UPDATED: Slightly Altered Cap Uniform

<B>UPDATED:<B> Slightly Altered Cap Uniform

The purpose of this exercise is not to critique my photo shop skills which are obviously lacking. The purpose is to....

address a nagging issue I had with the Cap suit. I really like and I think they did a great job. But I've put my finger on what the nagging issues are.

1. The hockey gear style shoulder pads.

2. The gray colored straps/lining on his upper body.

I've altered these two features to get an idea of what the costume would look like. I think there's potential for a costume improvement with these two simple changes. If anyone has decent photo shop skills and wants to make these suggested changes to the costume I'd like to see the end results. Here's my attempt.

I took a little more time altering this picture. it's marginally better than the first.

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