UPDATE: Batman Trilogy Fancast

UPDATE: Batman Trilogy Fancast

Check out my fancast for a Batman movie trilogy.

This my fan-cast for a trilogy of films that would start off with a pseudo origin film and then contiue on. I would also like to state that this is not a reboot, but another set of stories to tell. Batman has so many different incarnations and so many people see him in a different way. I believe Tim Burton told his Batman story and Joel Schumacher told his (wish he hadn't though). Christopher Nolan told his story had put his own touch on a great character. I think we have to look at each set of Bat-films not as reboots, but as just another vision and another set of stories to tell.

The first film would be based on the animated film, Mask of the Phantasm. It would follow the story of Bruce becoming Batman while also falling in love with Andrea Beaumont. The Phantasm character however does not make an appearence until the second film. Batman has been around for 6 months and Bruce is still trying to get the hang of things. Black Mask would serve as the main antagonist as he is a financial competitor of Bruce Wayne and enemy of Batman so this would serve as sort of a duel threat since Bruce disappeared to travel the world. At the end of the film we would get a nod to the arrival of the Joker as a new threat.

Batman/ Bruce Wayne:

Anson Mount

After watching him on Hell On Wheels I think he really has the ability to play the tortured Batman we all love.

Andrea Beaumont:

Charlize Theron

This was a tough one but I eventually went with Charlize. She has incredible acting abilities and her and Anson would look great on screen together.

James Gordon:

Bryan Cranston

Do I really need to explain this?

Detective Harvey Bullock:

James Gandolfini

He would be a great foil for Cranston and is a great actor.

UPDATE: This fancast was made before Gandolfini died and so my second choice now will be:

Ray Winstone

Alfred Pennyworth:

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Hopkins was Christopher Nolan's first choice to play the famous butler before going with Michael Caine. He is an amazing actor and could play the part of Bruce's father figure perfectly.

Lucius Fox:

Laurence Fishburne

Laurence has a great on-screen presence and could be a great replacement for Morgan Freeman.

Roman Sionis/ Black Mask:

Guy Pearce

Pearce has this kind of creepiness to him that would be perfect to play a guy obsessed with masks.

The Joker:

Tom Hiddleston

To be honest, I really could not come up with anyone who I thought was a dead ringer. Tom plays Loki to a "T" and I would like to see his version of The Clown Prince of Crime. His part in this film would be small, however. One of those, "Hey, was that who I think it was?"

The second film would take place a couple years later. Bruce has definitely succumbed to his new persona of Batman. The Phantasm finally makes it's appearence in this film. The film takes place when the city is getting ready for Christmas. The world is now established and Batman and the Joker have been going at it for awhile now. In this film we finally get to see Bruce use his detective skills to track down The Phantasm. It finally brings Bruce and Andrea's story to an emotional end. towards the end of the film Batman asks Gordon if they found any bodies in the wreckage and he replies no, barely hinting that the Joker somehow escaped.

The cast from the first film would stay the same, minus Pearce. Tom finally gets to show off his Joker.

The third film would take place a few more years after the events of the second film. Bruce is a little older now and hasn't been the same since he lost Andrea a second time. He still goes out every night, but is still haunted and has become reclusive and has started to drink a little bit. This film would follow the Knightfall story arc, and yes that does mean Bane. Bane deduces Batman's identity and after Bruce gets sick from drinking and not getting any sleep, Bane makes his move and attacks Batman in the Batcave. He breaks and tells Bruce that he will watch his city burn (yes it kinds copies Nolan, but just go with me here). Jean Paul Valley is a friend of Bruce's from his college days and is suffering from PTSD from his time serving in the military. He finds out about Bruce's secret after he follows Alfred into the Batcave after Bane's attack on Bruce. Jean Paul takes up the mantle while Bruce travels away from Gotham to get help from a man he heard rumors of in his travels, Ra's al Ghul. Jean Paul eventually kills Bane as he starts to go insane. Bruce trains with Ra's and after months of healing he goes back to Gotham to stop Jean Paul from killing any more people and soiling the mantle of Batman. The two Batmen have a showdown and when Bruce wins he tells Jean Paul that there is only one Batman. Batman contiues to watch over Gotham as it's one and only protector.

Most of the main cast returns, minus Charlize. The Joker makes a cameo a couple times during the course of the story.

Jean Paul Valley:

Jai Courtney

He is relatively unknown, but did a great job on the Spartacus series and you will see him soon in A Good Day to Die Hard alongside Bruce Willis.


Manu Bennett

Again, a relatively unkown actor, but he really has the physical appearence and the acting ability to play Bane. He is great in Spartacus.

Ra's al Ghul:

Viggo Mortenson

Viggo would play the part of Batman's mentor/enemy perfectly. He is a great actor that should get more roles than he does.

Well, that's what I got. This is the movie trilogy that I would like to see on film and the actors I would like to see portray such amazing characters. I hope you all enjoyed reading this.

Sound off in the comments below! Thanks!
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