My second fan casting. I hope you all enjoy, cause i do.

Directed by JOE JOHNSTON (Captain America, The Rocketeer, The Wolfman)
Written by ANDREW KEVIN WALKER (Sleepy Hollow, Se7en, 8MM, The Wolfman)
Special Effects by RICK BAKER (Wolf, The Wolfman, Hellboy, An American Werewolf in London)
These guys are very talented and i think they would make a very enjoyable Werewolf By Night movie.

I would also set this movie to the time periods of the first comics which was if i remember right 70s-80s. It would make it look more colorful and not so dull like the present day would be.


The story of werewolves begins with the ancient Wolf God/Demon, believed to be one of the Elderspawn, the children of the Elder Gods. Millions, possibly billions, of years ago, the Wolf Demon spawned a race of Wolf-Men who warred against other Elderspawn such as the Bird-Women, Harpies, Bat-Men, Flying Fiends, Demons, Goblins, Serpent-Men (spawn of the Elder God Set), and Spider-Men (spawn of Omm). Some of these races enslaved the developing humans, but by 20,000 B.C., most of the Elderspawn had been slaughtered or driven into seclusion, briefly rising to challenge societies such as Valusia and Atlantis. The Wolf-Men could assume human form, and humans scratched or bitten by them became Wolf-Men in turn. They could survive most injuries, but were vulnerable to silver and fire. Many Wolf-Men died in the Great Cataclysm of 18,000 B.C., and their ultimate fate is unknown.

Following the Cataclysm, the Fortisquian colonizers from the planet Arcturus came to Earth to investigate the fate of the Savage Land, which had been created by the alien Nuwali for the enigmatic Beyonders. A trio of colonizers based in the Savage Land acted as humanity's Caretakers. Amongst many other activities, they created the modern incarnation of werewolves: combining advanced genetic re-engineering science with earthborn magic (apparently tapping into the Wolf-Demon's power), they bound the spirit and DNA of the captured wolf Windracer into a humanoid. This hybrid, later known as Greysire, spread this gift to humanity via scratches and bites, and then by heredity. The resultant race was known as brethren by wolves and werewolves by humanity, but the gift became a curse as man fell out of harmony with his primal self.

First manifestation:

While reports of lycanthropy (becoming a werewolf) in the Russoff line stretch back many centuries, the first confirmed manifestation is Grigori Russoff in 1795. Dracula slew Grigori's wife Louisa after he refused to acknowledge Dracula's primacy upon his return to Transylvania. Grigori then ambushed and destroyed Dracula, but was turned into a werewolf by Lydia, a werewolf formerly imprisoned by the vampire lord. Grigori took a second wife, but accounts vary as to why lycanthropy failed to pass to his descendents. Sometime prior to May 1930, Grigori's descendent, Gregor, obtained the legendary Darkhold scrolls, binding them back into book form. Reading lycanthropy's origins in the Darkhold under a full moon triggered the dormant curse, turning Gregor into a werewolf. Gregor further transcribed much of the Darkhold into Grigori's diary, essentially creating a Darkhold copy, which he used as his own diary.

Perhaps seeking a cure, Gregor sold part of his estate — including Wundagore Mountain — to Jonathon Drew, who shared it with partner Herbert Wyndham (the future High Evolutionary). The Russoff werewolf slew Jonathon's wife, Merriem, and Wyndham designed a suit of silver-coated armor to protect himself, enabling Russoff's capture. Russoff stayed with the Evolutionary, who kept the werewolf safely contained for decades. Russoff eventually used the Darkhold to summon Chthon to cure him, and the Elder God nearly broke through the earthly plane; but Magnus the Sorcerer forced Russoff to banish Chthon, who lashed out with a parting blast that slew Gregor. Despite contrary accounts, the Gregor Russoff who stayed with the High Evolutionary seems to have been the grandfather (or great-grandfather) of Jack Russell. Having the same name and presumably using the same diary contributed to earlier confusion. It would seem more likely that the elder Gregor was the one who transcribed the Darkhold into the diary.

Birth of Jack:

Decades later, another Gregor Russoff married Laura, the former girlfriend of his younger brother Philip. Jacob (later Jack) was born in Mediaş, Transylvania, soon after, and Laura was pregnant with Lissa within two years of marriage; however, when lightning struck Russoff's Transylvanian castle during a full moon, the werewolf Gregor escaped confinement and began attacking villagers. They tracked down and killed Russoff with silver bullets. Gregor's mother, Maria, was stoned and driven from the village, living with gypsies and learning magic. After Gregor's death, Laura found Philip - who had moved to Los Angeles, anglicizing his name to Russell - and they married after a year; Jack and Lissa remained unaware of Philip's past.

Approximately fifteen years later, the criminal Committee learned of Gregor's curse and blackmailed Philip, threatening to reveal his secrets. To protect Laura's name, Philip paid them but had second thoughts and canceled payment, causing the Committee to send Max Grant to kill Laura. Critically injured in a car crash on Jack's 18th birthday, Laura barely had time to tell Jack about his true father and the curse of the werewolf, making Jack promise not to harm Philip, before dying. Having inherited lycanthropy the night before, Jack slew Grant, but also wrongly blamed Philip for some time. Laura left Castle Russoff in Jack's name, but Philip, the trustee, sold the castle to Miles Blackgar, who had it moved to an island off California's coast. Jack also battled a motorcycle gang, infecting its members with lycanthropy.

On the road:

Jack spent the next few years as a traveler, transforming on the three nights of the full moon into savage werewolf form. He learned of the Darkhold from Nathan and Agatha Timly, who briefly kidnapped the Werewolf and met grisly ends. Befriending writer Buck Cowan, Jack sneaked into Blackgar's castle and stole the Darkhold, encountering Miles Blackgar and his daughter Marlene, whose petrifying power slew both Blackgars. After fighting off the deformed Cephalos' plot to drain his power to stabilize Cephalos' form, Jack had Father Ramon Joaquez translate the Darkhold. The priest died after being possessed by the Darkhold's former custodian, 12th century Mad Monk Aelfric, and the indestructible Darkhold vanished. Jack encountered Joshua Kane, who hunted the Werewolf, and his brother, Luther Kane, who offered to prevent Lissa from becoming a werewolf in exchange for Jack kidnapping billionaire recluse Judson Hemp; he also met mentalist Swami Rihva, who sought the Werewolf's blood to reveal the treasure-map of the ancient sorcerer Kaman-Ru on his "Bloodstone"; the possessing demon Krogg; and Spider-Man and Moondark the Magician. Jack then fought the sonic-weapons of Sarnak, his first brush with the criminal Committee who wished to enslave the Werewolf.

Working with Topaz:

After fighting the sociopath Hangman (Harlan Krueger), Jack was entranced by Topaz, the familiar of the sorcerer Taboo, who sought the Darkhold. Taboo had used the tome decades before to grant his son, Algon, a golden touch, but had lost the book in mid-spell, trapping Algon in a mindless state. Lacking the Darkhold, Taboo transferred Philip Russell's mind into Algon, but both Algon and Taboo died, restoring Philip, who explained Laura's death and reconciled with Jack and Lissa. Traveling to Transylvania alongside Topaz, with whom he had bonded, Jack discovered the Russoff diary/Darkhold copy, the Werewolf battled Dracula, and the book was lost in the Alps.[3] Jack and Topaz encountered the kyphotic Half-Mad before returning to the U.S., and Jack fought the Committee's Behemoth robot and then Ma Mayhem, assisted by werewolf Raymond Coker. Jack joined the newly-mutated Tigra against HYDRA, battled vampires Louis Belski and Liza Pyne, opposed Ma Mayhem and her ally Baron Thunder, and joined Coker against Lou Hackett (a policeman transformed into a werewolf by a magic ring), who was killed in the struggle. The Werewolf joined Frankenstein's Monster against the Satanic Brotherhood of Baal (who had abducted Lissa), then fought the disfigured Atlas and the Jekyll/Hyde-like DePrayve. Jack briefly returned to Transylvania following Topaz's psychic summons and encountered Maria Russoff, who used gypsy magic to raise zombies to slay the villagers who had driven her off. Maria sacrificed herself to save Jack from her zombies upon learning he was her grandson.[volume & issue needed]

In Blackgar's Castle, Werewolf, Topaz, and the repentant spirit fragment of Taboo battled the necromancer Glitternight, who transformed Lissa Russell into a were-demon; the process of curing Lissa also purged her of the threat of lycanthropy, though she would still pass it on to her children. After battling Morbius, the Living Vampire and slaying the demon worshipped by Brad Wrangle, the Werewolf was briefly transported to the divided dimension Biphasia by Satanist Joaquin Zaire, and he aided Paingloss against the sorcerer Sardanus. During a subsequent ski trip, the Werewolf nearly slew Buck Cowan, after which he was captured by the Committee-paid mercenary Moon Knight, who set him free when he realized Jack's humanity and the Committee's intentions. The Werewolf joined the Ghost Rider, the Man-Thing, and Morbius in unwittingly slaying the benevolent alien Starseed, who intended to cure them all.[volume & issue needed]

The Werewolf, Topaz, and others then battled and were nearly driven mad by the ghost of 19th-century black magician Belaric Marcosa, but they freed the trapped spirits of Marcosa's enemies, who destroyed him, and the grateful spirits healed Buck. The enigmatic Three Who Are All (Burning Snake, Goat Child, and Hooded One) — an ancient extra-dimensional group who had formerly included Glitternight and a fifth member, Fire-Eyes — sent Jack, Topaz, Raymond Coker, and Brother Voodoo to Haiti, where the Werewolf and Fire-Eyes destroyed Glitternight. In the process, Jack gained control of his Werewolf persona, though he still only transformed under moonlight and still lost control during the three nights of the full moon.


HENRY CAVILL (Jack Russell / Jacob Russoff / Werewolf)
Cavill has the charisma and acting talent to pull off this role.

Victim of an ancient family curse, Jack Russell struggles for years with his bestial alter-ego. But over time conquers his inner demons. And now he fights the dark forces that plague our world. He is an enforcer of justice, an avenger of shadows, and a Werewolf By Night.

RACHEL NICHOLS (Lissa Russell)
She is good actor and hot as hell! Also she has that beasty look on her which tells that she would look amazing as Female Werewolf.
I know she is few years older than Cavill but i think the make-up can hide that easily.

Lissa Russell is the sister of Werewolf by Night (Jack Russell) and the mother of Vampire by Night (Nina Price). She first appeared in "Marvel Spotlight" #2 (February, 1972). Like her brother, Lissa inherited the curse of lycanthropy from her ancestors. The curse manifested on her eighteenth birthday. However Doctor Glitternight, a sorcerer claiming to be a degenerated god, exposed her to his "dark light" energies and turned her into a were-demon, a distorted demonic version of a werewolf.

She has proofed her talents in Slumdog Millionaire and i honestly cant think anyone else.

Topaz's origins are unknown to her and others. In her youth she was found and raised by the sorcerer Taboo, who was at the time held in a Indian prison camp. Later in Topaz's life, Taboo compelled her to control the Werewolf ( Jack Russell) for his use. Topaz's refusal to kill Jack ended up causing Taboo to disown her. Topaz and Jack ended up becoming lovers and Topaz also helped Jack to control his powers, learn about his family.

DIANE LANE (Laura Russell / Laura Russoff)
Diane is hot, great actor and i think she would pull off perfectly that caring and loving mother.

Laura is Jack´s and Lissa´s loving mother.

GERARD BUTLER (Baron Gregory "Gregor" Russoff)
Great actor and there is just something beastly on him too which makes you think he would look great in Werewolf make-up.

Gregor is Jack´s and Lissa´s real father who was a werewolf too.

CHIWETEL EJIOFOR (Raymond Coker / Werewolf)
Well he is Chiwetel Ejiofor do i need to say more. He is a hero in flesh and blood.

Coker is a Werewolf too like Jack. They become friends and decides to help each other.

Cranston is can do serious roles (Breaking Bad) and he can do comedy roles (Malcolm In The Middle). That is exactly what Cowan needs.

Cowan is a Reporter who befriends with Jack and helps him to find the cure to his lycantrophy.


ED HARRIS (Philip Russell / Philip Russoff)
Harris is great actor and he looks exactly what father figure should look like.

Philip is Jack´s and Lissa´s Step-father who had his fingers in their mothers death.

EMILY BLUNT (Marlene Blackgar)
I have always wanted to see her as a bad girl and i thinl she would nail Medusa like Marlene.

Marlene is a mutant able to turn others into stone and a one-time foe of Werewolf by Night.

IAN McSHANE (Miles Blackgar)
Crazy motherfucker when he gets the right role!:D lol

Dr. Miles Blackgar was a successful scientist in the realm of genetics until his wife died during childbirth. It seemed that their daughter's mutant abilities had surfaced upon birth, transforming her mother into stone, accidently killing her. This drove Dr. Blackgar mad and he raised his daughter all the while seeking to rid her of her mutant powers. To this end he purchased Castle Russoff from Jack Russell's step-father after the death of his mother. He proceeded to move the entire castle stone by stone to his own personal island off the coast of California.

Molina is great method actor. He would be great choice as the menacing Sorcerer Taboo.

In a Balkan castle, The sorcerer Taboo found the book of sins known as the Darkhold. He used the book to attempt to bring his son back to life. But, as he was weaving the mystical spell, the villagers attacked him, fearing what he would create. Led on by Baron Russoff, the townspeople stormed the barriers and ransacked all of Taboo's darkling devices. Taboo escaped with his son only by chance, while the Darkhold remained in the castle, and the secrets he needed fell into the hands of the Baron. For the next seven years, Taboo fled from country to country searching for the answers he needed to finish what he began.
In 1962, Taboo escaped from his home in Europe to his home in Punjab during the warfare between the troops of Pakistan and the troops of India. The soldiers came to his home and took him as a prisoner to their stockades. His fame as a sorcerer was common knowledge and the enemy believed that they could harness his powers to aid them in their battling. When he refused, he was taken to a prison camp where he found Topaz, a small child with mystic powers, being labeled a witch by the other prisoners. So, Taboo made the little girl his familiar and began to train her using her powers.

MICHAEL C. HALL (Lt. Lou Hackett)

Lt. Lou Hackett had collected a series of police reports and eyewitness accounts that, despite his skepticism, pointed to the existence of werewolves, or at least, persons masquerading as wolf-men. Hackett had connected Jack Russell (the Werewolf) to a number of these accounts, and so observed Russell for many months. By a stroke of fortune, Hackett came into the possession of a ring that allowed him to become a wolf-man at will.

STEPHEN LANG (Isaiah Curwen / The Silver Dagger)
Lang is bad ass in every role he does and i think he would be great choice as The Werewolf Hunter Curwen.

A former priest, the Silver Dagger is a self-appointed executioner of blasphemous creatures and practioneers. He is a long-time foe of Doctor Strange and Werewolf by Night.

PAUL BETTANY (Dr. Glitternight)
Bettany can be creepy as hell in his roles and he would be great as Dr. Glitternight.

Glitternight was one of the Five-Who-Are-All, an alliance of unimaginably powerful mystical beings in the Region Beyond Reality. Challenging the group, Glitternight absorbed fellow member Fire-Eyes but was overpowered by the combined might of the Cowled One, Goat Child and Burning Snake. They shrank Glitternight to human size and banished him from their cosmos, and he eventually landed on Earth. Extra dimensional being with strange powers over the substance of the human soul.
Dr. Glitternight eventually became a powerful sorceror and tutored Taboo in the dark mystic arts. After Taboo's death, Dr. Glitternight raised his soul, hoping to recruit him as an ally in his schemes. But when he revealed his plans to kill everyone on Earth and transform them into his own personal demon army, Taboo rebelled and was forced to flee in the face of Glitternight's superior power.

ANGELINA JOLIE & TOBY JONES (Agatha Timly & Nathan Timly)
Both are great actor and fits in the roles.

Agatha Timly and her meek husband Nathan had a deep interest in the occult and in particular one of the most powerful books of dark magic ever created, the Darkhold. Jack Russell's father, Gregory, was a known scholar and researcher of black magic, as he tried to find a way to reverse his lycanthropcy and was believed to have possessed the Darkhold before he died. The Timlys believed that Jack was told the location of the powerful book by his mother upon her deathbed. Attempts by Jack to tell the Timly's that all he had learned from his mother was the origin of his curse proved futile as Agatha was convinced that Jack knew where the book was. She desperately wanted the Darkhold to realize her own dreams of power, and resorted to torturing the young man in order to discover its location. During one such instance, her servent Kraig, struck out against his master, Nathan, accidently killing him. Jack was able to escape in the aftermath, and later fought Kraig in the form of the Werewolf by Night. After Kraig's failure to recapture Russell, Agatha tried to summon long-dead gods without the information she needed from the Darkhold and apparently perished in the attempt.

He has that wormly look which just fits in the character perfectly.

Luther Kane claimed to be a "scientist of sorts", who had researched blood diseases and had developed a cure for lycantrophy, but only for those sufferers, who hadnt reached the final stages of the disease and actually transformed into a Werewolf. Whether he was telling the truth about the cure or even his scientific skills was never established so its very possible that he was just lying to Jack in order to get his cooperation.

THOMAS JANE (Joshua Kane)
Thomas can be pretty bad ass when he gets the right role and i think if he gains some mmuscles he would be awesome as the thrill hunter Kane.

Joshua Kane was always a hunter, always looking for any kind of danger to face. Over the years he had hunted Elephants, Apes, Lions and African Tribesmen, and he had felt the thrill of giving death to creatures stronger, than him.
However after twenty years the thrill was gone, because there was no more danger or excitement, so Kane decided to stalk our Werewolf, Jack Russell.

RHYS IFANS (Winston Redditch / DePrayve)
This dude is created for this kind of insane roles.

A Doctor Jekyll/Mr. Hype type character who had discovered chemical formulas that could either surpress or enhance man's natural aggression. He decided to test the good formula on himself but accidently took the evil one, turning him into DePrayve. He then went on a frenzy of mayhem and destruction in the city.

JAVIER BARDEM (Father Ramon Joquez / Mad Monk Aelfric)
Javier can be scary as hell (No Country For Old Men) and on the other hand he can be very sympathetic (The Sea Inside, Biutiful)

Aelfric was originally a monk serving in the Abbey of St. Michael in 12th century Spain. Under undescribed circumstances he came under the sway of Chthon whom the monk believed to be Satan. Chthon directed him to reassemble the lost scrolls of the Darkhold which had been scattered across the world by St. Brendan about six centuries before.
By 1149 Aelfric succeeded in reassembling the Darkhold, but his work was discovered by his fellow monks and they believed him to be an agent of Satan. Fleeing with his scrolls, he was soon opposed by a mounted knight who struck him with his sword. Aelfric could not be killed through such means, however, and reduced both the knight and his steed to nothing more than a pile of bones through the use of the Grey Death. He was quickly swarmed by the townspeople after this, as the knight was the patron to the king for the town. They then burned both him and his scrolls at the stake, though the Mad Monk vowed that his soul would live on and he would return to rule the world.
Later, petty scavengers found the scrolls among Aelfric's remains, completely unharmed by the fire. These scrolls passed hands through the ages until they came into the possession of Gregory Russoff who binded the pages into the current copy of the Darkhold. As a result of reading the pages, Russoff became a werewolf, a curse he passed on to his children Jack and Lissa.
Jack took the book to Father Ramon Joquez to have it translated from Latin, which inadvertantly released the spirit of Aelfric into the world once more. Aelfric succeeded in possessing the priest and planned to send the world back to the dark ages with Grey Death. Aelfric captured the Werewolf by binding him to the wall with his magic and also captured Lissa who was looking for her brother and fainted when she ran into Aelfric. The Werewolf soon escaped his shackles and confronted Aelfric, who then summoned Dragonus to deal with the Werewolf, hoping to unleash his evil side in the process. Unfortunately for Aelfric, during the fight Dragonus tripped over the Werewolf and impaled the body of Father Joquez with his horns, causing his spirit to leave the dying body.

He is a great actor who needs more roles and this role is made for him. Looks tells it all.

Swami Rihva was born an untouchable in Nepal due to his telepathic powers. He lived his life without purpose or direction until one day he heard a story about the "Blood Stone" which supposedly held the secret to the incredible treasure of Kaman-Ru. Rihva searched across the world for the stone until he arrived at a temple in the Himalayas which he believed to possess it. Using his telepathic powers he deduced that the stone was indeed in the monestary and pulled a knife on the pacifist monks and stole it from them.
He soon discovered, however, that he was unable to use his own blood to read the map which supposedly existed within the stone. He discovered that the map could only be read by soaking it in the blood of a supernatural being and thus set out across the world recruiting freaks and outcasts such as himself, but none seemed able to accessing the map. They all followed Rihva, however, as he promised them a cut of the treasure if they helped him find the one he seeked. Eventually they came across a struggling circus owned by a man named Calliope which they purchased in order to use as a cover during their search for a supernatural being.
Eventually their travels took them to Los Angeles where the swami used his crystal ball to see Jack Russell, the Werewolf, who the swami was sure could be used to access the map in the stone. Jack, his sister Lissa and their friend Buck Cowan went to the circus and Jack was attracted to the swami's booth for some unspecified reason. Once he entered the booth the swami released some sort of will-sapping gas which turned Jack into nothing more than a submissive zombie-like captive of the circus. After gaining what they had searced so long for, the circus immediately packed up and left town. In another city the next night, Jack was used as a sideshow spectacle as he transformed into the Werewolf right before the crowd's eyes. Later that night, the Werewolf escaped and caused problems at the circus, trying to kill Mige the lion tamer and attacking the lions, the ruckus had to be stopped by the powers of Rihva himself.
The next night, they tied the Werewolf down and planned to kill him and use his blood to activate the stone. However, the group's giant strongman, Elmo, had become friends with Jack and did not realize that the swami had intended to kill the man. As he came to the Werewolf's aid, Mige shot him in the back. In the ensuing chaos a flame set the tent on fire and everyone was forced to flee. The Werewolf wanted his revenge on the swami who used his telepathic powers to try and read the beast's mind. When he did, however, he was shocked to see all of the horrific things that the beast wanted to do to him and he had a heart attack, dying on the spot. With no reason to remain, the Werewolf fled the burning circus tent, leaving the Blood Stone behind.

LUKE GOSS (Harlan Krueger / The Hangman)
Good actor and can do very physical roles.

Harlan Krueger was born in Los Angeles, California. He was a fanatical moviegoer who idolized movie stars of the past (such as John Wayne, Humphrey Bogart, and Alan Ladd). He identified with these heroic figures, developing a simplistic view of good and evil in real life, deciding that evildoers should pay for their crimes with their lives.
After being court-martialed from the army for torturing prisoners of war, Krueger resolved to take the law into his own hands and became the masked vigilante the Hangman. His modus operandi involved executing male criminals while leaving female ones alive but imprisoned to 'protect them' from corruption (many died of starvation while in captivity). After years of stalking criminals with a noose and scythe, he came into conflict with the Werewolf by Night.

STEVE AUSTIN (Dr. Mark Cephalos)
He has proofed he can act reasonably and i think would be perfect choice as Cephalos.

Mark Cephalos was a young man of extreme intelligence, he had already gained three Ph.D's before he had even turned thirty. Despite all of his accomplishments, however, he loathed his body as he was born a dwarf. He experimented on himself until he caused his body to grow extra mass and tissue and his metabolic rate changed, turning him into quite a large man. The experiment had other consequences though, unfortunately, it caused his body to require more energy than his system could normally absorb in order to stay alive. As a result, Cephalos sought the means to give his body the energy it needed before he succumbed to his fate.
By chance, Cephalos and his man saw the Werewolf by Night during one of his rampages through Los Angeles and tried to capture him with a net, believing that the creature might hold the answer to sustaining his own life. The Werewolf escaped by jumping into the harbour, however, and later washed up much further down the beach, though not before Cephalos and his man saw him transform back into his human identity. A month later when the moon was again about to become full, Cephalos went to Buck Cowan's house, where Jack had been staying and asked for him to go with him. Not wanting to put his friend's or sister in danger, Jack agreed and Cephalos quickly knocked him out with some sort of gas once they got into his limosine.
When Jack came to, Cephalos explained his plight to him and told him that the only way that he could see to get the type of energy his body needed was to absorb the energy released during Jack's transformations into the Werewolf. He therefore set up an experiment to do just that, though after the transformation, the Werewolf quickly broke free. After the Werewolf battled Cephalos' henchman, Cephalos himself broke free of his capsule and fought the Werewolf his the wolf's own strength and power. As Cephalos was escaping in his helicopter, however, the Werewolf gave chase and attacked them in midair. The attack was enough to knock out both occupants and the helicopter crashed and exploded in the hills behind the Hollywood sign, presumably killing Cephalos and his henchman.

CHI McBRIDE (Baron Thunder)
Great actor and looks like almost exactly like Baron Thunder.

Baron Thunder was the leader of the criminal organization known as the Committee whose expressed goals were to help stimulate the American economy through any means necessary, legal or otherwise. Only Baron Thunder and a select few in his employ were aware of the true plans of the organization. Thunder believed that the blood of a werewolf was capable of enhancing a person's strength to superhuman levels and it was his goal to enhance the strength of the members of the Committee's inner circle to superhuman levels like his own. To this end, the Committee pursued Jack Russell whom they had discovered to be the Werewolf suspected to be in the Los Angeles area.

Perlman can play sympathetic freaks very well.

Kraig was ridiculed by people throughout his life for his grotesque appearance and childlike mentality which caused him to want to strike out at anyone whom he believed was laughing at him. In an undisclosed incident Kraig also lost his right hand which was replaced with a powerful metal one by his benefactor Agatha Timly and her husband Nathan. Kraig acted as the couple's servant under the belief that they would ultimately help him regain his real hand.


A large muscular man who was employed as a chauffeur by Philip Russell who had been forced to hire him by The Commitee as part of their blackmail.


Strug was one of the poor souls who were captured and experimented on by the mad Dr. Miles Blackgar. As a result, Strug possessed a very large but grotesque appearance. The process also seemed to damage his intellectual capabilities and he seemed to have no recollection of who he was prior to his transformation.


Dragonus dwells within an extradimensional realm and can be summoned by a spell from the Darkhold. If the spell is disrupted, he is banished back to that realm.
Dragonus was summoned by Aelfric to defend him against the Werewolf by Night. Dragonus was much more powerful than the Werewolf but in the course of their battle he charged and tripped over the Werewolf, causing him to careen into Aelfric, goring his host body of Father Joquez. With no body left to inhabit, Aelfric's spirit dissipated and Dragonus disappeared back to his home realm.
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