Uncharted 2:Among Thieves Fancast

Since I did a fancast for Drake's Fortune it was only fair that I did another fancast for the award-winning sequel, Among Thives.

Nathan Drake

Josh Duhamel

As Seen In:
NBC's Las Vegas

Everytime I see him in interviews he always has a good humored, laid back vibe to him which is similar to Nate's personality but has shown to kick ass in action roles like in Transformers, not to mention he has the whole rugged, wise ass look to him.

Elena Fisher

Emily Rose

As Seen In:
Syfy's Haven
John From Cincinnati

If anyone from the voice cast can play their respective character in a live action adaption it would be Emily. She essentially IS Elena, she did her voice over, her motion capture and gave Elena her distinct voice, not to mention she's around the same age, 5'4, blonde and is just as attractive as Elena.

Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan

Jeff Bridges

As Seen In:
The Big Lebowski
Iron Man
True Grit

There's no denying "The Dude" is one of the most talented actors around these days. He's about the same age as Sully and has a voice deep enough to deliver Sully's famous "goddamn"

Chloe Frazer

As Seen In:
Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
HBO's Game of Thrones

Chloe was the hardest character to cast, I essentially thought Gemma Arterton or Olivia Wilde would be decent but I cant see either of them pulling off the tough girl look.

Harry Flynn

Henry Ian Cusick
Jack Davenport

As Seen In:
Pirates of The Caribbean (JD)

Desmond was one of my favorite characters on LOST and I always thought Henry would be a good Flynn however after rewatching "Dead Man's Chest" I thought Davenport would be good as well, besides he's already British..

Zoran Lazarevich

Graham Mctavish
Watch this Behind The Scenes clip and skip to 9:25 - 10:45.
That alone convinced me.

Karl Shafer

Anthony Hopkins

As Seen In:
Silence of The Lambs
Legends of the Fall

I admit I got a bit lazy with this casting, its a shame using such a Legendary actor for such a small character but eh what the hell...


Greg Myhre

Jeff isnt that big a character as it is so I thought just cast his voice actor who pretty much looks exactly like him.
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