Venom Fancast

Venom Fancast

My fancast and some vague details of the plot.

The Venom movie, firstly, should tie into the Amazing Spider-Man series, because of Peter's parents.

Plot Ideas

- The film should pick up where The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (or 4) leaves off, which had Peter wearing the symbiote and since it changed him. His friendship of MJ, Harry, and Eddie were broken due to the effects of the symbiote. he went back into Oscorp to destroy by putting it back in the cryogenic chamber. (I took elements from The Spectacular Spider-Man)

- Eddie tries to stop Spider-Man but he fails. It turns out the Symbiote isn't dead and it calls to Eddie, so he opens it and the Symbiote bonds with him.

- Venom begins to stalk Peter, becoming friends with those close to him

- Smythe and Kingpin watching both of them, hiring Venom to kill Spider-Man.

- At the end, when Kingpin and Smythe doublecross him, revealing that they only wanted the symbiote, Venom and Spider-Man have to put aside their differences and fight together.

- (In this, due to the symbiote, an explosion occurs on campus, causing the symbiote to separate from Eddie.)

- After credits: Eddie is sent to an asylum, walking past Dr. Connors' cell, walking into a cell which he shares with a certain redheaded inmate....Cletus Cassidy.

Generally, with everyone put in, this is a character study of Eddie Brock, right before Venom, and how he changes or stays the same while joined with the symbiote. Eddie worked at the Bugle, lived alone, trying to find the truth about his parents, with a lot of parallels between him and Peter Parker, especially since both are science whiz's. Eddie was friends with Peter until his aggressiveness, courtesy of the symbiote, got the better of him. The same happens with Brock.

Garret Hedlund - Eddie Brock/Venom

This choice has been used in the past but I used it because I think he's a perfect choice for Eddie in the new direction this series is heading. I think Eddie Brock should be near the same age as Peter which I think Garret would be perfect for. The main reason I chose him is because he looks like more of a good guy than a bad guy to me which Eddie is, he's just tortured. Not to forget, he looks like a combo of Ultimate Eddie and 616 Eddie in my opinion.

Kevin Durand - Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

I'd prefer seeing a different version of Kingpin. A version where he's buffer and taller rather than just being overweight. I think Kevin Durand would be buff and menacing. [special thanks to UniBeam for this one].

Alexander Skarsgard - Alistair Smythe

I don't know what got me into liking him as Smythe, but maybe because his portrayal in the game immediately reminded me of Skarsgard. He'd be a great fit, he has that quiet dangerous type down.

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Silver Sable

For some reason, I want to see Silver Sable in a Spider-Man film. She's a cool character that I'd love to see on the big screen. She needs a Buffy type of feel, and she has the chops for it.

Colin Farrell - Edward Brock Sr.

I wanted someone who looked similar to Hedlund, and I wanted someone who could bring intensity into the character. He should be shown in a flashback sequence.

Simon Baker - Cletus Cassidy

He brought a lot of life to the Mentalist; it would be an interesting twist to see HIM as the psychopath.
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