UPDATE: Fan Cast: Digimon

UPDATE: Fan Cast: Digimon

Now with more Digimon! (Note: There no DigiDestined in this cast because they very difficult to cast).

Director - Joss Whedon

To me, Joss seems like the perfect person to direct this movie.

Tom Fahn - Agumon

I just can't see anyone else play Agumon than the original voice actor, not the guy from the god awful Digimon: Data Squad.

Kirk Thornton - Gabumon

Like Tom Fahn as Agumon, I tried really hard to cast someone but I ended up with the original voice actor. We love ya Kirk!

Lea Michele - Biyomon

Now I am not a Glee fan (or Gleek if that's what you want to call it), but when watching Glee I thought Lea sounds alot like Biyomon.

Jeff Nimoy - Tentomon/Kabuterimon/MegaKabuterimon/HerculesKabuterimon

Jeff Nimoy wrote for the English version of the series and did the voice of Tentomon and his digivolutions I can only see him playing this character. We love ya Jeff!

Jena Malone - Palmon

I haven't seen Jena Malone in a lot of movies, but voice just reminds me of Palmon.

Shia LaBeouf - Gomamon

Now I really like Shia LaBeouf as an actor and he has a Gomamon-like quality to me.

Emily Browning - Patamon

She was the first person to pop into my head when I was thinking of Patamon and Patamon does sound like a girl despite being a boy.

Dianna Agron - Gatomon

I swear this is the last Glee cast member on this list! lol, but again she has a Gatomon-like voice to me.

Val Kilmer - Angemon/MagnaAngemon/Seraphimon/Pegasusmon/Shakkoumon (shared with Tom Hanks)

I like Val Kilmer, he's a really good actor and he was a pretty good Batman. He has a Angemon-like voice so I think would kick ass the role.

Sigourney Weaver - Angewomon

I think this is a perfect choice, she's a great actress and I can see her having chemistry with Val Kilmer since Angemon and Angewomon always teamed up.

Joseph Pilato - MetalGreymon

I bet most of you are wondering why I picked Captain Rhodes to play MetalGreymon, well it's because he was the voice of MetalGreymon in the show! I know totally blew me away when I found that out lol.

Christian Bale - WarGreymon

I think we need a badass actor to play a badass Digimon.

Susan Sarandon - Magnadramon

A great actress and she sounds alot like Magnadramon.

Derek Stephen Prince - Veemon/ExVeemon

He did an awesome job in the show, I just had to bring him back.

Tom Hanks - Armadillomon/Ankylomon/Shakkoumon (shared with Val Kilmer)

Tom Hanks sounds exactly like Armadillomon it's uncanny!

Steve Blum - Flamedramon/Raidramon/Magnamon

Steve Blum kicks ass! I had no idea he was in the show until years later, it would be blasphemy not to bring him back!

Ryan Reynolds - Wizardmon

If Wizardmon sounded younger, I believe Ryan would do a kick ass job.

Matthew Lillard - Sukamon

I think this is an awesome choice.

Jack Black - Chuumon

A absolute perfect choice in my opinon, I defenitly see him and Lilard being a great comedic duo.

Frank Welker - Parrotmon

Frank Welker can do anything! He can make himself sound like a parrot!

Christopher Lee - Devimon

Christopher Lee has an awesome voice for a villain, he is a perfect for Devimon!

Nathan Fillion - Etemon/MetalEtemon

Just make Nathan Fillion do an Elvis impression then we have Etemon.

Hugo Weaving - Myotismon/VenomMyotismon/MaloMyotismon

I think Hugo Weaving made a great Meagtron, I think he would kick ass as Myotismon.

Nolan North - Piedmon

Nolan North is awesome he is a phenomenal voice actor just make him sound like a court jester and he'll be perfect!

Neil Patrick Harris - MetalSeadramon

I don't why but Neil would be a great MetalSeadramon.

Liam Neeson - Apocalymon

Liam Neeson is awesome, he was the first thing that popped into my head when casting Apocalymon.

Marnix Van Den Broeke - Diaboromon

Now I know what your thinking, "Who the hell is Marnix Van Den Broeke?" Well if you a Doctor Who fan and you've been watching Series 6 recently, this guy does the voice for The Silence! He did such an awesome voice for The Silence he just popped in my head when I was casting Diaboromon.

Thanks for reading!
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