WETWORKS: Vampires and Werewolves.

WETWORKS: Vampires and Werewolves.

Should they pursue on making this movie, I have the right actors in mind who could play the part.

Enough of the Twilight bullshit and it’s sequels. Let’s put some gun blazing action on the vampire/werewolf genre shall we? Starring Wetworks, the covert vampire hunting team that appeared in Image Comics in the 90′s. Created by Whilce Portacio and Brandon Choi, the story is about a team of black operative soldiers bonded with golden symbiotes, who battle against supernatural forces.

Dane (Jackson Michael Dane) Reactivated his Gen-Factor. Gen-Factor
prevents/protects Dane from bonding with the symbiote.

Mother-One (Rachel L. Rhodes)Cyborg. Effective laser protection system.

Grail (Joel A. Salvador) Energy Being, Energy shields and projection. Can extend his form to create energy melee weapons.

Dozer (Joseph H. Mendoza) Enhanced strength and size. Energy orbs provide sensory information about its surroundings.

Claymore (Clayton H. Maure)

Jester (Cord Dexter Lemoyne) Permanent Metal Liquid Form, Shapeshift, Requires no nourishment or rest.

Red (Persephone) Albino vampire Warrior.

Armand Waering leader of the Werenation.
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