What I Want To Happen In Captain America: Winter Soldier

What I Want To Happen In Captain America: Winter Soldier

In this article I will discuss the many things I would personally like to see in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The very first thing I would like to see is...

"Shoot Me"

This to me was perhaps my favorite moment in the entire Winter Soldier arc and would love to see this on screen. I also think it would be a great moment in the movie because it would show the audience just how far gone Bucky is.

Cap Meets Peggy

Honestly I think this would be a great moment to show on screen. I mean just that deleted scene in the Avengers was very moving so I could just imagine how it would be if they showed them actually meet and would really let people see just how much the world has changed for Cap.

Baron Zemo as the Main Villian

I want this just because Baron Zemo to me is far better than Red Skull and would love to scheming his way to try and defeat Cap. Also though while I know it goes against the story arc in the comics I think it will give a new villain and hopefully give a leader for what I hope is the Masters of Evil in a future Avengers movie.

Red Skull post credit return

Now I know some of you may not want this but I just want you to hear me out. First off Red Skull would not be the Alexander Lukin in the comics. I would want the Red Skull to be one of the members of The World Security Council in the Avengers. Then you can show them constantly interfering with Cap's and S.H.I.E.L.D's mission in trying to stop the Winter Soldier. Perhaps he could be trying get Cap to eliminate Bucky and have people question his loyalty to the government, This will also give Cap someone to tell my personal favorite quote of his.

ā€œIā€™m loyal to nothing, general ā€” except the dream.ā€

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