Uncharted:Drake's Fortune Fancast

Uncharted:Drake's Fortune Fancast

Since David O.Russell and Marky Mark are out, Uncharted fans now have a new hope to see a proper adaption of this great Video Game Series.

I've played through both Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves countless time and these are my picks for who should play each character.

"A modern day Indiana Jones with a sharp wit"

My Picks:

Nolan North

He is Nate himself. He knows the character better than anyone else, has done his Motion Capture and ADR.

Josh Duhamel

He has that tall, rugged look to him and seeing him on NBC's Las Vegas and in Michael Bay's Transformers he can pull off the charming rogue who can kick ass with a gun.

"The reporter with the cute girl next door look and a heart of gold"

My Pick:

Emily Rose

Like Nolan North, she provided the characters voice and mo-cap and watching her on Syfy's Haven proves she's a talented actress.

"Nate's Mentor who enjoys his women as much as he loves his cigar"

My Pick:

Jeff Bridges

Jeff is without a doubt one of the most talented actors in the business today. He has the charm and the voice deep enough to deliver Sully's famed "Goddamn" quip

"A sadistic crimelord who has dealt with Nate and Sully in the past"

My Pick:

Alan Dale

After playing the mysterious Charles Widmore on Lost, he has a commanding presense despite being a secondary character. Not to mention the fact he looks just like him.

"Mercenary Leader with a hidden agenda"

My Pick:

Benicio Del Toro

He's a great actor and I loved him in Snatch, 21 Grams, License to Kill and Che. He seems to always play the baddie and does so really well.

"An old rival and friend of Nate's"

My Pick:

Amaury Nolasco

This is the one I had the most trouble with. I'm aware he's not Indonesian like Eddy but I thought what the hell, hollywood can make it work.
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