VARSITY: Synopsis

I have plans to write my own graphic novel, and I would like to hear the opinions of you. Please comment your opinion, and suggestions, along with pros and cons.

The name will be VARSITY. The story will follow Dann Aier, a 17 year old boy living in New York City. Dann is popular, athletic, and smart. Prior to the story, Dann screwed up an important football game, causing him to get into a fight at school. The fight costs him his place on the football team. Later that night, while Dann is walking home, a meteor shower occurs, which gives Dann super powers including: the ability to manipulate and shape earth and mass, super endurance, and super speed. Unlike most heroes, who cover up their identity, Dann is more open with his powers and uses them to his advantage.
This doesn’t go unnoticed by Alan Billson, an unpopular boy in Dann’s class. Alan is a big time comic book geek, who believes that a hero should never show off his secret identity. Alan has had powers for a long time; the power to control the minds of bugs and insects. Until now, Alan has kept his powers under wraps. But, this supposedly selfish act he witnesses Dann doing, makes Alan take on the role of villain to Dann’s “hero”.
So now, Dann will have to put his ego aside and do something that he doesn’t want to do-sacrifice. Will Dann be the hero, or will he fall under the pressure of his own powers..?
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