goes to his desk when Lois shows up and gives him an invitation telling him that it’s to Lex Luthor’s party at his yacht. She tells Clark that he is her date and to dress formal and not to get any ideas that she likes him. Jimmy shows up telling Clark and Lois that Mr. White wants to see them both. They both head to Perry’s office where Perry is talking about Superman and that he wants the story of who he is, what he stands for, why is he here, and etc. He tells them that whoever gets this story that it will be the greatest thing since God talked to Moses then dismisses them.
Later on after work, Clark goes to his apartment and calls his parents telling them how things in Metropolis were going. Two days later while working out, Clark hears a knock on the door and opens it to see Lois in a sexy black dress. Clark compliments Lois and she asks if he had forgotten about the party. Clark tells her he’ll be ready in a second and goes to his room. Lois looks around his apartment finding a picture of Clark on the Smallville football team and sees another picture of a young Clark, Pete Ross, and Lex Luthor.
She is surprised to know that Clark and Lex were childhood friends and looks at a picture of the Kents then Clark comes out of his room in a tux. Lois then asks Clark “How could your parents raise a swine like you Clark?” and he sighs asking if she was ever going to forgive him for scooping her on Superman’s debut. Lois and Clark then leave the apartment and heads up to the roof top where a Lexcorp helicopter is waiting for them. Clark angrily asks if this was legal and Lois tells him that anything that involves Lex Luthor is above the law. She goes on to explain on their way to the party that Lex is the second richest person in the world and owns every business in Metropolis.
She also tells Clark that despite any illegal activities Luthor has been involved in; no one has been able to connect his name to anything and has doubts that he is all good. Entering the yacht, they were greeted by Lex Luthor. Lex shook hands with Clark telling him that it’s been a long time and compliments him on his story of Superman’s Debut and Lois paces the corners jealous. Tess walks up to Lex informing him that Mayor Berkowtiz arrived while he and Clark were talking and catching up on old times. Lex then asks Clark if he could talk to Lois in private. Clark leaves and Lois enters the room. Lex asks her if she likes his gift and if she would be interested in a relationship with him.
Lois get furious and ultimately turns him down telling him that she does not want to be showered with gifts, she’s not interested in him, and refuses to be trophy wife number 3. Lois then takes off the black dress and grabs a long jacket throwing the dress at Lex telling him to take this is dress with him to hell storming out of the room. As Lois storms out, she grabs Clark telling him that they are leaving. As Clark and Lois walks down the hall, Lois tells Clark that she can’t stand Lex and compares him to Corben on how they both try to buy her off to earn her heart then asks how this evening could get any worse when a gun is pointed at Lois by a terrorist. Clark then moves in front of Lois telling her to get back as he and the terrorist were struggling over the gun.
Clark gets the upper hand as he knocked the terrorist out with a punch only to get shot by another terrorist falling overboard. Lois gets furious punching and kicking the terrorist that shot Clark then the guy struck her back and pushed her over with the other hostages. As the terrorist was about to begin their demands, the boat is lifted up the air enough for the terrorist to be distracted enough for Lois to give them the ultimate beat down. Superman can be seen under the boat carrying it to the Metropolis Air Base. He places it on ground then flies to Lois’ aid saving her from getting shot by using himself as a shield then destroys the guns with heat vision. As People got off the yacht, Superman gave the terrorist to the general and soldiers telling them that they can take it from here. The mayor and Lois thanks Superman for his help and Lex comes out with a million dollar check congratulating him and saying that he is on his payroll now. Superman uses heat vision to burn the check telling Lex that he is on nobody’s payroll but Lex tells him that anyone in Metropolis works for him. Lex goes on to explain that Superman’s help was not required as he had his security back down to put him to the test to see what he could really do. Shocked by Luthor’s confession, Superman asks how Lex could let this proceed and that lives were on the line. Lois walks over to Lex and slaps him hard blaming him for the death of Clark Kent but Superman tells him that he saved Clark and that he was in the hospital. The mayor charges Lex of reckless endangerment and deputizes Superman to arrest him. Lex tells him the mayor that he can’t be arrested because he is the most powerful man in Metropolis but the mayor tells him not anymore and was taken to jail by Superman. Three days later, Lex gets out of jail avoiding the press heading toward his helicopter with Tess waiting for him. Lex gets in the copter and takes off. Tess confronts him about the stunt he pulled at the yacht and how his credibility is now down the drain then shows him the daily planet front page story titled “The Fall of Lex Luthor”. Lex snatches the newspaper and balls it up blaming Superman for deliberately humiliating him and that he is a dead man. Meanwhile, Lois is arriving to her desk when she sees flowers and a card from John Corben and discards them in disgust. John greets her and makes an advance toward but Lois quickly makes it clear she wants nothing to do with his continued advances, and that he's overestimated her interest in him for the last time. Corben starts to get rough by grabbing her arm and Clark steps in at the right moment, telling him to leave Lois alone. Corben berates Clark to back off calling him farm boy or else. Clark challenges him asking “or else what Corben?” and Corben punches Clark in the chest only to break his hand shocking Lois. Clark then punches Corben telling him to never underestimate a farm boy. Lois amazed and shocked asks Clark what his secret was. Clark tells Lois that he works out at the gym every day after work and Lois tells him that maybe she should go to the gym sometimes. Clark walks away smiling and agrees that she should. Later on at night on the roof of the Daily Planet, Lois stands by the globe waiting for Superman to come at 8’o clock but it’s already 8:00 p.m. and he’s not here. Lois sighs pulling out a cigarette and was to light it up when a voice behind her tells her that she really shouldn’t smoke which startles her and turns to Superman grinning telling him because of lung cancer. Superman uses x-ray vision to look at her lungs telling her thankfully no and apologizes for startling her. Superman tells her he was sure that there are a lot of questions about him that people in the world want to know about him and that he thinks it’s fair for him to answer them. Lois gets out her digital recorder and starts recording then asks a lot of questions and Superman replies to every question. Lois asks Superman why is he here and he tells her that he is here to fight for Truth, Justice, and the American way. Lois doesn’t believe it and Superman tells her that he never lies. Lois then asks him how fast could he fly and Superman tells her that he never tried to time himself than comes up with an idea to have Lois fly with him. Lois grins loving the idea and agrees to fly with Superman walking closer and holds onto him as he starts to fly around Metropolis (Similar to the Superman and Lois romantic flying sequence except Lois doesn’t slip out of Superman’s hand and falls). The moment before returning to the Daily Planet, Superman and Lois looks into each other’s eyes where for that moment there is a strong connection between them. They return to the Daily Planet on the rooftop, Superman tells her that they forgot to themselves. Lois nods telling him that she had a great time. Lost in the moment, Lois kisses Superman then Lois pulls back apologizing but Superman kisses her back. Corben is seen watching them and walks away angrily. Superman and Lois pull away smiling and he tells her that he has to go and flies saying good night. Lois stands there smiling as she was left speechless then heads inside. On a Saturday afternoon at the Kent Farm, Jonathan (now in his early fifties) was working on the tractor and asks “Can you stay for dinner?” and turns to see Clark and smiles. Meanwhile at Lexcorp, Lex reads the exclusive interview with Superman by Lois Lane. He keeps reading the story to himself and grins calling Tess to his office at once. Tess enters Lex’s office asking what does he want and Lex gives her the article telling her to read it. Tess asks why and he tells her to read Superman background as she describes that Superman’s 6’4”, weighs 225lbs, never lies, fights for Truth, Justice and The American Way, imperious to pain and is from another galaxy on the Planet Krypton and asks what was his point. Lex tells her the point is that 22 years ago Krypton had exploded and fragments of Krypton went into outer space and that some drifted to Earth as meteorites. He shows Tess the container of kryptonite and she asks what he’s up to. Lex tells her that he will create the ultimate weapon to kill Superman with the help of a reporter on his payroll showing an anti-superman article by John Corben. Corben is at the Metropolis Tavern sitting by the bar drinking away his sorrows. Corben asks the bar tender (who is really Tess) for another round. Tess pours something into Corben’s drink and gives it to him. Corben drinks up and starts to have chest pains dropping the mug then collapsing. Meanwhile at the Kent Farm, The Kents have dinner with a conversation about Clark’s secret identity. Clark tells his parents that he loves being Superman because he finally feels free to be who he really is. Jonathan tells him that he anticipated that would happen and Clark tells Jonathan that he couldn’t have imagined how good it felt. Jonathan reminds Clark of Jor-el’s warning that some will fear him or will try to kill him. Clark tells him that he will be careful and is congratulated for doing a great job as Superman and to keep it up. A knock on the door is heard and Clark goes to the door opening it to see Chief Parker. Chief Parkers tells the Kents that a flood is coming and that everyone is evacuating to Smallville Community Church. Jonathan and Martha get up and grabbed all of their emergency things then put them in the truck. The chief leaves the farm and Clark tells his parents that he is not sure about them driving in this condition. Jonathan tells him that he’s been through worst and that he should not to worry about them but those who really need it. Clark tells them that he will meet them at the church and changed into his costume flying off as his parents head to the church. Three elder men are on a motor boat and one of the elders tells them that it’s hopeless then when they see Superman, they say that they see hope. Superman then sees the dam was cracking up and prevents the dam from bursting by using heat vision to seal the cracks closed. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Martha are trying to make it to the church when the flood comes toward them knocking him out of the truck and Martha panics when the truck starts going down but was saved by Superman. Superman takes the truck to church getting Martha out and sees that Jonathan is missing then flies back to where he saved his mother seeing his father hanging on to a limb of a tree. Jonathan could not hang on any longer and starts to fall only to be saved by Superman and was taken to the church. Jonathan then wakes up relieving both Superman and Martha. Back at Metropolis, John is in the hospital where he is told Dr. Vale that the chest pain was a result of rare and terminal disease found only Afghanistan. John flips out from the revelation of having the disease and Dr. Vale promises him that he will do the best that he can and leaves. Lex enters the room and consoles Corben about the disease and tells him that there is a way to avoid death. Corben was eager to accept any offering that Lex had and gets told that he would have to have his body replaced with a robotic one in order to destroy the viral disease. Corben makes the deal with Lex and leaves with him to his limousine heading to Lex Corp. At Lex Corp, Corben is on the table and asks Lex why does he want to help him and Lex tells him because like him, Corben has a vendetta against Superman and think that he is a dangerous vigilante. Lex asks him if he would like the honor in ending Superman’s life and Corben accepts it. Lex puts Corben to sleep and calls in Dr. Vale to begin the operation pulling the covers to reveal an exoskeleton cyborg with kryptonite in a container. Back at Smallville Community Church, Pastor Sam lifts up the spirits of the townspeople and Clark by telling them that even though homes were lost and properties were damaged, nobody lost their lives and that they were truly blessed that Superman was around. Sam also tells that sometimes people forget that through hardship that they often find reward and that times can be grim but there is a brighter day coming. The next day, Clark and his parents goes into a group hug as Clark tells them goodbye and he flies off back to Metropolis. A few days later at Lexcorp after the operation, John looks into the mirror telling Lex that he feels better than ever and Lex tells him that they should run some test on him. These tests show Corben’s invulnerability and strength but he starts to realize that he cannot feel anything. Luthor promises that adjustments will be made but Superman’s death is his number one priority and that he should remember that he is doing this for Superman’s failure to save his sister. At the train station, Corben just walks on by when he gets approached by a florist to smell a rose only to find out that he cannot smell then pushes her out of the way. Corben goes on the railroad tracks with the train approaching toward him and gets stopped by him. Corben lifts the train and throws it toward people and grins. At the Daily Planet, Perry congratulates Clark on getting the front page story of Superman stopping the flood and wishes that most of his reporters would go out of town for the weekend then come back with a front page story. Lois, who’s angry to be scooped again by Clark, approaches him and asks how he gets all his stories. Clark grins tell her that everyone has their secrets and walks away but gets stopped by Lois again demanding that he tells her his secret. Clark tells her that he is really Superman masquerading as a journalist to know when he is needed and then writes about it. Lois thinks that Clark is joking and making fun of her then calls him a sick bastard then walks away. Then Clark and Lois turn their attention to the news where a reporter is talking about Corben wreaking havoc in Metropolis in which he is reported to be bulletproof and strong just like Superman. Clark goes to the storage room taking off his glasses and opens the window jumping out then changes into Superman. Meanwhile, Corben was causing more havoc when Superman flies in punching him into a building. Superman walks toward Corben asking how he did it. Corben explains that he got elective surgery making him as strong as him. Superman tells him that this has to stop and that he could help him. Corben grins telling Superman that he doesn’t want help; he wants him dead then punches Superman multiple times. Superman then punches Corben multiple times and sends into a wall. Superman flies toward him when Corben opens his metal chest revealing the kryptonite heart making Superman feel weak. Corben grins as he walks closer to Superman telling him that the rock inside him is kryptonite, a fragment of his home planet Krypton. Corben explains that to humans it’s harmless but to anyone from Krypton it’s lethal and beats Superman senseless then throws him out of the building to the ground. Corben jumps to the ground moving closer to Superman and tells him that he will be able to kill him with the kryptonite thanks to Luthor. A car suddenly hits Corben and the door opens to reveal the driver to be Lois who comes to Superman’s aid. However, she gets approached by Corben who tells that he may have traded his heart for this meteorite but it still beats for her. Lois punches Corben but hurts her hand and gets kissed by him. Corben was even more shocked that he could not even feel a kiss and Superman gets in Lois’ car driving towards Corben. Superman hits him with the car sending Corben off the bridge. Lois goes to Superman asking him if he was alright and he tells her that he was getting there then apologizes for her car. At Dr. Vale’s office, Corben goes up to Dr. Vale about the adjustments that Luthor promised but was told the adjustments cannot be made and he was stuck like this forever. Corben goes insane beating Dr. Vale to death then goes to the mirror ripping off some of his fake skin and breaks the mirror declaring himself as Metallo. Later on, Clark and Lois investigate the crime scene where Dr. Vale has been murdered by Metallo. They look around trying to find something linking to Corben becoming Metallo not believing that he would take his vendetta against Superman this far. Lois then explains that while Corben was away in Afghanistan, his sister Rebecca lived in Metropolis and that one day, a truck carrying prisoners had a mishap and was rescued by Superman when he was the Red-Blue Blur but amid the commotion, a murderer managed to escape and ended up killing her. Lois also explains that since then, John has always been trying to expose Superman to the world as a vigilante. Clark finds a file on Corben finding out he has a rare disease from Afghanistan and operation: secret weapon reading it. As he keeps reading, Clark discovers that Luthor made orders to poison Corben to make him come to Lexcorp for a solution which resulted in him becoming Metallo. Meanwhile at Lexcorp, Lex stands there viewing Metropolis and Metallo breaks in surprising him. Metallo asks Lex if he likes his new look because it would be the last thing he sees. Lex asks if there was a problem and Metallo tells him that he can’t taste, smell, or even enjoy the pleasure of a kiss anymore and that it his turn. Lex backs up telling him that it’s temporary but Metallo does not believe it and chokes him. As Metallo is choking Lex, Superman appears outside in front Lex’s office. Metallo drops Lex to the ground and asks Superman if he was back for a rematch then Superman tells him that they need to talk. Metallo tells Superman if he wants to talk then they should talk shooting kryptonite beam from his eyes. The beams strike Superman down and Metallo jumps out of Lex’s office then punches Superman to fall faster to the ground. Metallo lands on the ground grabbing Superman’s torn cape laughing and gloating believing that he finally killed Superman. Superman suddenly emerges from the ground flying towards Metallo and yells “Like Hell!” sending Metallo through a building. Superman then beats the hell out of Metallo until he opens his metal chest revealing kryptonite. Superman gets weak once puts up a good fight with Metallo but gets the crap beaten out of him to a point where he spits out blood from his mouth onto the ground. Metallo then blasts kryptonite beams from his kryptonite heart at Superman causing him much more pain than ever. Metallo walks over to Superman grabbing him by the shirt and tells him some enemy he is. Superman tells him that Luthor is the enemy and that he did this to him. Metallo refuses to believe it and tells Superman that Luthor saved him from the deadly virus. Superman pulls out the plans Lex made to make Corben into Metallo and tells him to read it. Metallo reads it and was shocked that Lex had made orders to poison him with the virus. Metallo leaves Superman behind telling him to wait here while he kills Lex. Metallo leaps into Lex’s office telling him that his time has come. Lex backs away asking Metallo what he was doing and tells him that he has to finish Superman off. Metallo tells Lex that he will after he kills him first. Lex tells Metallo that Superman is trying to turn them against each other and reminds of Superman’s failure to save Becca’s life. Meanwhile, Superman gets up and flies toward the sun to heal from all of Metallo’s attacks. A few minutes later, Superman flies off to Lexcorp to stop Metallo from killing Lex. Back at Lexcorp, Metallo starts to beat Lex down blaming him for everything that has happened to him and that it was time to pay the toll with his life. Lex begs Metallo not to kill him and that he had scientist all over the world working the adjustments he need but Metallo tells him that it was too late and that it was time to die. Before Metallo could deliver the fatal blow to Lex, Superman flies in toward with force sending him to a wall. Metallo was about to about to open his metal chest when Superman uses heat vision to seal it shut which makes it a fair fight between the two. Superman and Metallo battle each other exchanging punches to punches in which Superman gets the upper hand. Superman delivers a final powerful blow to Metallo that sends him flying out of Lexcorp into to an electronic billboard shocking and shutting him down. Lex looks on and grins. Superman turns his attention to Lex telling him that he is getting sloppy and that one day when he slips up, it will be a nail to his coffin then flies off. Superman flies around Metropolis as everyone cheered on him screaming his name.
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