Walking Dead Movie Cast

Walking Dead Movie Cast

We got the show but I wanted the movie.

Before the Walking Dead became a T.V series, I always thought it would be a Epic Movie. So instead going through the 50 plus characters to cast, I am choosing the a few. I am choosing the most important characters and some fan favorites.

I think Rick will go down as one of the most amazing characters in comic history. He has been through hell and back and through hell again. I need a amazing actor,
Viggo Mortenson can take Rick to that point. We have seen Viggo take so many different roles and I think that would help him with Rick's roller coaster of emotions. I seen his image on the cover of The Road (which I keep forgetting to watch) and I just think thats Rick Grimes.

Lena Headly as Lori just made sense. She is good looking and she can be a bitch.
For some reason when I read the book Lori seemed to stir Rick up and just make things worst.

To be honest Zachary Gordon looks just like Carl. He also has a pretty nice film history to pull of the complex character of Carl.

I hate Shane. I am serious. Something about him just crawled under my skin.
I hate Mark Wahlberg but he is a good actor. He has the rough look as Shane as well. He can play off Viggo as best friends and partners.

Morgan has a small part and returns later in the story. Idris is such a brilliant actor. I can not say enough about this guy. I would love to see him bring Morgan to life.

Glen is such a cool character. Through most of the story he is Rick's go to guy.
I love their relationship and trust. He has one of the most unique relationships with Maggie. I have always liked Ken and wish he got better roles.

I love Tyrese and how he and Rick became fast friends. I don't want to spoil anything but Tyrese, like most characters also goes through some tough things.
Ving is a great actor that resembles and sounds like how the character should play.

Michonne,Michonne,Michonne.She is by far the fans favorite character. She is silent and such a Bad ass.Michonne would have to hold a strong presence,Kerry Washington can do this. I also wanted her to have a pretty face. Michonne seems to attract men a lot and I figured even though she is a bad ass, she also is not bad looking.

I personally loved the Governor as the groups first human villain. He was very vocal yet Dark. Danny Trejo was born for this role. If the T.V show doesn't put him in it, I may kick my T.V.

Robert Duvall is perfect for the man that has lost so much. Dale is the voice of reason and the heart of the group. He is a father figure as well to most.
Robert Duvall can do all these things.

Andrea is also a underrated bad ass. I believe her whole life she never hurt a fly, then the zombies came and she turned into something else. Ali Larter can turn into that woman. She tries to be cold and show no love.

Amy is a small part but I feel she needs to be cast. Amanda can act and looks the part.

On the road they run into Hershel, he is a farmer hick that cares about his family and family only. Ermey is used for funny movies now of days but people forget what a great actor he is. He would bring Hershel to a whole new level

Maggie play a big role in Glen's life. She also plays a big role with Hershel her Dad. Lizzy has defiantly stepped up since we saw her in Mean girls, she is a great actress and is perfect for Maggie.

Tyrone is leading all the inmates in the prison the group finds. He is huge, a jerk and intimidating. Tiny Lester plays these roles in his sleep.

Everyone I talk to loved Axel he was a crazy redneck that was locked in the prison Rick finds. Sam Elliot would play him just fine "you follow me".

The group run into a few other characters that I feel have to be in this movie. One is Abraham the tough as nails survivors, who wants to find a cure.
Madsen just needs a big ass Mustache and he can do a solid Abraham.

Hoffman looks like Eugene to me. I kept thinking he reminded me of his character in Boogie nights. I think he could play the so called "Scientist" looking for a cure.

Aaron as of now has a pretty small role but soon as I saw him, I thought he looked just like Sharlto Copley. If he gets a bigger part, I think he could run with it.

Last Character I feel has a very strong presence right now is Douglas . He seems to be the groups wise, older leader. He seems to good to be true and would not put pass him having alternative motives. Jeff Bridges works very well for me.

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