Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

This is how I think Venom could work in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Many of you may feel it would be too early but the chances of this going any farther than a trilogy is unlikely.

Venom is arguably Spider-Man's most popular baddie of all time. Hell, Venom has always been my dad's favorite comicbook villain of them all. As with many of you, when my dad and I saw Spider-Man 3 in the theater, we were really looking forward to Venom. We were left disappointed and jaw dropped on how they handled Venom. While they did Eddie Brock just fine and Topher Grace was good in the role, Venom just never felt threatening and he wasn't even in very long at all. Now, I have expressed my severe disappointment in Electro being the villain in the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man due to I feel that they could do better than him. Here I will explain how I think Venom could work in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, should they have chose him.

Eddie Brock

First off, we need The Daily Bugle in the film. To me, without The Daily Bugle there is no origin. Eddie Brock is portrayed as he is in the original comics. He is a muscular (not big or huge cause in my eyes, it wouldn't be convincing) man, late 20's (in my take) and he is a photographer at The Daily Bugle. The Daily Bugle wants pictures of Spider-Man and Eddie Brock isn't successful at getting the pictures but Peter does and gives them to Jameson. He likes them and hires Peter. This starts a rivalry between Peter and Eddie. Eddie eventually finds out that he has cancer and becomes a theif so he can get the money to try and cure his cancer but this is stopped when Spider-Man captures Eddie. The result in Eddie getting fired.

The Symbiote

The symbiote is created as Oscorp. I am including Dr.Ratha as I believe that his death is in a deleted scene and should not affect a return in the sequel. Dr.Ratha creates a symbiote which is meant to cure Osborn's cancer. After a worrisome Harry gets into an arguement with Dr.Ratha, Harry destroys the equipment in the room and the symbiote escapes.

Effect on Peter

Peter hears from Gwen about a rumored possibility of what happened that made Peter's parents take off (I won't be explaining Peter's parents seeing how this is how Venom could work). Peter becomes intrigued, he then goes to Oscorp for answers. This is when the symbiote finds it's host in Peter and latches itself to him but Peter doesn't notice. When he can't find any answers at Oscorp, he leaves. He becomes corrupt and starts conflicting himself as to if he should have continued searching for Uncle Ben's killer. From then on, Peter starts changing. Gwen and Aunt May don't like him snapping for nothing and he has become the school asshole (more-less). He finds Uncle Ben's killer eventually and start pummeling him. But, the local police find Spider-Man doing this and go to arrest him but he escapes as the police tend to the killer. Hearing of this, Gwen confronts Peter about it. They get in an arguement and she leaves. Peter takes off the suit and hears the word's of Uncle Ben "Not choice, responsibility". He realizes what he has become. He takes the suit and dumps it in the trash (looks like Spider-Man 2 "Spider-Man: No More" but with the black suit).

Birth of Venom

The symbiote escapes and eventually finds it's way to the local police station where it finds Eddie Brock. It bonds with Eddie, with Eddie initially fighting it off at first. But, the power overcomes Eddie and he is seen embracing it. The screen cuts to black as we hear Venom roar. Peter is seen at the pier sitting when a tendral grabs him and whips him across the inside of the pier, sending him through the table (that was seen when he was practicing swinging from chain to chain in TASM). He rolls on is back and looks up and sees a menacing look on Venom's face as he says "Hi Peter" then Venom grabs him by the throat and slams him to the wall. Once Peter lands, he tries shooting some webs at Venom but he deflects them. Venom then removes the symbiote face to reveal his true identity. Once seeing this, Peter says "Eddie, how?" Eddie replies with "Isn't it obvious, it found me." (I apologize for the bad dialogue) He continues with "We are Venom. We have all your powers, know all your secrets, loved ones and we can shut down your Spider Sense." He grabs Peter's leg and drags him towards Venom as he steps on Peter's throat. Venom: "We won't fight now but, we will in time." He steps off of Peter's throat and disappears into the night.

New hero in town

Spider-Man isn't seen for awhile cause every time Peter gets to the scene of the crime, Venom has already come and gone. People have started to mistake him for Spider-Man. Until, Venom calls for a meeting at the New York Police Station to clear some things up. The meeting is held (he never reveals his true identity) and he explains that he is Venom. He is the true protector of New York and that Spider-Man is the villain. A reporter brings up the incident with The Lizard, he explains that was a mistake that Spider-Man had to fix. That he isn't a true hero. Spider-Man appears to clear his name. He and Venom get into an arguement then eventually, Venom pulls Spider-Man to the side and whispers to him "If you don't want to reveal who you are, I suggest you get the hell out of here." Peter then apologizes to the reporters and takes off. Peter confronts Gwen about it because he doesn't know what to do now that he can't be Spider-Man because of Venom. Then Peter comes up with an idea to visit Dr.Connors to see what he knows about the symbiote. He goes to Connors cell to confront him about it but, Connors doesn't know anything and that he needs to go to Dr.Ratha if he wants any information. Peter goes to Oscorp and finds him. Dr.Ratha explains that the suit was intended to cure cancer. They were in the process of perfecting it so it can cure Norman Osborn's cancer. The only known weaknesses were sound and fire. Peter then leaves, now knowing what he must do to defeat Venom.


Peter realizes this is either life or death, he confronts Gwen about what may happen. She begs and pleads for him to not do it but he tells her there is no other choice, tears come from both of them and they kiss passionately for a short while. Once the kiss ends, Peter suits up and takes off. He finds Venom in an ally way and confronts him. Spidey: "Venom." Venom: "What you doing here, Parker?" Spider-Man: "Let's settle this at times square in an hour." Venom: "Fine."
Spider-Man then goes to the local church at the top and we hear a voiceover from Peter "If this be my final night, I pray Gwen will be alright and death will quick and welcoming." this is heard as Peter crouches on a gargoyle on the church, puts his mask on as this may be his final swing. He goes to the top of a building and looks over, trying to find Venom. Spider-Man: "Where is he?" He turns around and Venom punches him, sending Spider-Man off the building. We get a POV shot of Peter falling and shoots a web and latches it to the building. It goes back to a regular shot as we see Venom swipe the web with his claws, breaking it. Peter tries to catch himself, and is successful but releases after the first bounce. He looks up and finds Venom to be gone. He turns to the side and gets kicked into a car as Venom swings by and eventually lands in front of Spider-Man. Rain is down pouring and civilians run away as the final battle takes place. Spider-Man throws the first punch but Venom grabs his arm and elbows him in the face, leading to him flinging Spider-Man across the street, hitting a car or two. Spider-Man quickly flings himself into the air after Venom runs towards him. A car explodes, burning Venom and Venom backs off. Spider-Man crash lands in front of him. Spider-Man: "I created an explosive to go off it it was to get hit and fortunate enough, you hit it. Burns doesn't it?" Venom roars and tackles Spider-Man into an allyway, throwing him into a dumpster. Spider-Man notices the fire still behind Venom. Venom: "Peter Parker, prepare to die!" He goes to swipe Peter when Peter jumps backwards, shoots webbing at each building and slingshots himself at Venom, sending Venom backwards into the fire. Eddie Brock gets out in time to avoid death but the symbiote does not. Peter stands in front of Eddie, costume ripped and all. The film ends with Brock in jail with Peter and Gwen enjoying happiness as they graduate. The last shot in the film is Norman Osborn saying "You failed me Dr.Ratha, I must now do this myself."

Whatya think? Besides the bad dialogue. Comment below and I challenge anyone who is willing, to do a detailed comment on how they think Electro is an interesting villain and how he will be good in TASM 2.
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